C S Lewis ( a great, great writer)  once said of goals

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”

I completely agree with him 🙂What of you?  Do you think your life has ended?  Do you think your time has passed?

never to old to set goals

C. S. Lewis

One of my tenants this week was suffering a bit from regret. OK, he is not the perfect example of sanity but then, who is?  Unfortunately, this tenant, who incidentally lived in one of my shared houses, was having some kind of a mental episode.  He ended up in hospital in January with this same issue and I had hoped it was a blip but two months later, it has happened again, much to my dismay.

I do not enjoy having to move tenants on and I want the best for all of them.  However, I also have a duty of care towards the other residents in the house.  In this instance, I had to move him on fairly quickly.  When things are going well for this particular tenant, he is quite a nice guy – a bit without direction as he seemed to spend a lot of time wishing for things to happen but taking absolutely no action towards these hopes and dreams.

Then he has an episode and he seems to spend the whole period of these episodes blaming invisible people for his current troubles, blaming himself for not taking any action and thinking that he is better off dead.

Now, he is not exceptional in his feelings really.  He is exceptional in the way he manifests these feelings (punching walls, yelling at the top of his voice, threatening to kill himself, wandering aimlessly, picking his nose, and generally acting strange) so we called an ambulance for him.

His feelings of regret, blame, frustration and anger are feelings we may experience from time to time.  We look back on our life and feel that we have not lived up to our potential.  The question is what do you do when you experience these feelings?

Some of us feel this is all life has to offer us – nothing.  We hate what we do and all our youthful dreams have been shattered and we just keep doing what we have always done with a vague sense of discontent.  We do not see a way out so choose not to upset the applecart.

Some of us are angry at life, blame everyone and everything except ourselves for our misfortunes.  “If only my parents had…”, “If only I had been born with…”.  We give away our power and remain the same except just a little more disillusioned each day.

I have another tenant who two weeks ago, checked himself into a hospital for a week or so because he had noticed a pattern in his behaviour.  Sometimes he would be happy for long periods and then he would be sad.  His girlfriends never seemed to last and they all complained about the same thing.  This time, he suddenly realised that he was the common link in all his broken relationships and they all said the same thing to him.  He decided to seek help for this aberration in his behaviour.  He is now on track to being a more complete guy.

[amazon_link id=”B006E3YJVI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Midas Method Revised Edition[/amazon_link]I was pretty surprised about that as he is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, very talented at his work and seemingly happy.  The fact that he has chosen to take control of his life, rather than continue to blame external factors like girlfriends, work colleagues, his past etc makes a whole difference.  Now, some would say he should not have gone into hospital but I say, he is taking back control and his life will be better for it.

Both of these tenants are pretty extreme examples and we may never be in their particular circumstances.  However, do you understand what I am saying?

It is never too late to dream a new dream, set a new goal.  As long as we are alive, whatever age we are, we can change the course of the rest of our life.  We just have to own it, really own our life.

I have just finished reading a book by Stuart Goldsmith called ‘[amazon_link id=”1871379008″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]the midas method[/amazon_link]’ and I really think you should read it.  Do the exercises and report back.  I am doing them too and I am sure you will read more about what happens as time progresses.

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