Goal Mastery – Deliberately turn your big dreams into reality faster than ever before

Goal Mastery

Time and again, I listen to people talk about all the stuff they want to do, how great life will be when they do it & it all sounds amazing…


Then I start to hear all the reasons they cannot do it,


And then I watch them do the same things over and over,


Getting the same old, same old results and I hate it!


Do they not realize that they are creators?


Life does not happen to us, we create the reality we see.


And the truth is, I was trapped in that ‘catch 22’ for a very long time. I knew all the things I wanted to do but it just did not seem feasible!


And then one day after a long dreary story, I got serious and decided what I wanted – financial freedom, to no longer be a pharmacist – and somehow, it happened! I actually did it!


OK, I say somehow, it actually took serious focus, breaking things down and doing them steadily for a period of time and getting over my self doubt and all that nonsense and then voila! I got there.


But it all starts with one little chunk, then the next chunk, then the next and on it goes until complete.


I chose to put myself in a place of accountability (mastermind group & coach) so that I was not just lying to myself and I CHOSE to do what it took.


There were two parts – I worked on my head AND I took the action


One without the other is never that effective for long. Well, you may get the money because you implement all the tips, tricks and strategies but your relationships fail, your body is falling apart and somehow, it is just not as much fun as you thought.


OR, you claim to not care about the money but everything you do s driven by your lack of it while you tell yourself that you have your health and relationships and the best things in life are free!


As though this is the only way.


Again, we create our own reality and that is why I am inviting you to join me on


Goals Mastery – How To Deliberately turn your big dreams into reality faster than ever before.


Isn’t it time you got really serious about creating that reality the way you want it?

So… yes, you may have any number of things you are wanting to do but I ask you, what ONE or maybe TWO things would make a huge difference to you if you made them happen in the next 28 days?


And then supposing you took something else and using the methodology I showed you, you went on and did it again in the 28 days after that and then you carried on through the next 12 months – Where could you be?




Goal Mastery Starts on the 9th February and I certainly hope you are going to join me!


Find out more here – RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/GoalsMastery

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