Goal Mastery pic for websiteHow would it feel to set big goals that you actually go on to achieve?


What if you became someone with the midas touch?  Not that everything turned to gold but you became someone who made things happen!  People looked at you and wondered how you managed to do so much, how you were so productive and how they could be the same.


How different would life be?  No more would you start the year with lots of resolutions and hopes and get to the end of the year with nothing to show for it.  No, you would decide what you wanted and you would make it happen.


How cool would that be?


Goal Mastery (Deliberately turn your big dreams into reality faster than ever before!) is an online immersion experience where every day for 14 days, you get transformational training that changes everything about the way you set and achieve goals and you can come on board!


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Life without goals is like driving in the snow or a fog.  No matter how amazing your car is, you can’t use it to its full potential as you can’t see what is just ahead.  You cannot see where you are going, you keep inching forward but these are uncertain slow steps.

And it is the same with life – You are a person of high potential and yet because you are unsure about where to go or how to get there or whatever, you hesitate all the time. 

You wait for someone to tell you what to do.

You make slow, limited progress.


It does not have to be that way.

The truth is that no one showed us how to make powerful decisions,  EVER!!!

We were just expected to know and so needless to say, we make small progress but nowhere near as much as we could do with the right information.

And you know what?  We have limited time, we get this one life and the more you dither, the less time you have to turn your dreams into reality so it is time to get started!

And that is where this program comes into play.

Each day for 14 days, you will get an up to 10 minute audio or video giving you transformational ideas that will help you become the person you know you could be!

That person who makes decisions, sets goals and achieves them without all the doubts, fears and all of that nonsense.

Isn’t it time?

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Who am I?

DSC_8878-EditI am Rosemary Nonny Knight and for a very long time, I lived passively and I doubted myself – I had big ideas but I was too scared to set goals.  I might do it for a little while but before too long, I had given up on them and they had become the stuff I dreamt about but never thought I could create.

Years went by and nothing much changed.  I talked a good game but really, I knew I was not living to my full potential and I hated it!

I was a pharmacist so on the face of it, life was good but inside I knew it really was not!

I was broke and fed up of being broke!

I spent all my life fighting fires that got me nowhere.

And more than even that, I KNEW there was more for me to do and I was allowing my inability to stick to anything and my desire for the appearance of comfort to keep me trapped in a life I did not even like that much!

It took bankruptcy & children to shake me up and get me moving but it does not have to be that way for you. 

I wonder how much of that resonates with you?

For me, It was time to discover another way.

Surely, It is your time as well.

Join me on this 14 day adventure

Goal Mastery: How To Deliberately turn your big dreams into reality faster than ever before!

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This is all about setting goals the warrior way.  So, what does that mean?

It means we really mean what we say and we deliberately put in place structures to enable us to follow through on what we have committed to.

This is not wishy-washy, ‘maybe I will, maybe I won’t’ stuff.

No, this is living life deliberately and choosing to make things happen and we are going to do this together live!

It is boot camp & transformational learning mixed together…

Are you ready?

You have the choice of coming into the Wealthy Warrior Alliance and telling us what your goal is – Anything you have not managed to do to date and I will help you break it down and make it happen in 30 days, right there in group.

This is goal mastery at its best because once you do that, you will know it is possible to do whatever you set your mind to and it will transform everything.

Are you ready?

Just to be clear…

You get

1. 14 short transformational audio sessions

2. Optional Membership of the ‘Get Their Attention & Make Them Buy’ Business Growth Group with Accountability & Strategy on one main goal for the next 30 days.

3. A Goal Mastery Worksheet That Quickly Enables You Clarify What You Want & Plan To Make It Happen

And you get it all for


We start immediately – Join in and make something major happen in just 14 days

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 What others say…

“Rosemary has been a God send! For some time I had been attempting to set up a business and had so many things going on in my life. My husband worked abroad and I was at home with 3 young children. I had to take some time off work to be able to look after them. It was not possible to return on a full time basis due to the demands of the job therefore I decided to work from home. However, there were so many distractions. Pretty soon I felt overwhelmed by what I was trying to do and with life as a whole. I knew that I needed help and found Rosemary.

The great thing about Rosemary is that she tells you how it really is. She gives you that jolt of reality to kick you into action. She made me see that I needed to set definite goals to achieve what I wanted and that there was no more room for looking back at the past and making excuses.  I used to worry about really silly things and realized that I needed to move on if I wanted to do something worthwhile and meaningful with my life. Rosemary left me feeling empowered and more confident to face things head on.

If you want to lead a fulfilled life and successful business, I strongly recommend that you speak with Rosemary.”

Melanie, Mel’s Little Luxuries

“My coaching sessions helped to increase my self-esteem and gave me confidence to start and develop a successful business. In the sessions, I established weekly goals and action plans, which encouraged and motivated me to take one step at a time to overcome the challenges I faced.

She helped me look beyond my issues. Instead, she empowered me to establish solutions to them. I now fully believe I can overcome any obstacles and issues, which was something I previously thought impossible.

My business has continued to grow and, as a direct result of the coaching, my client base has doubled! “

Sam E

By the way, on reflection, and after listening to what people have been saying to me recently, I believe that I have virtually reached the level of personal development that I had hoped for. I now fully appreciate and understand that my life is totally dependent on me, and I know how to effect the changes that I need to lead a successful life. All of the solutions and the tools are totally within me. I really do have all the POWER within. Many years after attending Anthony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event, I can now fully appreciate the core message that he was trying to tell us. I hold all of the power. I just need to make sure that I continue to take the necessary actions that are needed to bring about change.  By the way, the last 6 months has been very insightful and inspiring, and the change to my mindset has truly been life changing.
Leroy D, Property Investor

“Rosemary N Knight Mum in business coached me for 4 hours and I went out and did it. I had this fear of ‘what if it does not work’ which she helped me to break. She is awesome. Those of you who want to do business but have worries about the unknown, I strongly recommend her is you want to succeed quickly.”

Stella M

 “Thank you so much for spending time with me, and helping me to get “unstuck” you have really helped me move forward and get a clearer idea of where I’m heading with my business!

Fran from Tenacious Bloom

I had a business coaching session with Rosemary and found her incredibly helpful. Perspicacious, motivating and inspiring, Rosemary would be brilliant support for anyone looking for a helping hand to move forward in their business and personal life. Highly recommended.

Keren, Creative Infusion Ltd

What an interesting lady! Rosemary has such drive and enthusiasm that it’s infectious! Having met Rosemary many times over the last few months through business networking meetings, I took the opportunity of having an introductory coaching session with her….Rosemary’s own career history and personal experiences are really testament to focussing on the outcomes you want to achieve and overcoming any barriers that get in your way! She believes that ‘if you do what you have always done, then you are sure to get what you have always got!’ and therefore poses the questions which we deliberately don’t ask ourselves (because we find it too difficult!) She has given me plenty of food for thought and I would recommend taking the opportunity of a 1-2-1 with her.

Natasha, Legal Legacies

I have known Rosemary for a little while now and each time I meet her I am impressed with her in depth knowledge. Her passion and genuine concern for you and your concerns – shines through. She manages to relax you, reassure you and is devastating with her insight. So if you are looking for a coach or mentor – talk to Rosemary.

Edwina, Linked In Coach

Rosemary is very enthusiastic, motivational and has a wide range of tools, techniques and strategies to offer. She has helped me to improve both my confidence and my work/life balance with a very varied range of techniques. As a busy entrepreneur, running the daily activities of my business is a full-time undertaking. There is little time available to focus on growth and development – key components of a successful business. I realised I needed help when my lists were getting longer and most of my work time was spent feeling overwhelmed. When I joined Rosemary’s coaching programme, Rosemary instantly understood what I was going through.  She is very perceptive and able to identify the kind of person I am, what drives me forward and how I learn best. She was very good at helping me to see the benefits of a better life/work balance and gave me the tools to make the necessary changes. She invited me to try out a number of exercises, both practical and mental, which I found to be really useful and effective.  I came away from my sessions with Rosemary feeling energised and focussed and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in a similar situation to my own.

Raj, Choice Lets

The coaching sessions I have had with Rosemary have been fantastic; I’ve been really impressed with how practically helpful the sessions have been as well as keeping me motivated in moving towards my goal.  If you are looking to start a new venture or perhaps you find yourself stuck in a bit of a rut with your business I can’t recommend her highly enough.  Thank you Rosemary!

Donna, Cannock Chase Council

Working with coach Rosemary I have truly become a Wealthy Warrior.  I have always struggled talking money and asking for pay increases.  Rosemary has taught me how to get what I deserve. Through her coaching I was able to get over a $20k increase in salary. Thanks to her work I continue to conquer each day as a Wealthy Warrior!

Elizabeth, Fathom Delivers