Once upon a time, I allowed myself to remain poor by holding on tightly to the little money I had and refusing to let it out of my sight because it felt so hard to come by.

I was living in poverty and I did not even know it.

ON the face of things I was successful, I had the career, the house, the cars, the cleaner and people thought I had it altogether but in my heart of hearts, I wanted more and I had a lot of debt to support my supposed wealth.

And instead of going to learn about how I could actually create a HUGE amount of wealth, more easily, I thought I could figure it out myself and so, year, upon year, I kept getting the same results, getting deeper into debt and pretending that I knew what I was doing.

I would then share my sad story with anyone who would listen because I wanted people to feel sorry for me and also admire me for my triumphs over difficulty.

Again, all the while, I was holding onto my sad story…

And I was telling myself that everyone was out to get me and scam me, and so I would not pay anyone to show me the path to true prosperity…  OH NO!

I would instead stay with the same circle of broke people, talking the same game, doing the same things, pretending to be successful but actually not living my life purpose at all.

And all the while, I knew I was created for more, MUCH, MUCH MORE!

But I could not seem to open the door to it.

I was afraid, I wanted to keep the appearance of wealth rather than actually be wealthy.

I was afraid that my ideas were too big, too grand and they would come to nothing…

How could this little girl, this immigrant, actually make something really big happen?

I had to toe the party line, go the professional career route, keep allowing other people determine my worth and maybe, if I was lucky, I would get to do a little bit of my dream at the weekends and evenings.

I felt called by God to BE MORE, but my poverty consciousness never allowed me to make it happen.

And I see you, still living to that same story…

Still playing a small game because you refuse to let yourself play bigger!

There is an abundance of resources available to you and yet, you pretend to be limited…

You choose struggle every single time…

And you do not even realise you are doing it…

You refuse to invest in yourself by paying for a coach/a mentor to show you a different path…

Or even just pay for entry to a mastermind group of people who think at a higher level than the people around you now…

Instead, you hoard everything and it gets smaller and smaller and tighter and tighter each year and you despair a little more each year as you wonder if you will ever live the life you dream of.

But you refuse to let go of the life you are leading now.

You think you are being sensible but you do not realise that you are still playing your life by your parent’s rules, your teacher’s rules, your friends and peers’ rules, your manipulative spiritual leader’s rules and you don’t even like what they have so why are you still allowing yourself to be condemned by their story?

When will you step up and own the dream in your heart?

1. Give up looking for sympathy

You can keep your sad story or you can create wealth.  Which will it be?  And even though you earn a lot, you may still have a sad story that you want people to feel sorry for you about.  It gives you a sense of importance when people are feeling sorry for how long you work, how much you have to overcome.  It is almost as thought you go from one challenge to another because you like the attention it gives you when you tell your new sad story.

That will never make you wealthy!

Never EVER!

You are not a victim of circumstance, you are a VICTOR!  Stop thinking of yourself as some noble underdog – Start realising you are powerful, TRULY POWERFUL!

2. Give up looking for a magic bullet that YOU believe in

You want someone to come tell you exactly what will work for you but the thing is, even though they do, you don’t believe them.  It is way outside your realm of experience and so you doubt them, you keep putting up objections and excuses and reasons to remain in the same place, doing the same stuff.  Reasons to stay stuck and then you tell yourself you tried it once and it did not work.

And then you go look for another magic bullet you can choose not to believe in.  How crazy!  How absolutely CRAZY and yet, I used to do this and now, I see you do this as well.  YOu stick with nothing for very long, it gets uncomfortable and then you have another sad story to share about how you tried to live out your purpose but everything was stacked up against you.

Buckle down and do the work, until it works!  There are many magic bullets that work when and only when you work them!  So GET TO WORK!

3. Give up thinking that the only reason to get rich is to serve others

It is okay to get rich because you want to.  It really is OKAY!  Yes, I know you have been brought up to think that choosing to make a lot of money is evil in some way but it is not.  Make as much money as you like.  There is abundance everywhere and you getting yours does not get in the way of anyone else getting theirs.  Just because everyone around you feels guilty for wanting to get rich, does not mean you have to join in with their craziness.

Allow yourself to want what you want and be willing to do what it takes to get it.

Yes, you will have to give up your sad story when you get super rich because no one will believe you anymore so again, GIVE THAT UP already!

Yes, you may even choose to support others when you get rich but honey, even if you chose not to, that does not have to stop you getting rich anyway!  Remember the only way to get rich is to help other people get what they want so you will be supporting others anyway.  And when you get rich, you will be supplying jobs ANYWAY so again, you do not have to infect your brain with certain conditions and rules that you must obey in order to be wealthy.  JUST ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE RICH!

4. Give up thinking that being rich only happens when you are ‘good’ or ‘talented’

You think there are certain rules of good and bad that you must obey in order to be wealthy.  And yet, all around you are people who you would not consider ‘good’, who are rich.  There are principles of wealth that anyone can apply.  APPLY THEM!

Forget this holier-than-thou routine that is keeping you dissatisfied and poor and instead, get rich so that you can actually impact the world for good, if you choose.

Also, you see all around you wealthy people without even a little bit of an education or natural talent, they just got to work creating wealth.  You can do that too.  Let go of your need to look good and get down to work, for goodness sake.

God has given you everything you need to create wealth so why, oh why do you persist in playing this weird game of ‘who is good enough? who is talented enough?’ with yourself.

5. Give up caring that being rich will leave you a little exposed

Yes, people will have opinions about your wealth and so, in some ways, you will be exposed to that.  So what?!  Is other people’s opinions a good enough reason to fail?  Will you go to the grave feeling good that you kept everyone happy?  I don’t think so.

In my case, I felt as though allowing myself to get rich would mean I would be opening myself up to all kinds of people coming to steal from me and that included my extended family – Yep, I had an interesting childhood.  I had to let go of all that in order to open the door to wealth and I continue to do so when another crazy little fear arises.

Yes, you will be a little more exposed to people and their craziness as they start to think you own them something because you have done the work to create wealth.  Guess what?  You get to say ‘NO!’ so do not allow the silliness of ‘norms’ stop you from getting RICH!

Allow yourself to be rich and to live a life of purpose because WHY ON EARTH NOT?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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