As I downloaded the daily message for my entrepreneurial clients this morning, this phrase came through…

“Give up the wimpiness that you call spirituality”

I had to smile.

How frequently I have held myself back from playing full out in life because of some misplaced idea that to be spiritual was to be wimpy.

I would not have used the word ‘wimpy’, of course.

I would have said nice sounding things like “Waiting on the Lord” or “going with the flow” or “It is not the right time” or “this person needs me and I need to lay my life down for them” or whatever whatever, WHATEVER.

But it was all a cloak for my inability to FOCUS FIERCELY on that which I desired until I freaking broke through.

The kingdom is taken by force.

It is a VERY DELIBERATE thing.

And yet, spiritual people can be soooo very wimpy, passive and weak.

So uncertain about what they are allowed or not allowed.

So desperate to appear nice and good and lovely.

So desperate to be liked while also at the same time, trying so hard to not want anything and be content with any old nonsense.

Is that you?  Can you be honest about it?  I certainly used to be like this and even now, if I am not fiercely focused then I can easily revert back there.

Honey, you KNOW you have something you deeply desire to create…

Something that will make a difference to many people…

Something that will DEFINITELY make a difference to YOU!

And yet, you hold back from playing full out.

You allow every single person & event to distract you from your mission and vision

You act like you have all the time in the world to just mess around and wish and hope while you beg and plead with the heavens for rescue.


AWAKEN, dear one.

Stop being so wimpy and definitely stop using the Divine as your reason to be wimpy.

the Divine does not need you to be weak

the Divine does not need all your feeble attempts at trying to please Him and get Him on your side.

That is not the focus!

He is, & HAS ALWAYS, been on your side.

That will never change.

The only real question is, “ARE YOU ON YOUR OWN SIDE?”

Seriously, think about it.

Do you really back yourself?

Do you really believe in what you are here to create?

Do you really believe you can?

What the heck are you scared about?

I know the answers to that can be varied and numerous but do you really want fear to be the authority in your life?

Do you really want fear to determine what you will or will not do in life?

Do you really want fear to determine what you have or do not have in life?


But you will NEVER get that more while you sit on the fence, dabbling at this and that, instead of GOING ALL THE WAY IN.

As I said recently, you cannot pick and mix your way through life, if you truly want to succeed at creating a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life so please… please… PLEASE…


Come now and lets overcome this doubt that seems to have you in its sight.

Come now and get a copy of my brand new book – The Deliberate Millionaire’s CONFIDENCE Book at

Come now and give up your wimpy ways as you immerse yourself in the book and all the confidence boosting bonuses.

Come now and RISE VICTORIOUS in your true design

Let go of the past

Let go of the nonsense

Let go of anyone who is not ON YOUR path

Yes, it will seem scary at times

Yes, you will wonder if you are crazy

And yet, you will feel so exhilarated at who you are allowing yourself to become – YOUR TRUE SELF, not this wimpy version of you that gets nothing and does nothing.


Come now and let’s get to the exciting work of uncovering the real you at

Much Amazing Love

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