Get Attention By Giving People What They Want

Get Attention By Giving People What They Want

Some say greed is a bad thing… Well, my princesses demonstrated once and for all, that greed is a great thing for business.


Well, we love to go walking around Merry Hill Shopping Centre quite close to where we live especially in rainy days. The thing is , that they have a deep inner passion for Mr Pretzel’s Pretzels and I always say ‘no’ to buying them on a whim.

So, instead they have taken up the habit of ensuring we always walk past the stall in the middle of the shoppin gcentre and theywait around for the samples to appear on display and then they help themselves to the samples.

Sometimes, in embarrassing bulk!

Yes, I am aware that really they should only have one little piece but they tend to run up to it and grab practically the whole plate full and there are three of them and one of me – that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

On one occasion, we were upstairs when they spotted Mr Pretzel downstairs and so they asked if they could run down the stairs and get some of the pretzel samples and I agreed so off they went and grabbed some.

You will probably agree that my princesses were being somewhat greedy and I was possibly being lax in my parenting duty except I figured it was there to be eaten and my girls wanted to eat it.

Anyway… The thing was… I was getting more and more eeeer… I suppose the word would be guilty.

Because I was determined not to buy any of the pretzels as they are just a sugary snack that my girls do not really need.

But there is that law of reciprocity that was at work here even though I knew the law of influence, I knew that the big idea of providing samples was ultimately to entice people to buy their wares and yet, still I could not hold back from the normal human reaction of reciprocating.

(And also, the good old fashioned badgering from the princesses but I am quite used to ignoring them when I want to!)

So, yesterday, during our walk through Merry Hill, we did again come to Mr Pretzel and guess what, there was no available sample this time and something different happened.

I pulled out my wallet and bought some.

The princesses were delighted.

I pondered my action.

And I realized that I had actually fallen for reciprocity.

WE had taken and taken and taken and finally, I had hot pressure point and I had to give something in return.

Hence the fact, I decided to spend some money with them.

So, without overly trying, they won me over.

And I imagine it works a lot faster with most other people.

So, if you are in business and you are wondering if reciprocity does work as a marketing tactic… YES, IT DOES.

Be generous with your wares and see what returns to you.

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