Why Am I So Good At Getting Excited About My New Plans But So Bad At The Follow Through?

By August 14, 2015May 8th, 2020Self Development

Getting Excited and Follow ThroughYou get so excited at the start.

Everything seems so possible when it is fresh and new…

You did some excellent training, you came away with all the great ideas, you are certain that life will never be the same and then life hits you like a ton of bricks…

The children are screaming, your partner does not get it and wants you to stop, your friends think you are a little bit too much and they all wonder why you cannot just settle down and be happy with what you have.

Why do you have to keep upsetting the balance?’ is the vibe you keep getting and you recognise that your dreams are making life cost more than if you just settled down, got a job and pretended to be happy.

All ideas of following through on your big ideas begin to fade into the distant past and you wonder if you will ever have that dream.  Will it ever be easy to live life, do business your way?

Or is it just a crazy dream you have that will never come to anything?

The truth is, honey, you get to decide the answer to that.

You get to choose what is more important to you – the approval of your peers and family or the fulfilment of your soul’s purpose.  Right now you may even be doubting that the dreams that keep waking up within you are anything to do with your purpose but I am here to tell you that if they keep coming back, there is a reason.

And the reason is that you KNOW you need to be doing them but you always get a choice.

Always, always, ALWAYS!

No one is going to come tell you to wake up and live and stay consistent and get the work done unless you put a coach or someone in place to do that and even then, YOU have to choose to MOVE!

There will always be things in the way.  That is a given.

You can expect to feel distracted most of the time if you let that be your story.  It feels so easy to drift back into life as you have always known it and yet, is this what you want?

For a long time, I lived that comfortable, passive life that meant I did not have to do anything too uncomfortable.  And I was unhappy with it.  You, of course, may be different and settle right down but I don’t think so.  I think there is more for you but you do have to do the work to claim it.  Will you?

So, when you ask me why you are so good at getting excited and not so good at the follow through, it is because of all this.  It is because life happens and you think that it means that you will not get what you want.  You think that your life today has to determine your future and it does not.

You could choose right now to invest thirty minutes to one hour a day in starting up your new venture and honey, in a year’s time, you could be in a completely different place.  In five years’ time, just by redirecting your efforts for one hour a day, you could be in an even more awesome place because… The Work? It always works!

But you gotta do it.

Consistently, deliberately, NOW.

Learn to smile and ignore all the well-meaning naysayers in your life.  They will come round to your way of thinking if you give it time.  At least the ones that care about you, will.  Who cares about the others?

More than the concern about all the other people in your world.  Make a commitment to yourself to get up each day and spend 30 minutes to an hour inviting people to take a look at your business and keep working through your plans.  Plans are just plans until you implement so commit to taking action on the plan even just a little bit a day.  It does not take much for everything to change – That is the power of the compound effect – A little change made daily can compound to great effect.  You see it happen with debt, don’t you?

Use the compound effect to your benefit.

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