get your message outYou may have the most transformational message on the planet…

The BEST products… EVER!

You may be the greatest healer… EVER!

When people come into your presence, they are changed in two seconds flat…

All great but does ANYONE KNOW YOU EXIST?

We live in a world where most people do life on social media – Are you showing up?

Could your people find you?

Leader, it is time to get visible, it is time to brand yourself

And here are 21 simple ways for you to get your message out, raise your visibility online and get more clients – 18 are on the page and the 3 most important ones are available by clicking one of the boxes as you read the post to get them.

1. Blogging

This is like the bedrock of the online space and so easy to get started with. Though I don’t much like the long-term use of free blogging websites, you could get started on and then upgrade to at some point. I did this and found the export/import thing fairly straightforward so should be easy enough to make happen.

The idea of blogs is that you are able to share your thinking, educational pieces, inspirational pieces and it is your real estate on the web. After your social media platform, this will very probably be the next place that your people will come a-looking so having an updated website is key. My recommendation is a blog post twice a week. And for a lot of people, this may feel like a stretch but that usually only happens when you are trying so hard to come up with an over-fabulous piece. That is not the point – the point is communication. So, pretend you are talking to a customer / friend in your shop and just write as you would talk.

2. Videos – Short and long

This is something that people do hold back from because they are worried about how they look, sound, whether they have anything interesting to say and so on. Don’t allow that to get in your way. This is one of the best ways to really communicate in today’s social media driven world. The ability to whip out a smartphone and start to talk about whatever occurs to you is pretty cool and it builds relationship. People get a feel for you and it really does not need to be too long at all. Share a quick thought in less than 2 minutes and you can be out of there.

You do not need to edit and fancify it. You can but you do not need to. My videos are uploaded as they come and so far, they work well to generate interest in what I am up to and build my brand.

Of course, it does not need to be a talking head video, you could also use something like screencast-o-matic to record your screen as you show your people something or the other. That works quite well too. However, you speaking to them is priceless. As everything is online these days, this personal touch makes people more inclined to trust you.

3. Livestreams

This is taking video to the next level. This is you streaming yourself live. You can do it from anywhere. Happen to be walking the dog – Livestream your thoughts to the world, let them feel who you are as a person. It builds the ‘Know, Like, Trust’ factor fast. Try to do them from different places within your home or anywhere. Just to give it variety. I have a phone holder in my car so I can livestream there. I have a selfie stick and can do them while on a walk – yes, I do attempt to find a quiet place so I don’ have too many staring eyes but sometimes that cannot be helped so I deliberately tune them out and get on with it.

4. Social media updates including quote pics and plain old short text updates

As much as videos seem to be taking over the world, quote pictures and text updates can also get you some attention. Pop over to Canva and create, create, create. Canva comes with a range of templates to work with, including a FB image template and a social media post template. You can download free images from pixabay to use as backgrounds to your quotes. You can also use pictures of yourself as well to further brand you in your client’s minds. Again, do not shy away from taking the bold moves. The more bold moves you employ, the faster your business will grow.

5. Ask questions

One way to discover more about your people is to ask them questions and get them to engage with you. Sometimes, it can be pretty one-sided for you to deliver content, content and more content so an update on social media where you get them to answer a question could mean they get involved back with you. It also gives you an idea of the warmth of your audience towards you. Is it just crickets you hear then all the more reason to figure out what people want from you. Not necessarily so that you change your whole message to deliver it but because you can figure out the hot buttons for your people and address those more frequently.

A question can even go on a template and be uploaded to FB or some other social media platform. Remember the more engaged your audience is, the more likely you are to get a helping hand in spreading the message for free. Most social media platforms encourage anyone who keeps people on their site.

6. Emails

You might have an email list already in place but if you do not, then it is essential that you start to build one as most of your ongoing sales are likely to come from there. How do you build it, give people something they want in exchange for their contact details. What do I mean? Use something called a lead magnet. It might be a pdf report, video, checklist, discount voucher that solves a pressing problem or provides needed information. However they only get it when they give you contact details. This gets people onto your list. You can then further warm them up and build your brand by sending informational, entertaining or inspirational messages that they want to share around with their friends.

7. Guest posting

This is a proven way to grow your audience. Find a blog that serves the people you want to reach and ask if you can write for them. This gets you in front of a great number of people fast, if the blog you write for is heavily trafficked. This method has the added benefit of getting you backlinks from other sites which in turn will help your Google rankings. Definitely worth pitching as many sites as you can find.

8. Podcasts

I take one of my daily blog posts and convert it to a video by simply reading it out with life! And then i extract the audio and put on Soundcloud. I submit this to iTunes and voila! I have a podcast. I have received clients this way so it is definitely a worthwhile endeavour.

9. Being Interviewed at Telesummits, Podcasts, radio shows, whatever

Like guest posting, can you pitch yourself to lots of different podcasts or radio shows? Yes you can or at the very least, you can get someone else to do it for you. Again, the idea is to get your message in front of more people and in this case, people with audiences that may be interested in you. You could suddenly have an avalanche of traffic to your site from this event so be prepared with a way to capture as much of it as possible.

Use FB pixels to build an audience that you can advertise to at a later point. This way, anyone that does not sign up for your freebie offer (lead magnet) can be retargeted through Facebook Advertising.

10. Interviewing people of interest to you with a following of their own

You could be the interviewer. My first product included experts that my people were interested in which got more people into the course as they wanted to hear from these three experts. I asked them to promote the course to their lists and that helped me going forward to start getting known as the person that associates with these expert people.

Who can you interview? Think of authors in your industry as that might be helpful for both of you – They want more exposure and you want to be linked with their awesome.

11. Webinars

With the uprising of livestreams, it feels a little like webinars could be something of the past but they are still going strong, still used to promote a message. And they position like an expert because you simply have the courage to give it a go. Here is the application I use for webinars –

If you are just getting started, do a weekly webinar to grow your audience and get your message out. The practise will make perfect.

12. Giving physical, in-person talks

Wanna take it offline? Then talks are perfect to build visibility, position you as expert and it is considerably easier to build rapport with someone in the same room as you. Find local networking groups and see if anyone wants a speaker. Offer your services and voila… you have a gig.

Get good at delivering speeches in person and nothing will stand in the way of your inevitable success.

13. Offline networking

There are any number of networking groups where entrepreneurs and business owners meet up. You could get your feet wet there. Leave behind notions of handing out and collecting business cards. Instead be different, what can you give in return for the ability to connect with a potential client/customer later. I took audio CDs with me where I recorded a training and instead of handing out business cards, I would collect theirs in exchange for the CD and where possible, I would connect with them on social media immediately so that they were immediately exposed to my work.Remember you are not limited to business groups. There are lots of places to meet prospects – Think about it. Where are the people you want to meet? Support groups, charity balls, conferences, sporting events – Think outside the box and go be where your people are. Reach out to many people.

14. Online forum/group relationship building

Don’t want to take it offline? You never have to! Never ever feel you have to. It is absolutely possible to build a huge business online. There are innumerable forums and groups that you can now be a huge part of. Search on Facebook using phrases like “Groups Joined By People Who Like ______________ and _________ and ___________(Insert any interest or Facebook page that your people may like)” or

Groups Joined By People who like Rosemary Nonny Knight (Insert Your page instead)

Or For more local searches – “Groups Joined By People Who Like ____________ and live in _____________ (location)

Or for more age focused groups – “Groups joined by ladies over 35 who live in ____________ (Enter location)”

In order to use graph search, you may need to make sure that your language settings are set to English (US).

Your group search is not limited to Facebook – You can also try LinkedIn if your people are likely to be there. And there also may be forums on the internet that you can find by searching on one of the search engines.

Join the groups, introduce yourself, answer questions, offer information and watch people follow the rabbit trail to your own social media presence and your own mailing list where you get the opportunity to keep influencing them.

15. Advertising – Off and online

Advertising works though many an entrepreneur can be scared of it. Don’t be! Do the things I have detailed in this epic blog post while at the same time, paying for some eyeballs to see your content. It is cheaper to promote a piece of content than it is to get someone directly onto your mailing list so it is worth it to warm people up with your content first so they get to see you as an expert and then invite them to join your list. Facebook also gives you the ability to remarket to people that have visited your website or watched your videos. This is a godsend so rather than targeting cold audiences who know nothing about you, you can just target people who have already experienced content from you.

16. Buying Solo Ads

Another way to reach new audiences is to buy a spot on someone else’s mailing list. This is called a solo ad. You usually pay per click to your content. Though people generally tend to use this to promote their lead magnets, you can use this just like I described in the advertising section. Send people to an epic piece of content and have pixels on that web page that record every visitor that has a Facebook account. You can also do this with other platforms like google and I think, pinterest as well. You store a pixel on your blog post (you may need a little help to get this done – I use a plugin on WordPress – Facebook pixel conversion code) and anytime anyone comes over, their details are registered by FB, Google, Bing, Pinterest whoever.

YOU can then run an advert targeting just these people and chase them around the web until they succumb to your dastardly charms 🙂

So, do a search for solo ad providers in your niche that build mailing lists of people who are interested in what you are proposing. Contact the provider and negotiate a cost per click and then get them send the people over. Another way is to approach someone in your marketplace who has a list and ask if you could pay him/her to send an email.

17. Book writing / Self Publishing

This is a great way to get your message out. Write a book about what you stand for and what you want to say and then pop on over to and follow the instructions to get it out onto the Amazon marketplace. It is such a great way to spread your message. You do not need to write anything super long. There are some very short books out there but it just needs to pack a punch and convert the right people into loving all that you are about. They then come to find out more about you and join your mailing list or choose to work directly with you.

18. Course writing

Udemy is a great place for you to put together a short course and avail yourself of their audience. This is another way to get your message out. One of my first coaches, I discovered on Udemy. So it is definitely a great way to build an audience.

Could you share this post, please, if you found it useful?    Thanks and do tell me in the comments which of these you intend to use yourself going forward.

Remember…  There is no more time to live the wrong life!

It is time to fight for, to deliberately design the life you are born to live…

Because you want to!

PS – Click one of the images and get the remaining 3 FOUNDATIONAL ways because they underpin everything on this post and you can get all 21 ways put together nicely in a report for you to refer to again and again.  Click one of the black images now.