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GEt Your MEssage Out, Get More Customers In

Two Days Ago, I gave a talk at Training Kings, one of the best Christian Networking things I have been too.

For one, it is not about making yourself small because you are worried about stating categorically that you want to make money. I love that about Samuel Leeds, the founder – He is very successful at what he does in property and magic grin emoticon and he inspires others to live full out as well.

I love it!

Anyway, I did my talk there and had great fun showing people how to get 100 customers in 100 days.

I had to speed through the presentation as it was only 25 minutes or so and frankly, I always have far too much to say so here’s too hoping that I did not overly scare my listeners into inaction.

Again, I sang a little bit as I was trying to demonstrate in different ways what it is like to

  1.  Be a creator – The song was ‘I am a creator, I created the present I see – I choose to create my future, I leave behind the past’

    If you are on the call this evening (which I hope you are), you will hear some of my story and how I created my current reality because I woke up to the fact that I am a creator like my Father in Heaven is. He created you and I as creators, we can speak words and create things, we need to be super committed to the future we want to create and speak it into being and take the action consistently.

    That is what I have done, and what I still do and that is what I wanted the listeners to take away.

  2. Polarize your audience

    Yesterday, I mentioned that being you completely will probably mean that you chase off people who do not like what you are about. And that is just fine!

    You cannot market to the world all at once and honey, you are not called to everyone. You want to very quickly reach the people who get you and are willing to stick around in your circle of influence so you can serve them with your product and service.

    Stop trying so hard to be bland!

And now, I want to tell you that there are a few openings for anyone that wants to work with me to create what I can only call Rapid Business Growth!

Yesterday, I did a free Masterclass where I showed the attendees how to get 100 customers in 100 days and I offered them (and now you!) the opportunity to work with me closely to create business success.

In 8 weeks together, we will do this

Step 1 – Owning Your Powerful Self & Building Your Business YOUR Way

– What is the point of setting up a business that you end up hating because it is eating you up alive?  Whay not be you in business, define who that is and as a result, only do the things that will enable you make your vision a reality? Let’s talk business models that suit and still make money

Step 2 – Defining Your Perfect Audience –

Now that you are clear on who and how you want your business to look, who do you want to serve?  Most people get stuck here but I am going to talk you through a process that will get you on your way immediately, calling out to prosects who get you and want to buy from you.

Step 3 – Serving/Selling From The First Moment –

It is time to start the work on your own fully functioning and profitable sales funnel so that you can show from the outset what workign with you is going to be like and put your prospects minds at ease.  They are then a lot more comfortable putting their money down and buying from you and that is what you want, right?

Step 4 – Website Essentials For Maximum Lead Generation

– Whatever kind of business you have, you need to be on the net – You know that right?  This week, we will talk about easy ways to make this happen quickly.  It is a lot easier than you think, you may not even need as much as you think!  And by setting this all up correctly, you have your own real estate ont he net where propsects/customers can get to know you.

Step 5 – Getting In Front of All The Prospects You Need

– How do you increase footfall, traffic to your business?  This week is where we really get into the nitty gritty of this so that you are increasing the possibilities of getting 100 new customers within even less than 100 days.

Step 6 – Convert, Convert, Convert – Sales Processes That Work

– Yes, you have all the marketing in place but how can you convert them to sales – This week ,we talk presentations, we talk sales pages, we talk giving quotes in a way that makes them work with you rather than any other person they may have been in contact with.

Step 7 – The follow up of 6 Figure Champions

– You know the fortune is in the follow up but have you been doing it?  LEt me show you how to make sure that everything you send out in follow up brings people to the sale.  Each piece of follow up pays for itself.

Step 8 – Increasing Your Streams of Income

– Where are leaving money on the table in your business?  This week is about ensuring you are creating passive wealth that keeps coming in time and time again.

So, what do you think?

All of the above is delivered via live calls where you will bea ble to see what I am up to and even as you listen, you can start to put the practical steps in place in your business.  Also, after each live call, you will be able to ask any questions you have about your business because this program is driven by you and your needs.  I am committed to supporting you in makig your business profitable so bring on all your questions and let’s get them solved.

And then on top of all that, there is the private group where again, there is a continual layer of support for you.

Get your questions answered, be held accountable for creating what you say you want to create.  The biggest killer of dreams for most people is prcrastination – It is time to nip that in the bud!

What do you think?

I will be creating templates for everything as well and a whole lot more so that it is very much plug and play for you.  If you need it, I will do my best to provide it.

 And something I did not mention on the call is that you get the option of a 10 minute call one on one with me each week that you work with me in this ‘Get Your Message Out, Get more Customers in’ group.

And the truth is that I could charge you $5000 or more (and have done) for this as I see lots of people doing at the moment but this is the thing, I don’t want to, I don’t want to charge you even a fifth of that and really that is as much as I am going to say about the price because this is not something you can just click and buy…

Before you can jump on board this thing, you need to have a free strategy conversation with me about your business. But I would ask that you only do this if you are serious, however out of that conversation, together we will decide if you would be a god fit for this program.  You may not be so there is no obligation to join.  You will leave that call with actionable steps anyway.

And so I am going to take on all the risk here and offer you some of my time which recently, I have not been doing at all as frankly, the people I am working with are enough for me but this group thing kept calling me out so here we are.

As I say, it really doesn’t matter to me if you choose to work with me or not, I will just keep on doing what I do and enjoying it and growing, growing, growing and making more money but, without the help of the group and me, you will always be working a lot harder than you need to be or maybe just not doing the work at all because it seems to hard to keep going and you may lose your confidence if you have not done so already, I know it sounds a little harsh but it is the truth.

I do not do any of my work on my own – I work with coaches and in a mastermind group so I know the benefits of being held accountable and also, having an experienced mentor to ask questions of – In fact, if you had been on the call, you would know that it made all the difference to my ability to create wealth in my own business!

So, are you ready to work with me to set up your own lead generation and sales creating machine over an 8 week period beginning on the 6th April.

If yes, then pop over to and let’s have that conversation and find out more about this tribe I am creating.

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