You are still way too concerned with trying to prove to people and to the Divine that you are a good person.

You are still trying to earn love and approval and pats on the back

You are still waiting for someone to give you a permission slip

You are still waiting for that final seal of approval that will validate your right to change lives and create wealth

These are childish pursuits.

These are beneath you now.

It is time to STEP UP and be the leader you are meant to be

It is time to WAKE UP and start making the difference you are here to make

It is time to BREAK FREE from having JUST ENOUGH because you are so scared that people will think you are just about the money

Your business is not a vehicle for validation


Your business is a vehicle to increase your income stream and then you reinvest that initial income stream to reach more people, serve more people and increase your income stream some more.

You need to get freaking practical about this

This is GROWN UP ADULT talk.

And most spiritual business owners are simply children pretending to be adults.


Look around you, people need your help and you are busy navel-gazing, busy proving things that do not need to be proved, busy PLEASING PEOPLE instead of serving them.

WAKE THE HECK UP and build an ACTUAL business that fulfils its purpose.

  1. ONE: DECIDE on your niche and your target audience – Stop waiting for someone else to come tell you who to serve. Stop telling yourself you are called to everyone when you are hardly reaching ANYONE.  If you do want the privilege of reaching lots of people with your message, pick someone to speak to NOW!
  2. TWO: DECIDE on your offering – You do not need 20 million offerings, you need ONE or maybe TWO well-priced offerings that have the actual ability to serve your person and get them a great result so stop with all the ONE OFF sessions that solve their symptoms but do not provide any deep lasting transformation.
  3. THREE: CREATE A LEAD MAGNET because yes, you need something that will get the attention of your person.  Let it be a starter meal before the full enchilada so that the only people who want it are people likely to want your full offering.
  4. FOUR: SET UP A FUNNEL to capture your people so that you can follow up and follow up.  Understand that the chances of your person buying from you on first contact is slim to none so you need to be able to stay in touch with them. Understand also that social media platforms are NOT YOURS so stop treating them like they are.  Get your prospects on to your own mailing list ASAP.
  5. FIVE: RAISE YOUR VISIBILITY – be the leader you are called to be.  Stop looking to others to give you permission.  Stop checking to see what is appropriate to say.  BE THE LEADER.  Speak to the heart of your person and invite them to get your lead magnet and as soon as they say yes to that…
  6. SIX: MAKE THEM AN INVITATION TO SPEAK WITH YOU – Your first 6 figures particularly will require a lot of personal touches. It is people you are seeking to serve so REACH OUT AND serve them.  Stop hiding behind a computer, hoping that people will just hit buttons and give you money.  Some may do that but your initial clients will come from personal contact.  Accept that and make your invitations over and over and over again.
  7. SEVEN: BE CONSISTENT!  Stop with all the starting and stopping.  You need to develop emotional resilience and mental toughness.  Being spiritual does not exempt you from self-discipline & mastering yourself. And frankly, knowing that you are connected to the Divine should give you so much confidence and power and yet, because you have been indulging childish pursuits, you are still trying to confirm your ‘called’ status, still wanting another sign from the Divine to tell you that you are loved.  AGAIN, be done with that nonsense! You already know you are enough, worthy and all of that but honey, until you DETERMINEDLY go after all that you desire to create, nothing will change so DROP THE CHILDISHNESS and be the grown adult who GETS all that is your divine right.


Are you ready?

Great. Let’s go.

Go now and get a copy of my book – The 6-FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS Book if you are DETERMINED to turn yoru skills and wisdom into a 6 figure business by this time next year.  If you are done with being childish and you are ready to do what it takes to CLAIM your divine inheritance of wealth and prosperity AS WELL AS serve the people you are called to serve. – The book can be downloaded for free at

Much Amazing Love

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