Get Over Your need to Look Good

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The path of personal growth is laden with ups and downs, twists and turns.  It is not always a straightforward journey, particularly when looked at by people close to you and mostly when looked at by YOU.  As women, our need to look good can be the very thing that holds us back.

Is it time for you to Get Over YOUR need to look good?

Get over your need to look good.

She looks amazing to me, but for some, this would be anathema.

The Need to look Good

This need presents itself in a few different ways and you are not always aware that this is, in fact, what you are desperately trying to do.  You are trying to maintain appearances and in the process, you are tying yourself up in knots and binding yourself to things that you have no passion for, things that hold you back, people who should have no right to an opinion in your life and more.

Ultimately, it keeps you down.

There is a story about a King who got soooo excited about an event and so full of thanks for the gift he had been given, that he stripped almost all his clothes off and danced with vigour in front of all the people whom he led.  He lost all self-consciousness and gave it his all, blessing the giver with enthusiasm.  This opened him up to receiving more and more because he was willing and able to lay down his need to look good in order to show his thanks and be vulnerable before the giver and before his people.  This is the kind of leader people choose to follow.

His wife, however, was not too impressed by his antics.  She drew him aside and told him to get a hold of himself.  She wanted him to be politically correct.  He was supposed to look dignified always to fit into her idea of what a respected King should be like.

He thankfully ignored her and carried on and went on to receive more and more accolades for being authentically himself.  She, unfortunately, was stuck.  Stuck in trying to maintain the security of a position that she no longer even wanted.

How does this apply to you?

Learning to be true to yourself and your feelings and your emotions is part of the journey to becoming the best YOU.  While in the process, if you dare to step out of the circle of expectations placed on you by the people around you, you will get an element of scorn.

What you choose to do as a result of this scorn will determine how far you go in the quest for personal success.

As ladies, we can be completely bound to the opinions of the people around us.  This can leave us stuck fulfilling a role that no longer fits us.  Yet, out of fear of the opinions of others and the need to look good, we continually live the role over and over again.  We dampen our internal disquiet and try to be all things to all people instead of just being who we are.

Sometimes, we do not even know who we are.  WE have been trained to be docile since birth.

Personal Growth, which can involve building a business, demands we break the chains that bind us so that we are free to be the authentic person that we are.

We will make mistakes – That is OK.

Give yourself permission, right now, to do that.

You  may also choose to fit into the role others have for you, that too is OK but BE SURE that it is YOUR choice, not just something imposed on you by culture, tradition, loved ones etc.

YOU are unique and the world needs you to get over your need to look good and LEARN to be YOU – Whatever that means. Find the courage to pursue that.

At the start of your journey, people will ask you ‘why’ you need to be different and berate you for it.  When you get over the need to look good, the very same people will ask you ‘HOW’ you did it and want to follow you.

Choose the narrow way, the road less traveled.  Not many do, but it is soooo worth it.

On the journey to your best self, You NEED support from someone who is completely for you, completely sold on your ability to get where you are going.  That person may not be present in your life currently.  Someone to hold you accountable to the changes, someone to believe in you even when you make mistakes, someone who has no agenda except to see you win in all aspects of life.

I can be that person for you. When you are ready to start or continue the journey, go over to the coaching page and fill in that form.  Let’s get started.

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