Get out of Your Own Way, Let Go of Your Ego – It may be keeping you Poor

I want to ask you one simple question today?

It is so simple it might just pass you right by and make you think it is beneath you to give me an answer.

And yet, not answering this question may be the very thing that is keeping you broke and preventing you from moving forward. 

Get out of Your own Way

Now, if you are female reading this, maybe it does not apply to you because you know what, we find it easier to just be ourselves rather than pretending to be something we are not.  However, do not consider yourself off the hook because there may well be areas of your business or your life that you keep hidden because you are trying so hard to appear amazing.

So what is the question?

Are you more concerned about looking good than getting the success you deserve?

Now, before you give me some half wit answer as you tell yourself I am asking a silly question.  After all, of course, you are doing all you can to get your deserved success.  Let me ask you to switch off all the external noise and really sit with that question for a little while.

Ask yourself things like ‘Have I told everyone I know about my business or do I tell myself I do not want to ram it down their throat?’

Do you say things like ‘I could never be that aggressive’  when you see someone else pursuing with determination the success they want.

Do you keep looking for that perfect solution that will WOW everyone instead of just doing the little thing right there in front of you?

Do you pretend to have it all together when you meet someone you consider successful instead of gleaning and learning as much as you can from this person?  You would rather pretend to know what you are doing instead of ask for help.

You think you SHOULD know what to do as business is simple, right?  You consider it weakness to ask for any support except from people you consider at your level or beneath you.  Unfortunately, these people have not been where you want to go so their best thinking is getting you nowhere.

2014 is on the way and surely, you are ready to turn it all around.  What if letting go of your ego, your need to be right could massively accelerate your progress in 2014?  Would it be worth it to you to find out? I say, Get out of your own way!

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