I Get Up – Musical Affirmation

I Get Up

It is the start of the week.

For some, it can be a day of bleurgh-ness as they go back to doing things they no longer really want to do.  For others, it is day to get back into juggling child care and doing the work they absolutely love.  For others, it is just an amazing day with nothing but blue skies ahead.

Whoever you are, the week will bring you a range of experiences – Experiences that will cause you to be happy and thrive or experiences that make you feel down in the dumps.

The reaction to what life throws at you is completely within your control.  You can choose to get back up when you feel thrown down or you can stay down – What will it be?

As a leader, as a warrior, choose to step up, choose to get up whatever is thrown at you.  Tap into the inner strength within you – It is just like a muscle.  The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Remind yourself that you are here for a reason and you are here because there is a purpose to your life.

This is my response to whatever the week brings and I hope you join me in affirming the following words.

I refuse to stay down

I always get up

My Best life Awaits

I Get Up

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