Here’s How To Get Motivated Everyday – 9 Ways

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Some people say the morning is the best time of the day. And I agree – How you begin your morning generally tends to set the tone for your whole day.

Some other people find it great to end the day well and I agree with that too because if you go to bed all stressed out and worried, it is inevitable that you will have a bit of a restless night.

So, how can you ensure that your last moments and your first moments set you up to be motivated to get things done each and every day? And when you are in business, you know how self-motivated you need to be.  After all, there is no one to tell you what to do, when to do it or how.  This is all stuff you may need to figure out alone so keeping a high level of motivation is essential.

Here are 9 ways:-

  1. Get a journalSurely, you have been in my world long enough to know that you must, Must, MUST keep some kind of a journal.

    Whether you prefer to write or to type, having somewhere to record your thoughts and feelings both before you go to bed and/or when you wake up is essential. As you go to bed, you can get the worry out of your mind, get clear and go to sleep on a clean slate. You can even write down your gratitudes for the day to take your mind off your troubles.

  2. Wake earlier than everyone else and spend time aloneGive yourself some time to launch into the day slowly. Don’t wake up and rush into the bedlam of regular life. Give yourself some time in the quiet of the morning to gradually move into the day and then you can…
  3. MeditateSpend some time in prayer or meditation – It brings you down to the present instead of all your worries and concerns and you can ask for help from your higher power.
  4. Write out your goalsSpend time reminding yourself of what you are working towards and find your energy soar as you consider all the possibilities
  5. ImagineeringA word created by the great Walt Disney. Don’t stop at writing your goals, imagine what it is like to be a person that creates those goals. Picture it vividly. Spend time with this each day and you will find yourself more motivated to take the actions you need to take to get there.
  6. ExerciseConsider starting the day with some exercise as well. Take yourself out to a gym; meet up with a personal trainer so that you are held accountable to actually getting out of bed and getting there. Or, dig out those Jillian Michael DVDs and get sweaty!
  7. Eat Right

    This is one I struggle with but I know the effect the lack of food has on my psyche.  And when I am not eating healthy, I feel slugglish, my head feels mashed up and I know I am not working at my best.

  8. Sleep An Appropriate amount of time

    Again, this is one that can feel tough when you are starting up in business and yet, we must get enough sleep to be able to keep going for the long haul which is the goal, right?

  9. What are you listening to?Implement a positive zone in your car. Stop listening to the news, instead choose to listen to some motivational CDs from Zig Ziglar or Jim Rohn. These two will certainly fire you up for the day. Of course, there are a lot more people you can listen to.Take part in an daily audio program that gives you fresh content everyday as soon as you wake up so you jump out of bed with a positive and motivational thought of the day on your mind as you begin your day.


And by the way, if you are fed up of living a passive life where things seems to happen to you, without any of your direct control…

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