Get More Customers: 5 Tips To Increase Engagement On Social Media

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Get More CustomersSocial media is a pretty awesome place for generating more leads and growing your business as well as impacting and influencing a large number of people in a very short space of time. And that is the point, right? You want to make a difference and at the same time create wealth. So taking advantage of this resource is essential when you have big ideas about what you want to make happen.

Just do not get caught up in measuring the wrong things.

It is so easy to get caught up in measuring the wrong thing when it comes to social media. Each platform has its own way of telling you how successful you are at being social and you might think that that is the important thing.

However, the platform does not care about your sales or your wealth at all so when you use their measures to determine the success of your efforts, you end up making mistakes and paying attention to the wrong thing.

You have to decide what is important to you.

Here are a few things to consider when building your social media presence.

  1. What is the goal?

    Are you looking to build an audience for your message? Then you will create your social media presence differently from someone who is looking to sell a product or service on social media. Of course, you may then decide to go on to selling product when you realize that you have built a responsive audience but start by getting clear on what you want out of social media so that you take focused actions that enable you to met your goals.
  2. Where are your people?

    So, now you understand your goals, where are the people you want to meet or influence or sell to. Get clear on who your person is and where they will spend most of their online time.And then go there to build a presence. This way, you are not having to take them to a different platform that they are not used to. It is difficult to take people out of their comfort zones so it is best to let them stay where they are and you go join them there.
  3. Raise engagement

    Ask questions of the people you want to attract into your world. Do surveys with them to see what is of interest to them. Use this information to plan out your social media updates. This will help drive engagement with your prospects and make them feel part of a community where they are listened to and understood.Use quotes – Inspirational & motivational quotes tend to encourage people in their daily life and you will find that whatever market you are in, your prospects will react favourably to quotes. Performing a simple Google search will result in an abundance of options to use to drive engagement on your social media business presence.I know it can seem cheezy to use them so find ones that you personally resonate with so that you feel authentic in their use and of course, you can create your own. After all, it is just another human being that created the ones you like.
  4. Use Your NameDo not hide behind a brand name or your company name. Build a social media platform around you, not your product or service. Let people see you and build a relationship with you rather than your logo. It is impossible to build a relationship with a logo!
  5. Get some HelpIf you are uncertain about building your own platform, you can always get a social media marketing person to help you out and to manage it all for you. You got into business for freedom and the ability to express who you are in a way that is authentic to you so if this starts to feel a little too much, get someone else to help you. Try to make sure that it does represent you though as your prospects do want to get to know you before they choose to buy from you.

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