You May Want to Speak To Everyone but You Can’t so Get Clear on Who Your People Are

Who are you speaking to

For a very long time, I tried hard to figure out who my people were.  I would switch from one place to the other thining about whether it was mums, or professionals or small business owners or who!  And yep, it got annoying switching from place to place and trying to figure out who that elusive ideal client was.

Do you have issues with that?

If you do, you know it makes it really hard to speak to anyone in a way that gets their attention. You begin to sound too generic and it is easy to ignore you and your wares because your prospect is asking ‘Why should I choose you over anyone else?’

Can you even answer that question or do you also find yourself wondering who your people are.

You have a limited budget and attempting to reach the whole world all at once is a recipe for disaster so it is wiser and more profitable to define a marketplace, a niche for yourself and target that as aggressively as possible to begin.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to deciding how to position yourself and your business.

  1. Start by thinking about your product and the type of people who would use it.

    What are their pains? What keeps them up at night? What problem do they want solved? And as soon as you figure that out, you can go even deeper and figure out their demographics like age, sex, location etc. This gives you a better idea of how to word your marketing materials as well as where to get in front of huge numbers of people who fit this criteria.

  2. Start by deciding who you want to be in business.

    In this school of thought (and it is one I prefer), you choose to be loudly, boldly you and attract the people who feel more aligned to your messaging and to the way you do things. This is a method of branding you and building a culture around YOU. In this day and age, where social media is so rampant, standing out as a mini celebrity to the people who care about what you care about is a niche in itself. You become the niche.

    Yes, you will polarize a few people (maybe even a lot) but this business model lends itself to a more freeing way of generating income as you can be yourself in and out of your business.

    If you get this right, then it makes life and business pretty simple as you attract customers who want to be around you and basically want whatever you put out in the marketplace. Yes, you still need to know the basics of sales and marketing in order to efficiently get your message out but ultimately, your goal here is to be YOU and stand out as such. There is, after all, no one quite like you when you truly own your strengths

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