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Would you like to build a successful business, make money faster and easier and still be happy?

  Hi Business Owner or Professional building your business on the side,

If you have been battling it out in business for a little while now and so far, you do not seem to be getting the results you want… You are finding it all too hard to generate more leads, to get more customers and there are nothing but crickets when you try to sell your stuff…


You can’t seem to find the time to do all the things THEY say you must do in order to be successful and frankly you feel overwhelmed by it all..


The people closest to you do not get why you are stressing out and doing this business thing and you are fed up of trying to prove to everyone that you can make this thing work…


If you are fed up of trying so hard to get any customers to pay attention to you and you keep pricing yourself lower and lower in order to try and sell something… If you want a business that actually works around your life instead of you having to give up your soul to make it work…

Then you are in the right place, keep reading and see how the Wealthy Entrepreneur Alliance can help you. Do read on… Wealthy Entrepreneur Alliance   The Wealthy Entrepreneur Alliance is a program which gives you the latest tips, tricks, strategies that will enable you create quickly a successful business while also providing you with the clarity & support that you need to implement everything you learn.

  • This is all about generating a steady stream of leads that convert into your ideal customers.


  • This is all about increasing the income you are generating from your business.


  • This is all about building your confidence so that you become pretty successful at doing what you do.


  • This is all about stopping the confusion, the overwhelm and only doing the action that counts to get you profitable results quickly in business.


  • This is about using the limited time you have to make more money and to create more freedom so that you can do what you want, when you want.


  • This is all about getting the balance between your business & your life right so that you are making the money you want & living the life you dream of in as short a period of time as possible!

If you are anything like the way I used to be, you have spent a long time trying to make your business successful, trying to leave your job, trying to find that elusive financial freedom doing something you love … and it has been a struggle.     So, why continue to work it out alone?

What is included-

This is what you receive as part of The Wealthy Entrepreneur Alliance…

First and Foremost and where the real action begins, you get access to the elite online mastermind group where you will get access to me – Rosemary Nonny Knight – and you will also be part of a very determined group of professionals and business owners who are ready to make money & freedom in business happen right now. These are people, like you, who want to take their life & business to the next level.

You get to …

Ask me anything.

Have a rant away from the prying eyes of your friends or family who just may not get you (as long as you are willing to be challenged a little if it is whiny!)

Get support and receive daily inspiration.

Find friends from all over the place ready to be on your side and help you grow to your most powerful self.

Then each month, there is a monthly focus & weekly videos with very simple steps that you can implement to make more money in business & create the life you want quickly!         Get Their Attention, Make Them Buy Business Growth Group Each month, there is a new focus so you know that you will keep moving forward in your business growth.   Some other topics that will be included areGet more Customers Business Growth Group Know this, I invest A LOT in my education & business growth so you get to pick my brain all the time for a fraction of the price I paid to get the information and I hope you take advantage of this when you join the Wealthy Entrepreneur Alliance.


In addition to all the above, there is the… Monthly Live Call – Speak to me Live, Ask any questions, be coached and get solutions to any business concern you may be facing. You are not alone anymore.

You get it all at the moment for a monthly tiny sum.

The Wealthy Entrepreneur Alliance is now $97 $47 a month


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And weaved into this is incredible flexibility… You are always free to leave if you want to, though why on earth would that be a possibility for you?

Which brings me to my next point


Who is The Wealthy Entrepreneur Alliance For?


There are two kinds of people this will help –

  1. Current Business Owners – product, service, network marketing (Direct Sales), music, books etc
  2. Professionals who want to set up their own income generating business quickly & easily


Here is what others say about working with me…




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rosemary nonny knightI used to be in the same boat as you…

I dabbled and tried a bit of this and a bit of that – Yes, I used to be a business dabbler!

I would hear of another sure-fire way to grow a business in no time at all and I would fall for it,

I had no system in place,

I was accountable to no one,

I had questions and no one to get answers from…

And when the going got tough, I quit and tried something else; I never followed one course until successful, ever!

It was frustrating, I got fed up and I thought I would never get there.

I knew I wanted a life that meant I could do what I liked when I liked but I could never quite make it happen.

And the truth was, I was mostly comfortable as a pharmacist and so it was easy to quit on any business dreams I had.

And then I had my lovely kids and realized I could not keep working all the hours God sent so I got serious about creating a business that WORKED!

It took 18 months, I invested a whole lot of money in my education & a mentor/coach (Well, many of them) and I was able to get a system in place, get the support that enabled me leave my job and be free…


And that is why I have created The

Wealthy Entrepreneur Alliance

– A program designed to help you get the life and the business you want using tried and tested sales, marketing & leadership strategies that are working today!


Do you recognize a little of you in my story?


Join the Wealthy Entrepreneur Alliance to get a structured approach to building your business, to have access & brainstorm with other business owners on the same path as you, to ask any questions of a leading coach and to put your life & business on the pathway to more wealth, more income, more happiness starting today!

If any of the above resonates with you, then you owe it to yourself to join right in, right now.
For Just $97 $47

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See you on the inside!