A very obvious way you seem to be missing that gets you all you want, exactly when you want it – Whether it’s a baby or wealth

GEt what you want exactly when you want

Yesterday, I got asked a weird question and yet, after being asked the question, I realized how amazing it was that someone would dare ask it.

And the question was “Just in case I have not mentioned this before, do you know anyone that is about to have a baby they do not want because I am on the lookout for one to adopt?”

Now as I said, it is a weird question and a weird request and yet, this is what the person wanted because due to health challenges, she is finding it difficult to conceive a child and instead of waiting around for things to fall in her lap, she is taking matters into her own hands and doing something to get what she wants.

So, tell me… Would you dare to ask this kind of a question?

Would you dare to ask the question that makes you vulnerable but just may get you the answer you are looking for?

And also, how many people really actually know what you are up to?

Far too frequently, I see business owners keeping themselves hidden – They think they are telling everyone but when you ask the people around you, they do not know who or what kind of people they need to refer to you.

And referrals are a great low cost form of marketing, you know.

They themselves may not be the solution to your request but they may know someone who is and because you never opened your mouth to tell them, to ask for what you need – YOU NEVER GET IT!

And there might be all kinds of reasons that you do not ask but by far, the most common is that you assume that everyone knows what you are doing.

You think everyone knows what you are up to.

As an entrepreneur, you are so taken by your business that you think the world is taken by it as well…

And then you go one step further to thinking that they know what you are doing and are choosing not to buy from you for some crazy reason of their own.

You take a lack of interest in your business to mean that it is something inherently wrong with YOU instead of realizing that they just do not know enough about what you are doing to make any kind of decision – FOR or AGAINST.

So, tell me, how many people know that you are on the look out for prospects?

How many people have you asked TODAY?

Whether it is by way of social media posts, sending someone a private message or chatting to the person sitting next to you on the train…

And don’t think this stops at business stuff – Are you looking for a relationship?

How many people really know you are serious about it? Maybe they think you are just enjoying being single – You only mention it in jest during conversation so they do not realize just how much you want to have a serious loving relationship.

And so you stay alone because you have not asked for what you want.

Or your health…

You go to the Doctor but you don’t ask for what you actually want to ask because you feel it will make you look silly so you keep being ‘nice’ instead of getting the answers you need.

And yes, I see people doing this! A bit silly, hey?!

Time to man up, get more determined and assertive and start to believe in the value you bring to the world.

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