I had the belief that fear made me more effective in life.  There was a part of me that believed that I could not function all that well without fear as I would end up sitting around doing nothing like all those ‘wimpy’ people out there (or so my inner judgments went).  But the thing I noticed most about the fear I was harbouring was that it drained me.  It felt so hard to be scared ALL THE TIME.

When you get caught up in a state of hypervigilance, like I used to be,  feelings of despair rise up within you as you run out of energy to keep it going.  So, something that starts as an aid to living a good life begins to feel like a horrid boulder around your neck that anchors you to a life you no longer desire.

As I started to look at this inner feeling, I realised that yes, I had some good reasons to feel scared about life as a result of things that had happened to me but also, I was carrying a lot of generational fear too.  Fear that had no origin in my own life but had been passed down via my parents and their parents and their parents and so on.  This sense that ‘Constant Fear is required for survival’

Maybe that was true when my ancestors lived in the jungle somewhere and wild animals and wild humans could jump on them at any time to do untold amounts of damage.  However, I was not in the jungle and this state of high alert was tiring for me to maintain.

How did I figure this out?  By sitting with the Divine and asking for support to handle fear. 

Sitting with the Divine is not a complicated thing.  Simply quiet yourself down, use your imagination to conjure up a safe room in your heart and go sit in there. Decorate it in any way you desire.  Make it comfortable.

Invite the Divine to come sit with you and then get to asking questions of whoever or whatever shows up.  The Divine will show up in a way that feels familiar and comforting to you.  It can feel like you are making it up but just go with it and see what happens.

Ask “Is there any generational fear that I need to dissolve?”

I like to have a journal to record any impressions.  I highly suggest you have a notebook of some sort with you when you do this.  Then record everything that bubbles up, or as much of it as you can.

It might be a specific relative that you start seeing in your mind’s eye.  It might be a situation that you see, even though you cannot consciously remember being in that situation yourself. Or maybe you do not have generational fear passed down to you.  That is okay too.  Or maybe, nothing bubbles up within you until later on in the day when you suddenly get ideas of things that could be causing you to be in this state of high-alert all the time. 

Pay attention.

When something bubbles up within, I invite the Divine to dissolve it for me. Remember, everything is energy, including this memory or impression. Unconditional love energy is the most potent of all energies and will cause lower energies to dissolve or evolve, depending on what is necessary in the situation.

I then choose, very deliberately, to feel myself being loved and I see, in my imagination, that love flowing out from me to the person, the situation or whatever bubbled up that seems to carry the fear.  I see the love causing it to dissolve.  I keep flowing love to it, until it feels like it has faded away or resolved in some way. ( I sometimes have this image of the wicked witch in THE WIZARD OF OZ, moaning as she dissolves because someone sprayed her with water.  Ha ha!)

Pay attention to how you feel.  You will probably feel lighter inside. Or maybe you won’t – It does not mean nothing has happened.  You may only see the difference in the days that follow when you are suddenly approaching situations with a lot more confidence.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have lost touch with their feelings, for all manner of reasons that seem sensible at the time, but the feelings are still there, running the show until you take back the reins.

Today would be a great day to take back the reins and rid yourself of any generational pass-me-down fear.

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Much Amazing Love

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