Whatever your belief system, you know there is something more to you than meets the eye. So whether you think there is another being within you, like God, Spirit, Higher Power or whether you just know that deep within you, there is incredible wisdom, insight, power – CONNECT TO IT! DAILY!

This must become a daily discipline – Taking time to connect with the power within you. Meditate, pray, journal, go for a walk in the outside world and connect with nature – DO SOMETHING daily to reconnect with this power within.

I KNOW you are more powerful than you realise. And it is only as you connect with the power within you that you tap into that power and then you can co-create the fulfilled, abundant, free life you so badly desire. Are you not done with being scattered all the time, uncertain all the time, and stuck?


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There is something you are specifically here to do, to be. There is a reason, purpose, meaning to your life and as you take the time to remember who you are, it will become clear.

The thing I continually find is that purpose is always linked to what you want to do and usually linked to something you were incredibly passionate about when you were younger, way before life with all its responsibilities and pain, took you off course and made you convinced that there was simply no way to do what you dream of doing.

I wish I could tell you that it is always a painless journey back to the heart of you but it is not. It can be fraught with self-doubt but the life you are living right now, aint all that much fun anyway, IS IT?

So why not take the time to dig deep into you and rediscover your purpose and then live from that purpose? How else will you find fulfilment, freedom and true abundance?

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This is a particular bug bear for me. I see too many spiritual people blocked up with beliefs that keep them stuck playing the victim of a higher power who does not seem to want them to prosper. The truth is, the beliefs are usually man-made but they are so steeped in fear of punishment that people just go along with it, thinking there is no other way.

I sometimes wonder why people that say GOD IS LOVE also act as though He has come to steal, kill and destroy them. It is crazy!!!! And yet, that is religion.

Be brave and question everything that hinders you going after the life you desire. Don’t you know that your higher power did not put you here just to suffer and sacrifice? Don’t you know yet that you are free to choose the life you live? You can choose to go along with all this man-made dogma, if you like or you can choose freedom… What will it be?


We are all brought up in families and let’s be honest, for a lot of people, this was a terrible time! And it may even be a terrible time that continues to this day – you may think that there is no way to break free of the demands of a manipulative family.

But actually, it is your choice.

You get to choose whether you will continue to be held back and stifled and controlled and guilted and shamed or whether you will be free, fulfilled and abundant.


If you do not understand why family demands certain things of you and you do not want to do it, SAY NO for freak’s sake!

Yep, I know that is easier said than done. I KNOW!!! And yet, do you really want to get to the end of your life blaming your family for all your misfortune and sadness? That makes you a victim and victims do not win.

This is YOUR LIFE, I say again – how do you want to live it? You get to eliminate anything that binds you up. You do not need to be loyal to a system that seems to just work one way and not the other.

And I do know that sometimes you do not even know that it is binding you up. I did not know either. It took my coach asking me why I felt I had to keep doing things I did not want to do, for me to see, that I had a choice.

And the thing is, my family always thought I was being selfish even before I realised I had a choice  – I was trying to get along and still, it was not enough!!!!!

I suddenly realised I could simply say no and distance myself from anyone that tried to make me feel manipulated and guilty. No, it is not always easy but with distance, I can think more clearly about what I am willing to give and what I am not. Maybe you need a break too. Just to get clear and then decide on what you want to do with all these relationships that bind you up.

This can apply to family AND friends.

Become more aware of where you feel stifled and stuck and start asking yourself hard questions about who you are allowing to stifle you.


If you really truly want to be fulfilled, free, abundant, there will be action to take. Some I have detailed above, other things like creating financial abundance while following your purpose and calling, will demand even more action.

Though it may be simpler than you thought…

Would writing a book make you feel fulfilled? then start writing…  Just commit to 500 words or something each day – Given enough time, a book will have been written – Time is passing anyway, why not simply commit to an amount each day that you know you can do.

Maybe it is music or art – Dreams that you put down aeons ago – Pick up those dreams and even if just for your own fulfilment, begin – I promise you this though, you living the life you are called and born to live, will impact others – It just will.  You do not have to perform for them – There will be something different about your energy that simply impacts people.  So just allow yourself to be you.

Maybe you do want to be that entrepreneur person who is free from someone else’s employ then online business is a great place to begin – I think we are so blessed to be able to do this so easily.

Or maybe it is offline business, well that too is something you will need to take action on.

Even the books, the music, the art will need promoting if you do want to deliberately impact more people with it – so simply start communicating with people, capturing them onto a mailing list or FB page where you can follow up with them and tell them about what you have to serve them with.  This will make a difference.  You don’t have to go crazy unless you do want results fast, in which case, yep go faster.

However, for most people, just doing something little every day is enough to make you feel on track to your destiny.  I am learning this – I am the urgent kinda mofo – I want it all now but that is not the only way to live.

I can help with you getting your stuff out into the world, in my Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Clubrosemarynonnyknight.com/dmfasttrack – I even give you daily tasks to help you take action without too much over thinking.

To conclude, FREEDOM, FULFILMENT, ABUNDANCE are yours by birth but as I keep saying, you have to claim them. They do not get handed to you on a platter. It is as though this world is a testing ground where you get to learn how to be like the Divine – to see and act on the invisible while being harangued by the unappealing (sometimes) physical.

You get to find your way back to your true nature – DIVINE, POWERFUL, FREE!

Will you get on the narrow path to your destiny?

Will you be one of the ones that changes lives just by being your best self?

There is a meaning to your life, honey and it is up to you to find it.

Will you get on the narrow path to your destiny?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to.

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