It is like you are frozen.

Frozen solid.

You know what you want…kinda

You even have some idea of how to get it…

And yet, you do nothing

And even when you do something, you don’t do it for very long

You start, you stop

You start, you stop

You start, you stop

Until one day, it all gets too much and you don’t start at all.

Buried within you are feelings of despair, self-distrust, disappointment…

this is not how life was supposed to go

You were supposed to be somewhere else by now

But you are frozen.



Entangled in a life you do not much love

Entangled with many responsibilities

And for the most part, you try VERY HARD not to think of all the things you had hoped to do by now…

The body you hoped to have

the relationships you hoped to have

The money you so desperately want to have

the deep connection to the Divine you long to have

The work that lights you up that you had hoped to be doing

the impact and the difference you had hoped to be making in the world

Oh so many other little and big things you hoped to be doing, have done by now…

And yet, you are frozen…



And you are fed up with it

But too frozen to do anything about it.

And though I know you will never admit it but you want a magic button that will fix it all.

A flick of a switch that will take you from what you consider to be a zero to what everyone would consider a hero.

At the same time, if I offered you the quick fix, you would NOT act on it because you would decide that it was just some kind of a scam…

And I certainly don’t have the skills of some master marketeer that can cause you to blindly present your credit card that.

And well, I don’t want to offer all of that.

Because you and I know it ain’t gonna work.

Even if it did work for a moment like those magical diets, you know that this time in a few months time, you will be back to square one, even more frustrated because what worked like magic the first time round, just does not seem to be working anymore.

And why?

Nothing changed on the inside.

You just stuck a plaster on and it looked good for a little while until the plaster fell off, revealing the same old cracks beneath the surface.

Lasting change, Lasting results are created on the inside FIRST

And that is boring to hear.

That sounds scary to contemplate as you consider looking through all those scary-hairy inner hurts and pains that you try VERY HARD to ignore.

And so, you are probably tempted to remain frozen.



or maybe, just maybe, you are done with that.

Maybe, just maybe, you are fed up TOTALLY with settling for FROZEN

And maybe, just maybe, you are willing to immerse yourself in ideas that reprogram you from the inside out

Maybe, just maybe, you are willing to do this immersion work for more than 7 days

Maybe, just maybe, you are willing to gently unfreeze by getting on the Deliberate Millionaire path to peace and plenty.

Maybe, just maybe, you are willing to stay on path for at least 12 months because you finally realise that you have already allowed soooooo many 12 month periods to go on by while waiting for that magical button that never quite came.

And also you realise that if you keep doing what you are doing, another 12 months will pass on by without you being, doing, having anywhere different.

But hey ho, I get it.

It seems long.

Especially when you are so desperate for quick change.

Especially when you heard that person’s magical testimonial of how everything changed for them in 21 days.

Especially when you just don’t have that kind of time – Things have to change NOW or…

Or… what?!

You will stay frozen and desperate for change?

Or maybe you will just settle into the boring life you have created and find a way to suck it up?

Many do that.

You can join them, I guess.

You are the one with all the choices.

Mine is simply to invite you to a different LIFESTYLE

A free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life.

Will you choose to regain your self-confidence over a 12 month period of time?

Will you choose to leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past over a 12 month period of time?

Will you choose to rise victorious in your true design life over a period of 12 months?

If so, start with the Book – It is STEP 1

Get that here at

I will be along soon enough in your inbox with the next step.

Much Amazing Love





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