Free The Inner Child


5 Part Deliberate Immersion Audio Training: Recover Your Zest For Life & Allow Yourself To Truly Prosper In Every Single Area Of Life


Within you, is a dark, dark place.  

A place where your dreams have gone to die.  

πŸ”΄ Dreams of a relationship where you are unconditionally loved.  

πŸ”΄ Dreams of a career/business that you wake up excited to do.  

πŸ”΄ Dreams of more than enough money to do whatever you want.  

πŸ”΄ Dreams of a body that gets more and more energetic with time.  

πŸ”΄ Dreams of being exhilarated and happy and amazeballs all the time.  

πŸ”΄ Dreams of seeing more of the world.  

πŸ”΄ Dreams of being able to support financially whoever and whatever you are interested in  

All other kinds of dreams.  

Dreams all pushed down into a dark place within you.  

A place where you tell yourself never to look, in case you get trapped there.  

But it holds you back no end.  

And the only part of you that would have been able to get you to deal with this darkness, is your inner child but you have put the muzzles on that one’s mouth.  

You have told yourself that you have to grow up.

You have told yourself to get serious and be adult-y.  

You have told yourself that there is no room for joy and laughter, except under intoxicated circumstances or carefully controlled situations.  

You have also told yourself that everyone is out to get you and you need to protect yourself at all costs  

You have shut down a HUGE PART of you.  

And it brings tears to my eyes as I sense you trying to make sense of the world without the partnership of this important sensitive part of you.  

The feminine, inner child has been silenced and you suffer for it.  

Life is a struggle.  

Life feels like a constant battle.  

And you have learnt to live with it but you do not have to.  

There are still longings within you that cannot be completely silenced in the darkness and so they show up as addictions, a messy mind that will not be stilled and an overall sadness.  

Are you done with fighting yourself, my love?  

There is another way to live and you know it.  

You catch glimpses from time to time when you let down the tightly held barriers you have within you.  

You long for that freedom, that sense of fulfilment, that inner peace, that financial abundance, that unconditional love.  

But it seems impossible.  

It feels too distant.  

But it is just a decision away.  

A decision to look within yourself  

To fall back in love with yourself  

To see what you have tried not to see and to realise that it will not overwhelm you.  

You can reawaken the dreams and visions and not only that, you can allow the inner child, the feminine part of you (and this applies to men too) to lead the way, to give you the steps to a wide open, expansive prosperous life.  

Are you ready to be free?

I invite you to join me for...


During this 5 part audio immersion program, you will discover…  

βœ… How to have fun and enjoy life again

βœ… Simple ways to release old memories that keep you away from the prosperity that is your divine right

βœ… How to regain your personal power and set appropriate boundaries so that you are more able to design a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life, on your own terms.

βœ… How to begin again to bring your own dreams to life

βœ… Why it has felt so hard for you to know what you want and how to get it

βœ… Why you keep sabotaging your own success when you really do want change.

βœ… How to increase your self-confidence and assertively ask for what you want without all the fear and doubt.

βœ… How to handle the unhealthy patterns that KEEP ON showing up in your life.

There is a life of fun and adventure awaiting the return of your WHOLE self.

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