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With these books, you will...

✅ Start living to the fullness of your potential

✅ Start creating a 6 figure income in your true design...

✅ Restore a deep sense of peace within you as you transition to a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life.

✅ Become happier and more yourself as you release the shackles of living your life to suit everyone else

Now is the time to...

🔴 STOP UNDER-EARNING - You know you are worth so much more than your current income

🔴 STOP UNDERACHIEVING - You KNOW there is so much more to you than is currently showing up - These books will help you understand why you feel stalled and stagnant in life

🔴 STOP OVER-GIVING to the wrong people in your life - This collection will explain why you do this and how to stop.

Read through these books in less than 2 hours and start now to open up to a more profitable & fulfilling way of doing life.

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"I CAN WALK IN MY DESTINY NOW - Hello, I just want to say thank you for writing PRAY. AFFIRM. RECEIVE! I felt like you were speaking directly to me! It is very rare that I come across something that speaks so deeply to my spirit! Thank you for taking the risks that you took, and having the courage to write what you knew needed to be heard, so that people like me would take the steps to walk in our destiny!" TJ

What Is In The Book?

Chapter 1 – The Obsessed Take Home The Winnings!  

Chapter 2 – Get Connected To Source & Receive Secrets That Are Hidden From The Masses  

Chapter 3 - Own Every Part Of Your Powerful Self, Including Your Sexuality

Chapter 4 – Stop Looking Back  

Chapter 5 – Religion Kills, Spirituality Gives Life  

Chapter 6 – Love Wins… Always!  

Chapter 7 – You Have A Superpower. Are You Using It?  

Chapter 8 - Whatever You Are Doing Over There, Is Not Prayer – Here’s How To Get Everything You Feel Born For…  

"THOUGHT PROVOKING - This book is inspirational with many words of wisdom that has helped me to think more about what I want."


15 Divine Messages To Find & Fulfil Your Life's Purpose, Includes BONUS Journaling Prompts & Affirmations 

🔴 Clarify Your Life's Purpose

 🔴Feel Freer, Happier & More Energized

 🔴Clear Emotional & Mental Blocks To Living In Your True Design

 🔴Remember Who You Really Are

🔴 Deepen Your Connection To The Divine


How To Create, Promote & Make Money From Your Own Online Product In Under A Week, Even If You Have Never Done It Before

Chapters include…

  • How This System Changes Things
  • The Small Business Truths
  • The Truth We Know But Think We Don’t
  • How To Pick A Profitable Online Business Idea
  • How To Determine Your Ideal Customer & Your Unique Message
  • What Kind Of Online Products Can You Create?
  • How To Create The Online Product
  • How To Create A Website
  • How To Start Capturing People That Are Likely To Buy From You
  • How To Write An Advertisement That Works
  • Formula For Your First Sales Letter
  • Where & How To Be Seen Online
  • Use The Postman To Grow Your Business – Offline Strategies
  • How To Go Deeper With The Offline Strategy
  • Networking Your Way To Being Known And Valued
  • 4 Steps To A Better Introduction
  • Speaking Your Way To Success
  • 5 Tips For A Great Talk
  • 11. How To Follow Up
  • Bonus – Does Focus On Looming Bills And Debt Create You More Wealth?
  • Bonus – The ‘Because I Want To’ Lifestyle
  • Bonus – How To Change The World While Living A First Class Life
  • Bonus – My 90 Minute Plan For Promotion


You feel directionless & purposeless.

Your life lacks meaning though you do not want to admit it.

You wake up with low-level sadness and you go to sleep at night feeling the same way but you have learnt to slap a smile on your face and just get on with it. 

People think your life is okay, they think you should be happy and a part of you agrees with them and you judge yourself for not being more grateful - After all, lots of people have it worse than you.

You give and give AND GIVE to other people but when you need anything, there is no one there to give back to you.

However, you appear to be the strong person to everyone else and you do not like to ask for help, you just wish that people would care enough to ask you how you are doing but all they do is demand more and more and more from you and you just keep on giving. 

There is resentment within you but you do not like to admit that it is there because you consider yourself to be a kindhearted, good natured spiritual soul and resentment should not be in your heart...

But it is there, eating away at your peace and joy...

You want more money.

You feel like you are underearning.

You feel like you have to work VERY hard to get very little but again, you don't like to dwell too much on it because it makes you feel greedy and ungrateful.

However you can't help but wonder why you are always so financially restricted. 

How can it be that after all these years of working so hard, you still do not seem to have anything to show for it?

In those few and far-between quiet moments, you cannot help but consider these dark thoughts though again, you slap a smile on your face and go off to the next URGENT demand in your life. 

You are not one to feel sorry for yourself for long...

You used to be soooo confident.

You used to KNOW exactly where you were going in life.

You used to be SOOOO sure of where you would be at this point in your life but somehow, these days, all you feel is doubt.

It is like all the little and big events in life just sucked the boldness and courage out of you and there remains but a shell of your former self. 

And you are NOT where you had thought you would be by now and that knowledge upsets you

You keep trying to keep yourself safe...

You keep trying to make all the right choices so that you do not lose anything else because man, life has felt so painful at times...

But now, you feel trapped in this prison of self-doubt where you second-guess and overthink everything before you make any move (if you make a move at all). 

You no longer dream much, it feels like you are just surviving your way through life, keeping your head down, giving, giving, giving to others, seeing them rise but forever wondering when it will be your time.

You are a spiritual person but if you are deeply honest, you feel abandoned by the Divine.

You feel like you are alone trying to figure everything else.

The faith that used to come so easily to you, has faded and though a part of you wants to hold on to your old beliefs and ways of seeing the world, it just does not feel right anymore...

However, you are too scared to break up with your old beliefs because you LOVE the Divine and you fear that you will lose even the pretence of a relationship that still remains...

And you are scared that you will lose all the 'friendships' you made with people who had similar beliefs to you...

And so you are in this limbo land of doubt and anger that you will never admit to. 

After all, where the heck is the Divine now that you need Him/Her/It?

✅ You have obeyed all the rules of work, of religion/spirituality, of relationships

✅ You have ticked all the boxes

✅ You have done everything you know to do


🔴 WHERE IS the happiness promised?

🔴 Where is the financial abundance you should be experiencing at this point?

🔴 Where is the deep sense of fulfilment you expected to have by now?

🔴 Where is the unconditional love you had hoped to be experiencing in your relationships?

Even reading this (and agreeing with it) makes you feel guilty in case the Universe/Divine chooses to punish you or withhold your good from you for even thinking these thoughts.



And you are fed up, DEEP DOWN FED UP WITH pretending to be happy when deeply you are not

You are fed up with putting up with limitation and restriction when you want abundance, peace and freedom!

You KNOW there must be more for you but where the heck is it and how the heck do you find yourself again, in the midst of this life that feels so meh?


And so, you are invited to read these 3 books...

You have been living your life for everyone else

You have been living to everyone else's rules and definitions of success

You have been giving yourself up in order to give to others


But you only get the more when you choose to UNCOVER YOUR TRUE DESIGN (YOUR TRUE CALLING) & start living in it and these books will enable you to do EXACTLY that.

✅ This path will lead to the easy income you desire that is not capped, not restricted and not attained by hard horrid labour

✅ This path will lead to the deep sense of fulfilment, happiness, peace you have been searching for

✅ This path will lead to the deep deep DEEP connection to the Divine that you have longed for as you will no longer be blocking yourself from leaning in to Divine wisdom and unconditional love when you finally understand that the Divine never abandoned you - He could not get through to you while you chose to live your life for everyone else EXCEPT yourself.  You have free will, you know?

✅ This path will lead to the greatest life adventure with happy happenings that propel you into a life lived to its fullness

✅ This path leads to full self-expression - You will make the difference you have felt called to make on this planet as you get out of your own way and start saying YES to the deepest desires of your own awesome heart.

And so again, I invite you to...

Spend time with these books to get crystal clear clarity about your life's purpose

Spend time with these books to see what has been holding you back and set yourself free

Spend time with these books to build faith and confidence in your ability to create the life you deeply desire

Spend time with these books to become who you have ALWAYS known you are meant to be

Spend time with these books and be transformed from the inside out.

There is no mistake about you being here, at this time, on this planet

There is a purpose, a calling upon your life - IT IS YOUR TRUE DESIGN

And as you uncover it, you give yourself the very best chance to live a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life (The Deliberate Millionaire Lifestyle)

You cannot truly prosper in the wrong life for you!  Surely you know that

So, for once...


You DESERVE your own attention and affection

Get the 6 FIGURE INCOME Book Collection now, if you are that spiritual person who is soooo done with the way life is playing out currently and who wants to get back on track to the happy and rich life you know you are meant to be living


  • ✅ With the Divine messages in SPIRITSPEAKS, you can remember your true design or your life's purpose. You know it but life has clouded your vision. As you work through the book, you will remember, you will get clear, you will be empowered, you will start healing and returning home to yourself.
  • ✅ With PRAY. AFFIRM. RECEIVE, you will understand better how to create the life you desire. You will learn how to manifest more money and what gets in the way of your manifestations.
  • ✅ With REPLACE YOUR INCOME, you will be taught the strategy you require to build a spiritual business to 6 figures and beyond.
  • ✅ You will get on the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH TO PEACE & PLENTY and as you continue to deepen your understanding, you will understand how your past has shaped and prepared you for the TRUE DESIGN life you are meant to be living. You will see how everything that has happened in your life can be used to propel you forward.  You will also see that there is no waste and no more need for the regret the sometimes cripples you as you look back over what you consider to be past mistakes.
  • ✅ You will also see how your past has limited you and caused you to fit into an ill-fitting box that keeps you from your TRUE DESIGN and you will be provided with simple tools to ensure this no longer happens. 
  • ✅ You will dig into your preferences, your transferable skills, your interests to discover what is most important to you and how it fits into the masterpiece that is your life - You will see that there is no mistake about you, even if others have told you that you are 'TOO MUCH' or 'NOT ENOUGH', even if you have felt unworthy.  All of that will be shifted as we gain clarity about who you are.
  • ✅ The books will support you in overcoming the fear of making this new decision for your life as you map out a plan to bring your TRUE DESIGN gently & smoothly to life.  As you stay on path, you will also discover a clear plan for achieving financial abundance while living & working in your TRUE DESIGN
  • ✅ You will leave the books with more clarity, peace and confidence.  You will feel empowered to move forward swiftly to create a prosperous life/career/business based on your life's purpose and calling


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"While most people celebrate their birthdays by taking the day off, I was fortunate to be exposed to the impact of the mastermind herself, Rosemary sharing her gift of insight, expertise and strategic planning.  

I left our consultation with the tool of information to immediately implement into my business with a clear plan for success. I would recommend that any person that desires to be great in the marketplace invest their time with a conversation and apply the plan and enjoy the results. I was given a life changing program name that will revolutionize my business and I have you to thank." 

Z. Moss

"This is to certify that I worked with Rosemary Nonny Knight for three sessions over six weeks. During this time, I experienced her advanced intuitive skills, insight into business problems and caring guidance. She successfully pointed out aspects of my situation I could not see or gave different perspectives to difficulties I had. Her focus & ability to concretize issues is truly phenomenal and definitely rubbed off on me. I feel more confident in my abilities, skills and knowledge that the Divine fully supports my endeavors. I unreservedly recommend working with Rosemary as a Coach & also recommend listening to her songs and watching her videos. Bright Love to Rosemary, her goals and intentions, from the bottom of my Heart."

G. Daniels. MasterHealer|Poet| Inner Transformation Facilitator.

"Being coached by Rosemary was an extraordinary experience for me. Rosemary was able to listen to all of the debate and chatter that had been going on in my mind for months. She was able to understand where I had been stuck and to help me pinpoint exactly what I did want from the next stage of my life. I thoroughly recommend coaching with Rosemary." 

L Reid


From Rosemary Nonny Knight, The Money Minister To Action-Oriented Spiritual People Who Want To Create A 6 Figure Income While Living In Their Purpose

The first thing to know is that I am all about freedom! What does that mean? 

Freedom from yuk relationships – Family, friends, intimate relationships, the whole shebang 

Freedom from yuk careers/businesses – If it no longer feels good then why keep doing it? 

Freedom from rules about your sexuality and how you play that out – This is so critical if you are a leader, you need your creativity and that arises from a free sexuality and the ability to love all of you, whatever that means to you. 

Freedom from conventional rules about how your whole life should play out – If you are anything like I used to be, you feel pretty constrained by people’s agendas and expectations of you. And you may have always felt you had to live that way but NOPE, you don’t! 

Freedom from your past – How you began is definitely not how you have to end… 

Freedom to follow your calling, whatever that is 

Freedom to impact as many or as few people as you want wherever you are in the world… 

Freedom to start your own business and make as much money as you want… 

Freedom to travel and see more of the world in which you live… 

 I used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling my life force drain away as I continued to do work that did not make me come alive and as I kept trying to conform to other people's expectations for me.

Finally, I stepped up after hitting rock bottom (Bankruptcy and depression) and chose to start a business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling I had done in the past. It worked! and still works – I completely replaced my income, hit multi 6 figures within 18-24 months & quit pharmacy in 2013/14. 

And then I started to work with clients from all over the world enabling them to

1. Uncover their calling

2. Regain their self-confidence

3. Conquer their money mindset blocks

4. Leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past

5. Create a fulfilling life & highly-profitable spiritual business based around their calling - I helped them turn their skills, wisdom and knowledge into a 6 figure income.

To summarise, working with me means you get the benefit of my spiritual wisdom, intuitive discernment to very quickly uncover your life's purpose and my marketing expertise that has resulted in me creating a multiple six-figure business for myself and supporting clients in creating highly-profitable businesses of their own

I am blunt, I do not mess around. I may be spiritual & deeply connected to the Divine but I am VERY practical too and I will be straight with you and you will create a 6 figure income within 12 months if you are willing to implement what I teach you to do (internally and externally)

There is no holding back, I do whatever I need to do to get you into action, and keep you in the right action to get you the fulfilment, happiness, peace, impact and income you want fast. 

Get the books below if you are truly ready to get on path to elevate QUICKLY.




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