Freedom to be who you want to be.  

Freedom to travel to all kinds of places all around the world.

Freedom to work from home doing only what you want to do.

Freedom to believe that you can make as much money as you want to make.

Freedom from worrying about money.

Freedom to spend on people you love without reservation.

Freedom to employ & support family members if you want to.

Freedom to walk away from painful relationships and create more empowering ones fearlessly.  

Freedom to HAVE ALL that you want to have - the house, the car, the clothes, the investments for yourself and for your loved ones.  

Freedom to spend your time however you want to and to always feel that you have enough time.  


Of course, it also includes the freedom to take off the false layers and facades that life and circumstances have placed on you.  

Freedom also includes the ability to step out of the boxes that others have placed you in and get back to your true design.  

Which then leads to the freedom to be fulfilled and successful, as defined by you.  

You were born free but then all manner of nonsensical things happened to tear away that freedom and to keep you feeling out of step with your own life. 

Self-Doubt & Fear Became Regular Companions.

Anxiety, depression started to hang around too regularly.

And an internal battle between who you know you COULD be and who you are currently being, keeps you trapped in a life beneath your potential.

And you do not always see where you are trapped.

It seems so normal to live this way, but...


Well, ENOUGH!  

It is time to make your transition back to YOUR TRUE DESIGN.  

And from that true foundation, deliberately design a life that feels EXACTLY RIGHT to you.  

I have a method that leads to freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and love - Prosperity in all areas of life.  

It is the method I used to exit my unfulfilling pharmacist career and more than replace my income in my own fulfilling business.  

It is the method clients have used to build free lives as defined by them.  

This bundle of deliberate immersion programs, reduced by 80%, have been specifically put together to enable you to use the method too.


And with this bundle, you can claim it.  

It is time to remember your true design.  

It is time to remember all that you are capable of.  

It is time to create the prosperous life you KNOW you desire for yourself and for your family.  

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this bundle while it is on offer.  



1. 5K Online Business Blueprint ($147)

I know you are someone with a vision to support many with the message on your heart. You have overcome some stuff and you want to help others do the same. Doing it profitably will enable you to reach a heckuva lot more people.  

So whether side-hustle or full time business, and whether it is art, books, music, ministry, products or services, this program will support you in making a difference and an income, doing ONLY what you want to do. That, to me, is FREEDOM. No longer are you beholden to anyone to tell you what you are worth.

Rosemary has been a God send! For some time I had been attempting to set up a business and had so many things going on in my life. My husband worked abroad and I was at home with 3 young children. I had to take some time off work to be able to look after them. It was not possible to return on a full time basis due to the demands of the job therefore I decided to work from home. However, there were so many distractions. Pretty soon I felt overwhelmed by what I was trying to do and with life as a whole. I knew that I needed help and found Rosemary.  

The great thing about Rosemary is that she tells you how it really is. She gives you that jolt of reality to kick you into action. She made me see that I needed to set definite goals to achieve what I wanted and that there was no more room for looking back at the past and making excuses. I used to worry about really silly things and realized that I needed to move on if I wanted to do something worthwhile and meaningful with my life. Rosemary left me feeling empowered and more confident to face things head on.  

If you want to lead a fulfilled life and successful business, I strongly recommend that you speak with Rosemary.”  

Melanie, Mel’s Little Luxuries

You will discover...

✅ Exactly what to do every single day in just 90 minutes a day  

✅ I will give you all my secrets to getting to that first $5k month and beyond  

✅ How to get past any technical difficulties  

✅ How to build up a ready and willing audience of people who like what you have on offer...  

✅ How to decide what to sell and the quickest business model to reach that $5k a month  

✅ How to generate leads interested in your products  

✅ How to automate your income for ongoing sales  

✅ The only three things you need to do daily to get results  

✅ The EXTRA 3 things that will supercharge and accelerate your results  

✅ The mindset of a business owner that makes six figures on line  

✅ How to experience the ease of creating a business that is based on self-expression rather than one based on checking numbers and conversions etc  

✅ How to build a true lifestyle business that gives you freedom and a purpose-driven existence  

✅ The VERY OBVIOUS and yet, incredibly insidious thing that holds you back over and over and over again - You will be surprised to realise that this thing is getting in your way.

2. Release To be Rich ($97)

The biggest obstacle to your freedom is you; your beliefs about what is possible for you, your beliefs about what is real and what is not, your thoughts on what you are allowed to have or not. We need to handle this inner battle if you are to see the success, fulfilment, FREEDOM you desire and this program does that with you. It takes you through a simple process to clean and clear the inner world.

🔴 Discover 4 simple steps for getting clarity in any area of your life so that you can make clear decisions about how to move forward faster than ever before...  

🔴 Discover the areas of your life that seem the most normal and yet hold you back the most so that you can release these areas and gain the momentum in creative contribution and wealth creation that you desire  

🔴 Finally be released to begin making money doing what you love and feel called to do  

🔴 Know what to prioritise so that you realise the dreams in your heart and actually make a great living while living out your most fitting life - the life that makes you feel super fulfilled and sure that you are on the right path  

🔴 Learn where to give yourself an out so that you are not constrained and prevented from acting now to create the life you desire  

🔴 Discover where you think you have to put yourself on hold and how it is literally destroying any chance you have of creating wealth while living out the call on your life  

🔴 Stop feeling overwhelmed by the hugeness of your vision so that you stop feeling like you are too deluded to have it all  

3. How To Start Your Own Online Business With No Money Down ($22.22)

Lots of people tell me they do not have the capital to begin - This gives you the LOW DOWN on EXACTLY how to get started building a profitable vision with NO MONEY at all! You simply use tools you already have access to.

We are sooooo blessed to live in this day and age where we can reach people ALL OVER THE WORLD with the message within us. LEt me show you how to do it for no cost and then you can take what you earn to go even bigger with your message. RISE UP! Freedom awaits!

🔴 How to decide on what product to offer quickly from what seems to be thin air  

🔴 How to find people to buy products from you fast  

🔴 A simple system that will get you making your first dollars online fast  

🔴 The biggest thing that gets in your way and how to handle it  

🔴 Literally get your business off the ground for no money at all  

4. How To Handle The Fear Of Pursuing Your Vision ($22.22)

Enough holding back from going after the desires of your heart because it is outside of your past experience. Let’s face that fear, see it for the paper tiger that it is and go through it. Most people are held back by fear and it sounds a lot like reason. You are not ‘MOST’ people. You are called. You are chosen. You are equipped to live the vision of your heart. Break free from fear.

✅ Simple strategies that will eliminate your procrastination.  

✅ The one key technique that will allow you to feel powerful all the time, whatever is happening in your life.

✅ How to tap into your intuition really quickly and use it to determine all of your next moves.  

5. How To Hear Back From The Divine ($22.22)

The shorter version with everything you need to be intuitively guided to success  

To me, this is the very foundation of everything. Call it intuition if that is more comfortable for you. This is not a religious thing and so it applies to EVERYONE, regardless of what religion you may or may not have. I think this is pragmatic. Without access to limitless wisdom, you will always feel limited by your past experiences but when you learn to confidently and predictably hear back from the unseen realms where ideas are created and distributed, you will find your life accelerating forward faster than ever before. YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS!

✅ 5 reasons why you struggle to really hear the Divine and what to do about it  

✅ 4 simple keys, broken down, completely so that you can RIGHT NOW begin to hear the Divine  

✅ Understand why it is so critical that we, spirit-driven souls, get this connection - I know you think you know but do you though?! 


(And to really understand and apply this as I see it as the foundation of everything) The 5 Part Video Training Series: How To Live Intimately Connected To Source, Hear Divine Guidance Clearly & Easily Step Into A Prosperous & Opulent Life

This program goes into even more depth than the last one so that you can really get your head around hearing the guidance you need to bring your desires to life. Nothing is withheld from you! You simply need to learn to tap into all the wisdom available to you so that you are not just doing more of the same things and creating more of the same results.

🔴 Learn how to hear back from the Divine clearly and every single time, rather than feeling unsure, unclear and scared that you are just making it all up.  

🔴 Reduce the number of negative emotions and thoughts that pass through your mind all the live long day and instead feel calm, inspired and joyful more of the time  

🔴 Experience greater sense of purpose as you find yourself guided to align with who you really are  

🔴 Increase your energy levels as you do less of what you do not want to do and feel safe and supported in moving to only doing what you feel called to do  

🔴 Experience deeper levels of peace as you eliminate the worry and fears that come from living a disconnected existence  

🔴 Expect to see manifestations happening quicker than ever before. You are linked to the source of all that is, it becomes easier to bring your desires to life faster.  

7. Affiliate Marketing Made Simple - ($147)

6 Part Audio & Video training on how To Make $50, $500, $1K, $3K, $5K in affiliate marketing in the next 90 days or less - Sell other people’s stuff online and get a commission  

🔴 What Affiliate Marketing Or Referral Programs Are And How You Can Get Started Immediately  

🔴 Where to find products that you can sell and earn commissions on in order to start generating the income you want to be making in the next 90 days  

🔴 What is the setup required to get started promoting other people's products  

🔴 What social media platforms are the best ones to use to get maximum results in the least amount of time...  

🔴 How much it will cost to get started and how you can get started for next to nothing!  

🔴 How much time it will take you to get results and how little time it actually needs to take...  

🔴 How to take full responsibility for your own wealth and rip off the ceiling and caps you have placed on yourself  

🔴 A simple strategy that gets you results over and over again  

🔴 Plus bonus report that breaks it all down for you as well

8. How To Create, Promote & Sell Your Own Online Program - ($147)

Video Training To Show You Exactly How To Take the Ideas From Inside Your Head & Make them Profitable Fast  

🔴How To Take Those Ideas In your Head & Translate Them Into A Product That Your Audience Wants To Buy  

🔴 How To Store Your Product So That No One Can Steal It & The Right People Can Get Access To It  

🔴What You Need to Make This Information Part Or Full Time Business Work For You 

🔴 How To Put A System Together to Generate Leads who are willing to buy your product 

🔴 How to create a business that starts making money for you day in, day out  

🔴 What you need to have in place in order to run your business from anywhere in the world  

🔴 How to price your product  

🔴 How to use social media to get more buyers  

🔴 How to confidently do the work so that you are not stopping yourself  

🔴 The different ways you can structure your product so as to maximise the return from the course and increase the channels of wealth to you  

🔴 How to make sure it does not distract from your main product if you are just doing this to supplement your income  

🔴 How to build your brand so that you continually get new people buying your products  

🔴 How To Keep It simple so that you are not overly concerned about the technical aspects of getting your product out there  

🔴 How to get over your fears around selling so that you show up boldly and ask confidently for the sale.  

And so much more...

9. How To Choose &/Or Create Your Own Bestselling Online Product (Only Usually Available To Private Clients - $77)

Some are not sure about how to take what is inside of them and deliver it to the world. Well this is how…  

That message within you can be packaged up and this will enable you to do it. I go into great depth explaining how to do this. I make it easy. So, whether business is a side hustle thing or a full time thing, you will change lives and create wealth starting immediately.

✅ Simple Daily Actions To KNOW What Your Next Product Is Going To Be  

✅ How To Determine If It Is Something That People Will Be Interested In  

✅ The different ways to package your message to make it palatable to the people you feel called to serve  

✅How to decide what to price it at.  

✅Distil Out Your Purpose So That You Are Creating A Product That Feels Good To Deliver and That You Believe In  

10. Completely Clear - ($22.22)

The Rapid Way To KNOW Your Divine Purpose & Begin Earning With Ease As You Live To Your True Design - 60 minute Audio training Some tell me that they do not know their purpose. Well, expect to know within about 60 minutes. No longer will you be on hold, waiting for some big explosion from the heavens as the angels deliver your purpose to you on a scroll. Now, you will see that your purpose has always been there in plain sight and you can start now to earn with ease as you do more of what you truly desire to do.  

How freeing is a life lived with purpose. How freeing is a life lived to your true design This program alone could change everything for you.

✅ Discover the biggest block to discovering your purpose and how to handle it.  

✅ Revealed: Simple steps to uncovering your true design immediately  

✅ Receive a plan to earn with your Divine purpose so that you are able to make sure that every part of every day feels fulfilling

11. Relentless Focus - ($22.22)

The Daily Musts Of A Spiritual Entrepreneur Who Boldly Claims The Best Of Everything

Life can be sooooo distracting. So many pulls on our time. How do you decide what needs to be done and what is simply keeping you off your freedom path? This program will make it super clear to you how to decide what MUST be done and what needs to be put on hold, regardless of how pressing it may seem.  

You do not want to get to the end of your life and wonder where all your time has gone. Start now to be DELIBERATE about your time and get focused.

✅ 6 daily musts that you need to do every day, if you are truly committed to success in business

✅ The 2 biggest distractions in your life that you think you have to keep and all they do is keep you from your prosperity. 

✅ THE MOST IMPORTANT foundation that will make the difference between success and failure.


In your emails, you receive this 14 day program that prepares your subconscious mind to allow increased prosperity in every area of life, including your business.

One of the biggest blocks to change for you, is the fact that your subconscious mind tries very hard to keep you within the comfort zone and so this will prepare the soil for business growth and success. If you have been struggling to get your business to work, this will be why and we handle it immediately.


2. I explain in a 20 minute video EXACTLY how to use all the parts of this collection.

3. A Free Copy Of My Book on the DELIBERATE MAGIC METHOD


OOOOOH I am so excited to be able to do this for you.

If you will simply apply what you learn in this bundle, you will be living free, fulfilled, financially abundant and LOVE-DRENCHED within a short time. 

This is the stuff that propelled me out of my unfulfilling career as a pharmacist

This is the stuff that enabled me to more than replace my income using the works of my hand and the power of my divine connection to Source

This is the stuff that means my family and I live differently from most in that we have created a freedom lifestyle that means I can home-educate my princesses while creating wealth in my businesses and my husband also does what he wants to do from home too. We are FREE and it is awesome.

I believe everyone can live FREE. I don't care where you live or what your background is or how trapped you may feel in life. There is a route of escape. There is a way to increased prosperity. And this bundle is exactly what you need to kickstart YOU!


This is the day you mark in the calendar as the day when everything changed.  

If you are that spiritual soul determined to claim the very best of everything in life and you want to be free to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, then do not delay, get the FREEDOM COLLECTION by clicking the button below right now