Freedom, choice, adventure, riches, impact? Grab it then

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Freedom, choice, adventure, riches, impact?  Grab it thenWhat? Did you think it would be easy?!

Did you think someone would just walk up to you and hand it over on a platter because you are just too good to push?


Well, actually… no, not really, what you actually thought was that no one would ever allow you to have it all so you stopped trying to get it and you settled into a ‘comfortable’ life.

You got sensible, you got ‘real’, you got boring and you got stuck.

And now, you know there is so much more possible for you and yet you are not living it out and the daily pressure to conform to ‘their’ standards is slowly wearing you out. You are so busy, SOOO busy doing everything but the thing that you would really like to be doing because still, you are driven by fear.

The fear that no one wants what you want to give and you think no one will pay for it.

It is not possible to do something that makes you feel fulfilled and also makes you wealthy, is it? You HAVE to settle or so you rationalize…

But is it true?

It is true for you because you have made it so.

Your desire for a comfortable life is more potent than your desire for a fulfilling one and whatever you might say, that is the truth because you are a super-strong person by anyone’s standards and you have beaten incredible odds to get where you are and so the truth is, if you really wanted what you say you want, then you would actually have it.

You are the person who does what it takes to win, except you have let other people define what winning means to you.

You are the person who stays standing when all around you fall down and surrender so you cannot tell me that you cannot get all the freedom, wealth, impact you want, IF YOU REALLY WANTED IT!

I get it. I really do get it. I understand why it seems easier to keep doing what you always do because you worry you will lose your relationships, you worry you will lose your friendships, you worry you will lose everyone you hold dear if you really show up as the powerful person you really are.

You have been holding back because what you dream about doing is HUGE.

It feels overwhelming to you and so you know it would overwhelm all the other people in your life and so you hold back. You KEEP holding back but how long do you think you can do that for?

How long before you explode? And leave a mess in your wake?

I did that and yep, I exploded and am still exploding and the people in my world still do not understand what I am like. People who have known me since I was born still do not understand what drives me and it hurts, it hurts deep inside and if you are anything like me and I think you are… you so desperately want to be accepted, to be loved for the crazy person you are. (Typing this brings tears to me eyes because still, I do battle with this each and every day)

You are just tired of being less and playing the games you need to play in order to keep everyone happy – You were never that good at it anyway and yet you keep trying, you keep trying to please people who just do not get you.

And because you keep trying to get their approval, guess what?

You lose out on the life that could be yours.

You lose out on the freedom, the wealth, the choice, the adventure AND the IMPACT you want to make because all the time, you are trying to appease the people in your world who just do not get you.

If you want it, queen warrior, you are going to have to grab it and you are going to have to break free from the chains all around you that keep you stuck in a situation that is just not working so well for you anymore. Truth is, it never fully worked, it just was what you thought you had to have.

But surely, you are starting to see you don’t have to stay there.

You can be all that you are created to be. You can be highly functioning whether the people around you get it or not and when you see that power within you…

When you see it completely, you will fight for it.

You will refuse to let anyone take it away from you.

Just a day or two ago, I was having discussions with the hubby and a coach about how I do my business and for a second there, I felt as though they were trying to tell me what to do, to go back to doing it the way the gurus say to do it and something inside of me yelled out!

NO! I will never go back to that!


I will NEVER go back to trying to appease the masses, I will never go back to pretending to be small, I will never EVER go back to that…

They were not really saying that but I am on high alert these days for anyone who even hints at trying to tell me how to do ‘ME’ – I mean who can really know ‘you’ except you!

And yet, everyday, you allow others define who ‘you’ should be.

Enough already!

When you do finally choose to break free, yes, there will be trials but as you more fully own the person you are, it gets easier…

Slowly but surely, your true people, whether at work or home, start to make contact with you…

The real relationships, the real loving ones become apparent and the rubbish ones that are all dependent on you staying small will drop away.

You, the real queen warrior, will step up and you will never allow anyone to take your freedom away from you.

You will stay on course and You will create a whole lot of wealth because you will finally decide to have it all and you will finally see that you can.

It is possible to have freedom, choice, adventure, wealth and impact…

YOU just have to CHOOSE it and refuse to let anyone tell you otherwise ever again.

Are you ready?

It’s time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want.

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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