I see you as a little child…

Being yelled at.

Being made to feel guilty about something that was not even your responsibility.

But the adults in your life were going through their own shit and nonsense and they took it out on you.

They were gods in your eyes and so you believed their words and their energy as something that meant you were terrible.

And you began to feel like a bad person.

You began to feel as if no one SHOULD love you.

You began to feel like you did not deserve any good thing.

Because if these ones who claimed to love you, felt this way about you then there must really be something YUK about you.

And then, to make matters worse, you heard the same nonsense at church.

You are bad.

Born bad.

Wrong from the start.

Need to be saved from your badness, even before you knew what bad was.

So you thought that even the Divine felt this way about you.

And you built a internal picture of yourself as bad, unworthy, not enough.

Then you built a solid tower around the lies.

And you started to live from that tower in your heart.

That place that said you were not loved, you were not good, you were not worthy.


You even have fought hard to prove it to yourself again and again.


And you do not even know you are doing this.


You wonder why life is hard but you have never gone back to that root within you.


You never took the time to fix it


It was too scary to look back there and so, instead you told yourself that only weak people concern themselves with such stuff.


You had to much to do to figure out what was going on with you.


You were too busy saving other people.


too busy taking care of your family.


Too busy trying to be all things to all people because then they might not notice that you were wrong, bad, unworthy and not enough.


But YOU KNOW and so it is like the devil is on your back chasing you, chasing you.


You might even call it the devil, depending on your religious leanings.


And it is chasing you to where?, you don’t even know.


But there is no peace within, that is for sure.


But you don’t stop to look much, do you?


Gotta keep going, gotta keep pushing, gotta keep staying just ahead of… you don’t even know what is chasing you but you keep going, keep pushing.


Are you tired yet?


Will you allow yourself to heal yet?

Will you allow yourself to create the prosperous peaceful fulfilling life you could be living yet?

OR will you keep running, keep hiding from your own awesome self?

The choice is yours.

Every single thing you desire, including peace is available to you.  The Divine holds nothing back from you.

It is up to you to see that there is a need to correct this at its root.

So that you can make yourself available to all-round prosperity.

At the moment, with these thoughts inside of you, of course, you will never let yourself prosper – You think you are bad and you have enough conversations about all the bad rich people in the world to know that it is not right or fair for ‘bad’ people to prosper.

Can you see that you have judged yourself and found yourself wanting?

And so, for ever and a day, you will NOT allow yourself to have what you think only ‘good’ people should be able to access.

When will you be done with the self-punishment?

When will you take the time to really see what you are doing to yourself?

When will you start the inner clarity work so that you can create every single thing you desire, with ease?

I invite you to FREE THE INNER CHILD – my brand new immersion training.


Much Amazing Love

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