Four Tips For Attracting The Right Prospects And Growing Your Network Marketing Business

Four Tips For Attracting The Right Prospects And Growing Your Network Marketing Business

Yesterday, I spoke to two people about their network marketing business and a few key things came up. Both are trying to grow their business and I wonder if some of these thoughts will support you in growing the business you know that you could if you just do the work.

When you are a network marketing professional, it can be tough to stay on track in order to get the results you want from your recruiting efforts. People say no to you and you start to think that no one will ever say yes! And you get ready to hand in the towel because you have these unrealistic expectations of what you think should be happening in your business.

The truth is, you are running a business ad regardless of how it was sold to you when you began, there is a usually a time lag between starting your business and getting results. Patience and persistence is required in order to stay focused.

Here are a few thoughts as you keep growing your network marketing business

1. Rethink

A lot of new MLM professionals start to feel that they are pushing their product on their friends and family and they also start to feel that they are running out of people to talk to. This results in them slowly but surely reducing the action they take to build their business. The problem, of course, is that they think they are still working hard but most of their time is spent avoiding the real work and doing busy work that gets them nowhere.

You must not allow this to happen to you. In your mind, you must recognize that you could help people reach their goals by telling them about your business opportunity. This could be the answer that someone needs. Holding it back from them is not fair. When you start to see your business in this light, it gets easier to do the work associated with growing your business.

Rethink the way you think about your business – This is a huge key. No ethical person can keep working at a business that they feel takes advantage of another person so you must change the way you think of your business and see it for the solution it can be.

2. Work With Your Upline

It is easier to close new prospects with another person particularly when you are a first year distributor yourself. You may not have the skill yet to deal with their enquiries and you also may not have the success yet to show your prospects what is possible.

Instead of focusing on doing all your business presentations alone, have an arrangement with your upline to do presentations with them. Then whenever you speak to a prospect, make the goal of the conversation to get them on the phone or into a physical meeting with your upline. Do not attempt to try to sell them yourself. In fact, in that initial conversation, do not get into that much detail about what you are doing. Just make the appointment.

As you listen to more and more business presentations done by your upline, you learn how to do them for your new team members and so you carry on the cycle of getting your downline members to book in appointments with you. Network marketing is all about duplication.

The other thing to consider is that if you are female and trying to get a male prospect to sign up under you, you may find it hard as the male prospect may consider it to be a stay at hom mum position and though, he may not actually realize that that is what he is thinking, he will just feel unable to take it serious. However, if you presented to him with a male upline, then he can see himself doing it as well. There are these little nuances to be considered when building your business. You may hate he fact that men do not take you serious if you are female but it is just the reality – Fight it or find a way to work around it.

3. Yes, you will face the scam question

And then the question is what do you do about it…

You can spend lots of time defending yourself or you can just move onto the next person. Lots of new distributors get trapped in trying to convince people who do not want to be convinced that it is not pyramid scheme and all you get for your trouble is frustration. Instead, focus on increasing the number of people you are in contact with and that way, you do not feel you must make everyone you speak to a distributor.

It is usually that feeling of fear that if you do not convert everyone then you will have no one else to speak to, that makes you keep flogging a dead horse. You do not have to convince everyone. Some people will be ready in due course and others will always refuse to see the viability of the model. That is their loss. You must keep moving forward and keep being available to speak to those who are open to change.

4. Never pre-judge people

I find that this judgment can go in a few different ways. The new distributor will think someone is too successful to join their business and so they do not approach them. Or they will think that someone is too broke to join the business and again they will not approach them. Or they will think that only the desperate in a job that appears to the distributor to be demeaning will want to join the business and so they only approach certain people that they consider to be beneath them in some way.

Yes, I know that they are not really thinking about it in a demeaning way but there are the facts of what they are doing. But as I had to make clear to someone I was speaking to yesterday, you , the distributor have no idea what situation will make a person join the business. You do not know what is going on in the mind of the super successful person who you think would never consider it. Maybe, they are desperate for a way out of a career they no longer enjoy. How do you know?

And for the person in the so-called demeaning job, they may absolutely adore their job. Just because you would not want to do it does not mean that they don’t as well. Remember that!

Do not judge anyone. Offer your opportunity to everyone and let them decide what is right for them.

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