It is easy to get sucked into thinking that everyone is your target market. You may have a product or service that a lot of people can use and begin to think that you must then market to every single soul so inevitably, you find out that your marketing does not seem to be making even a little bit of a difference.

Here is why you are running into trouble and why you must pick an ideal client and target them with focus.

1. Your Marketing Budget is Consumed

Yes, you want to consume your marketing budget but you want to get results for it. There is no point depleting your stores of capital on marketing that is not focused and not working. You are throwing your money at a vast range of people and hoping that you will make it work. If you have a limitless budget then this may work, if you don’t then you need to try a different technique.By picking a target audience ( an ideal customer), you have a better chance of reaching them with your resources.

2. If you target anyone, you get anyone

You will probably end up with less than ideal clients in your business. And if you have to work closely with these people who are not your people, you may start to hate your business. Not everyone is right for you, regardless of what you may think. Marketing to a targeted audience using specific language to attract the right people will mean you build a business with customers you want to serve and who also enjoy being in your business.

3. You will lose your passion

You and your team, if you have one, will get tired of dealing with the wrong people. You will also get tired of not getting results from your business. This will begin an imperceptible lack of energy put towards growing the business and a quiet sense that nothing is working. This tends to build up to a very obvious inactivity as you spend more and more time in planning and organizing instead of getting on with the work you must do to keep your business growing.By targeting a clear audience, you start to know what activities result in more business so you no longer have to do a bit of everything. Instead, you get focused and you do the right things consistently, knowing that you are getting the results you hope for.

4. Your Marketing material Lacks focus 

Marketing works best when you have a specific person in mind that you are speaking to. If you try to market to the world then your language is not focused on anyone’s specific issues. Your marketing is so general that no one pays any attention to it. When you have an ideal customer avatar in mond, you speak to them clearly. And when that person reads your material, they know who you are speaking to and they choose ot take the next step with you.And then you can get even more information about these ideal customers by asking them to take part in surveys and your messaging gets clearer and clearer.

Do not overlook this stage of creating a successful business. Know your people. Yes, they are going to be pretty similar to you but do not assume you can create generic messages and get them to respond. Take the time t pick someone that you want to market to and find out what their pains and desires are so you clearly get your message across to them.

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