Being spiritual does not exempt you from playing to win.

Being good-hearted does not exempt you from breaking free of timidity and doing what most will not do, in order to get what most will NEVER get.

You can choose to pretend that your fear is something more noble than just ugly fear and you will still be unconditionally loved by the Divine but you will definitely not get to live the life you desire.

Fortune favours the bold.

Fortune favours those who refuse to hide behind pretty words of spiritual nobleness.

Fortune favours those who look their fears & limiting assumptions in the eye and choose to handle them.

We all have fears.

The only difference is what each one of us chooses to do with those fears.

Do you charge forward, ready and willing to make mistakes, to fail numerous times, to pick yourself up each time until you win?

Do you realise that your win is inevitable?

Do you realise that if you simply keep pushing forward, doing whatever you can each day to take you towards your success, then it is absolutely inevitable that you will win?

Or are you still under the conditioned misapprehension that you are alone and likely to fail if you stick your head out?


Many try to tell themselves that their story is somehow harder than everyone else’s but it is a lie.

Most get opportunity upon opportunity to change their ways but each and every time, they choose fear, rather than boldness and then claim that successful people are somehow luckier than they are.

What nonsense.

What utter nonsense.

As if the Divine would ever leave you without a way to your next level.

But surely that is not you.


Surely, you are the one who chooses to be bold, time and time again.

Surely, you are the one that keeps leaning into your edge, even when everything within you is screaming ‘RUN AWAY!’

Surely, you are the one who chooses to do the inner work of mastering yourself and continually taking the NEXT STEP, ever stretching yourself.

Ever choosing to break through to your next level.

For yourself and for your family.

No more sad stories.

No more procrastination.

No drama.

Let me tell you this…

Though some days, it feels so dark, KNOW THIS

Fortune favours the bold.

So stay bold.

Stay brave

Keep moving forward.

You got this.

And as I said to a client this morning, wise business owners KNOW the necessity of having someone to bounce ideas off.

You live in a world where most of the people around you, do not understand your vision.

They do not understand why you keep going.

They do not understand why you feel so different from them.

They might even think that you are snobby and they may think that YOU THINK that you are above them in some way.

And the truth is, you KNOW you are snobby because you choose to protect your energy and keep it for more important things.

And there is not anything wrong with that.

BUT You NEED somewhere to go where you can bounce ideas with others on a similar pathway.

You NEED to be in the energy of people going places.

Or else you get sucked into the negativity and doubt and fear.

So I strongly urge you to join WORK LESS MAKE MORE.

Come be in my energy.

Come pick my brain as you join the OPULENCE CIRCLE.

Or Choose to go GOLD OR VIP and you can pick my brain on the calls too.

This journey is not something you want to do alone.

There is not enough of us yet in the world so you have to CHOOSE to get the support you need.

Or be swamped in negativity.

This intake closes on Friday night so you have limited time to join in.

Stop procrastinating.

Be bold.

Much Amazing Love


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