Do you know ‘YOU’?

Do you even have an inkling about the power that lies within ‘YOU’?

You think that because you are one of 7 billion on the planet, you do not matter.  You think that what you have to say, what you want to do, what you have been through means nothing and so you hide it away.  You try so hard to blend in, to be samey because then you hope that things will work out the way you hope.

But you are not even clear about what you hope, will happen.

You just know that you do not want THIS anymore.  It is not that THIS is all that bad and it may be enough for other people but it certainly is not enough for you.

I still remember falling in line behind the plan my parents had for me.

Working so hard to stay at University, become the pharmacist and be happy with it.  After all, it was the practical course of action.  My parents had worked long and hard to get themselves out of their African village, they had faced all kinds of challenges to make sure I got an education and then I got it…

And I did not want it.

I was bored with it almost as soon as I became it and so yes, I looked the part of successful professional but This was not me.

THIS was not all I could be, was it?

I was so bored at work but it paid the bills and it is what I was supposed to do.  And people paid you a little more attention when you said you were a pharmacist.  And all that was cool but it just was not great!

It just was not.

And I could not explain it completely except to say that I only came alive when I was not at work.  I came alive when I was supporting young girls to come alive, I came alive when I was singing, I came alive when I was writing, journalling, being on my own, dreaming about what I wanted.  Then I came alive.

But I did not stay in this ‘come alive’ place – Oh no, I thought I could only live here on the evenings and weekends.  During the week, I had to do what I had to do, or so I thought.  And I did it well.

I could always put on a happy face and pretend to be everyone’s best friend at whichever pharmacy I worked in… OH I play that role so well – the role of friendly, likeable extrovert but that is not really the heart of me.  At my heart, my true self can be prickly, I want to be alone a lot of the time but I had dampened that side of me down, trying to fit in, trying to have meaningless conversations, trying to be happy…

I could pretend to be satisfied for a while but I was not.

Except I could not see a way out.  In fact, I felt guilty for wanting a way out.  After all, other people would die to have what they thought I had.  Why was I not happy with it?


Why could I not just settle in and just accept that life was this way and would be for the rest of my life?  THE REST OF MY LIFE?!!


That seemed so long, so boringly long and so I started to look for things to do on the side.  Things to make my life seem more exciting but then, I would quit when the going got tough because hey… I was a pharmacist, right?  I did not need the money from these side gigs.

But I knew I did not want to do this pharmacy thing forever but I also did not really think there was another way.  I felt trapped in a ‘successful’ life that I really did not want.

I have been accused of always wanting to be different, always wanting to have my cake and eat it, always wanting, wanting, wanting.  As though this was in some way a bad thing.  Why should I not want to experience all that life has to offer?  Why should I live as though there was no choice?

Why should I sacrifice anything if I did not have to?

And I even believed them!  I did!  And I tried so hard to be satisfied until I could not pretend any longer.

It simply makes no sense to me!

Why should you or I, not get everything we want out of life?

There is enough for everyone so why not get yours and spread the love?

Why live in scarcity in any area, if there is even a chance that you can have it all?


Finally I accept who I am and stop trying so hard to tone me down to please people who are not living life the way they want to, anyway.

It took bankruptcy, depression and a whole lot of coaching, prayer and personal development to finally get me to the point where I realised I am created powerful and to be finally done with trying to keep me down to make anyone happy.

What took me so long to accept me?

What is taking you so long?

Why do you persist in pretending not to want more than you currently have?

Why do you spend so much time thinking that you have to just settle down and accept whatever life throws at you?  Have you forgotten that you are a creator?

Have you?!

Obviously, you must have because if you hadn’t forgotten, why would you keep pretending to be less than what you are?

The fear that you will be disappointed causes you to daily disappoint yourself – HOW crazy?!

Yesterday, I spoke to quite a few people – And all of them were conforming, living to other people’s expectations of them, trying to fit in, trying to build a business by blending in, trying to not be too overly noticed and yet, all had big ideas about what they wanted to create… kinda.

The thing is, they had big ideas but they were scared to actually claim those ideas and so they were attempting to get what they wanted by not stating clearly what they wanted.  Which is kinda impossible.

You will only ever get what you ask for and if you are not asking for anything because you think you are not allowed to have it, then guess what you get?  Duh. Nothing!

You get the thing you focus on.  And so when you focus on the fact that your life can only play out the way this other person has told you it must, that is exactly what you get.  Because you are not putting your energy into making it happen YOUR way.

So, tell me, What if, WHAT IF you just got clear about what it is that you want?  Really clear?  Instead of kinda hoping that things will work out for you, maybe?

You are so apologetic about the fact that you exist and want what you want.  Surely, it is time to claim you boldly!

And I KNOW, I just KNOW that you do not understand how much of a force of nature you really are or that you really could be.  As I said, I get it, I have been here and possibly still reside here far too frequently and it is a bad place to be.  A place of having big ideas but refusing to give them room to become a reality.  You think you dream too big and that you need to settle down and be nothing, do nothing and have nothing and because you choose it, you get exactly that.


And all the while you could have had anything…

ANYTHING at all!

And even as you read this, you think that it is impossible, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have anything.


You already have exactly what you thought you could get so why not think you can get more?

And then when you are clear about what you want, (as of today) take each step with that in mind.

Is it getting me closer (do it already!) or is it taking me further away (stop doing it now!) ?

And make people and circumstances fall in line with your plans instead of constantly trying to fit in with theirs.

You are a force of nature.


You can be, do, have whatever you want!

You playing small does not serve anyone!

So why do you do it?

I know you have overcome a lot, you have made things happen, you have seen success so NOW, can you please just step up and own who you completely truly are?


The world is waiting for you to wake up.

To wake up and be your most powerful self.

I know you have an idea that can change the world but you are not putting it out there.  You are getting distracted with your internal hang ups and it is time for that to end.

You do not have to market yourself the way everyone tells you to, you know?

YOu can find your own way.  For sure, learn the fundamentals but ultimately, infect it with you craziness and let YOUR people find you!

Surely, it is time.

It is time for you to BE the force of nature that is you.

And if you are ready to step things up, to start to unleash YOU on the world in your full glory, to get your message out without doing any unsavoury selling then you must join me on Wednesday for a free online workshop called YOU, Ltd! and you register here –


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