You are not called to be saviour of the world

You are not called to help every single soul

You are not called to be the doormat for everyone to walk upon and abuse


You are under-earning

You are under-achieving

You are living way beneath your potential while telling yourself that this person and that person needs you!


You are in everyone else’s business EXCEPT your own

And when you are not physically helping them, you are mentally going over and over and over how you can help them, what they should and should not do, why they said or did not say that, what their next step should or should not be…

Other times, you are going over how hurt they made you when they did or did not do that thing

And still, despite all the signs they show you of who they are, you keep throwing your own life away to help them find theirs.

You keep making excuses for them.

You keep ignoring the signs that they do not respect or care about you.

You tell yourself that it is just because they are going through this or that thing and as you are so strong and capable, it is your DUTY to help them


When will you finally allow yourself to live your own life?

When will you wake up and stop allowing others to take advantage of you?

When will you sit with the Divine and actually check to see if this is really what you need to be doing with your life?


You KNOW it does and yet, you ignore yourself and go off and save some other person.

You tell yourself not to be so selfish

YOu tell yourself that you are blessed to be a blessing

Does this feel like a blessed life????  REALLY???????


You are incredibly intelligent, capable, powerful, strong, wise and yet, you act like a fool every day when you put your vision off in favour of living everyone else’s life for them.

Your boss

Your pastor

Your siblings

your parents

Your children

Your friends

Your extended family

Your clients

Even random strangers on the road

They all get your money, your time and your energy

And what do you get?


Everyone is powerful in their own right, my love

They do not need you

But they will use & abuse you while you allow yourself to be used & abused.

Come back home, my love

Come back home to yourself

Life feels bad because it IS bad

You have created a messy painful life

and you are refusing to admit it

Regret is all that will meet you at the end of this journey

But it is not too late to pivot.

It is not too late to get clarity about who you are and what you are supposed to be about.

It is not too late to dust off your own vision and start creating it

It is not too late to BE the person you know you are created to be

It is not too late to create the money and abundance and FREEDOM you desire

I can help…


Here are your 2 options…

  1. If you are entrepreneurial and ready now to turn your skills and wisdom into a 6 figure income from your own spiritual business – I can show you how –
  2. If you feel uncertain about exactly what to do with your own life because you have spent your whole life, living other people’s lives for them – get clarity and come back home to yourself here with a membership of Deliberate Millionaire Evolution –

There is no more time to keep living the wrong life for you

Come back home to yourself now.

Much Amazing Love

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