Food for thought, where do your desires come from

Where do your desires come from?  Interesting question that you should spend time thinking about.


You want a great, huge house because…

You want a red, shiny sports car because…

You want to live in a commune because…

You want financial freedom because…


There is no right or wrong answer but you must have an answer!


People tend to believe what they believe and want what they want and no one ever questions why they believe or want it.


Because if you really stopped to think about what you wanted, you may just find that the only reason you want it, is because you have been told by someone at some point in your life, that this is what ‘good’ people want.

Or that this is what ‘successful’ people want.

OR maybe, this is what someone you admire wants

And therefore, it must mean that you want it too.

 Is that true for you, though?


What if you took the time to really question your reasoning?

What if you dared to question your long held beliefs about what is right or wrong?

What if you took the time to really, truly figure out what you wanted and also what you were willing to do to make that desire happen?

Would you find out that the reason you do not have it, is because you actually did not want it?

Maybe, you were just trying to please all the other people in your life instead of really figure out what you really wanted?

Maybe you were worried of being alone so you went along with someone else’s plan for you…

Maybe you already have all you want but you are too blind to see it.

Or maybe, you do not have all you desire because you do not know why you want it and something inside you cannot be bothered to fight for something you do not even understand…

Just a little food for thought…

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