Success in any area of life is simple but you complicate it

You make it all about what you need to heal

You make it all about how this person and that person did this or that

You make it all about how you don’t have the money or support or time to get all that you desire

All lies.

Lies told to make you feel better about the fact that you just never committed to any path

You jumped here, there and everywhere.

Trying this, dabbling at that, then running way over there to try some other surefire thing

And then when none of that worked in the short time you tried, then you claim that you have tried everything and nothing works for you.


You then get an even deeper chip on your shoulder about how everyone is scamming you, how the world is against you

You then create even more stories of how your skin colour or your family background or the country you live in or your lack of education or whatever, whatever, WHATEVER is the reason for your lack of success.

You then get sad about it

Feel even more trapped in a life you do not love

But you just keep going because you would rather stay trapped in this life than dare to face your inner doubt about your ability to create the life you desire

You would rather have the approval and liking of people who are also stuck in a life they do not like then dare to lose the crowd and brave the wilderness alone.

I know I am being blunt, my love

I assure you that I had to face these home truths myself MANY TIMES so that I did not keep telling myself silly stories that kept keeping me from my own good.

Thankfully, I had the foresight to put myself with mentors/coaches who were honest with me, when I did not even know how to be honest with myself.

Some of what I had said here, you sense that it is true but you struggle to see it in your own life.  YOu just know that you are not where you want to be.

Well, you need a different view, my love, an objective view

And you get that by putting yourself in an environment where your bullshit is noticed and named, or else, you will get to the end of your life with that silly chip on your shoulder, trying to blame the world for the fact that you just never truly committed to ANYTHING other than the life you claim you don’t like.

You keep waiting for the Divine to step in and save you.

But when you get the nudges, the feeling in your heart that you need to do something, you talk and think yourself out of it, so what the heck do you think the Divine can do? Override your free will? I don’t think so.

You are here, still reading this.

Maybe you are upset at my honesty.

Maybe you are finally ready to face your dishonesty.

Whichever way, you are drawn to what I am saying because you need to be in my world.  There are no coincidences.

You need what I have and I would love to share it with you.

YOU START HERE: The Deliberate Millionaire’s CONFIDENCE Book at

CHAPTER 1: Slapped In The Face By The Hands You Loved, Fed & Would Have Given Your Life For: What happens when you give and give and GIVE to those you love and yet, your giving is thrown in your face and you begin to wonder why you bothered to care for anyone. You begin to doubt your usefulness and you begin to feel rising resentment which thinly veils a growing feeling that you are not as capable or worthy as you thought. In this chapter, you will discover the foundational principle of self-confidence that will support you in riding any storms of life as you will start the process of installing confidence at the very core of your being.


CHAPTER 2: Where The F**k Is The Divine When You Need Him? : Lots of spiritual people feel abandoned by the Divine in their everyday life. Things happen and they feel unprotected and unsupported. This chapter deals with those questions, those deep feelings and gives you simple strategies to use to manage your thoughts and feelings as well as a novel way to connect with the Divine so that you are able to predictably get responses to your challenges.


CHAPTER 3 – When Being Brilliant Is Not The Safest Thing To Be: What do you do when you feel called to do and be more but there is a huge part of you that also wants to remain hidden. Most spiritual people are walking around cloaked in a high tower, with a smiling facade on the outside but lots of pain hidden behind the walls of their tower. While this tower remains up, the good you desire will always elude you. This chapter gives you a simple strategy for overcoming the need to remain unseen when you also want to make your mark on the planet.


CHAPTER 4 – When Choice Is Taken Away: Lots of people feel powerless to change their lives because of family responsibilities, abusive relationships, corrupt politicians and policies, depressed economies and much much more. This is damaging to one’s confidence. However, there is always another way to perceive what happens around you. This chapter will show you how to more easily live prosperously, regardless of what is happening around you. And not only that, you can then support your loved ones in living empowered lives too. As you rise, you take others with you.


CHAPTER 5 – Beaten Up For Being Brave: I have lived through physical & sexual abuse which resulted in my feeling forever afraid of living full out in life. Sometimes, there is a VERY GOOD reason to be afraid and yet, despite that, I no longer wanted to be controlled by fear and doubt. I had to overcome and I teach you how to get past real situations that have the ability to stop you in your tracks, if you continue to let them. Yes, people may have physically attacked you but you can still rise victorious as you implement this simple strategy.


CHAPTER 6 – 7 Ideas For Handling The Fear That Freezes You In The Past: Here is a whole chapter dedicated to handling fear and the events in your past that still haunt you. You will experience a deep shift in your confidence as you apply this simple technique to any area of life where you feel stifled by fear.


CHAPTER 7 – The Throwaway Baby & Friend: Are you always the one that keeps relationships going? Are you always the one to call, to suggest activities? Does it sometimes feel like others do not care for you as much as you care for them? If that is an underlying belief within you, you can be sure that your self-worth & self-confidence will be feeling quite low. This chapter gives you a tactic for handling these kinds of relationships with finesse and power so that you create powerful relationships that are empowering to all parties.


CHAPTER 8 – Rejected For Being Myself: When did you learn that being yourself was not a cool thing to do? I detail my story around this and also help you understand how to break free from the need to be anything other than you. Many people claim to know what it means to be themselves, they also claim not to care what others think of them – Most people are simply not aware of how much what they do, is controlled by the opinions of others. You will read this chapter and begin to really TRULY discover an inner courage to be disliked, if necessary as you will finally see just how critical it is to you and to those around you and to the people you are called to impact, that you be completely yourself.


CHAPTER 9 – Financially Destitute For Being Helpful: The theme of giving to the point of self-destruction comes up for air again in this chapter. How much do you put your life on hold for the advancement of everyone else? I know you tell yourself it is the ‘good, nice’ thing to do and I know your intentions are pure but I also know that you will have more of a positive impact on the planet when you get this need to be self-sacrificial handled and dissolved. It is all based on a deep feeling of lack and you only create more lack when you are acting from a foundation of lack. Use this chapter to break free and start to be the difference-maker you desire to be as you find yourself supported by the DIvine as you live into your TRUE DESIGN.


CHAPTER 10 – Owning The Power: There is latent power within you that you are definitely not accessing and this chapter helps you to truly understand what it means to be a Divine being living a human experience and how to tap into that power to create the life you desire.


CHAPTER 11 – It’s Time For Confession: I have made some horrid mistakes in my time and done some things that I am ashamed of. I used to believe that this meant I could not expect to prosper. I used to punish myself for my errors though I would never have admitted that that was what I was doing until I grew in self-awareness. Do you see certain sabotaging patterns continually repeating in your life? Do you almost reach the finish line, only to find that something goes wrong at the last moment? Are you ready to break free and let yourself off the hook of self-punishment? Yes? Then Read this chapter.

And when you are done with reading this, you will be shown the next step

This is not some dip-in-dip-out process.

NOTHING WORKS THAT WAY – you have already discovered that.

This is a commitment to follow this path UNTIL YOU WIN.

Is it any wonder that so few people actually win?  No one wants to commit to ANYTHING except to the life they are right now hating on, yet telling themselves they have no choice in the matter.


You are the only one with ALL THE CHOICES.


Are you ready to be truly honest with yourself?

Or will you keep telling yourself stories?

Your choice.

I am on path.

I am going nowhere.

I am done with flaking out.

I am done with pretending to be committed when I was just dabbling for a long, long time.

I am tired of pretending that I am not the one with all the choices.

I got TOTALLY tired of being the victim in life.

I opted out of that nonsense.

I got on path.

Life has changed and continues to change.

You can come with me… or not.

If you are ready to come, then go now to and join in.

Follow the path & You will succeed.

So, the one most important question is…

“Do you really want to succeed?”

Much Amazing Love

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