I have always sought connection to God

Since like forever, it has been a huge part of my life

This feeling that I want to be soooooooo close to Papa, to hear His heartbeat, to KNOW his Thoughts, to be a channel for His love on this planet…

That has been my Ideal

I even considered briefly being a Nun

Or living in Christian community

Anything to draw me ever closer to Source

To be one with Him


I also had to live in the ‘real’ world

And I thought that the 2 things did not really meet…

So my heart’s desire was Seeking the Kingdom which I now know to mean this connection to God and also, Discovering ME, the treasures within ME

But most of the hours of my life were spent working hard to get by in the regular world

I kinda thought that Papa wanted me to prosper but there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty around that because I had also listened to many who seemed to think that material wealth was a surefire way to hell and eternal damnation and distance from the Divine.



How difficult spirit-driven souls make life when you feel you have to be one thing in the ‘real’ world and another thing when you are being ‘spiritual’

Everything is spiritual, for goodness’s sake!

We are the ones that give everything meaning

And if you give money some terrible meaning then YOU WILL NEVER HAVE MUCH!

And I suppose you can then tell yourself some story about how holy you are to be just getting by and so connected to Source and how money does not add up to happiness or blah, blah, blah…

And it is okay

You are of course still loved, whatever you choose

But I imagine Papa loving on you and wondering when you will finally realise that He could have helped you create as much wealth as you wanted, if you had just found the courage to ask and stay the course.

Instead of allowing the limitations of other people to define what you allowed yourself to create

You could come clean to the Divine about all you desire

You could have faith that actually prosperity really truly is simply a matter of focusing your creative energies on what you desire

You could hold the vision in mind

Listen for intuitive guidance around it while doing all your work to get connected to Source

And you could act on that


There is no area of my life that needs to be separate

Source sees even more than I do

No matter how much reading and learning I do

I can literally create the most amazing of lives by allowing my connection to Source impact EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE

I discovered this with sex first – It was another area where I used to feel I had to keep it separate from the ‘holiness’ of God as if that part of me was created in secret as a dirty thing to be hidden from!

And I have discovered it with business growth, money and really, every area of life though I still am very conditioned to try to keep things separate

When I notice, I open up all areas

I stop judging them as somehow too irrelevant or bad to bring to the Divine and instead, we work it out together as I get VERY CLEAR on what I desire and together, we bring those feelings to life in the form of the desires of my heart.

I finally understand what the Bible tried to tell me

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”

Don’t hide your desires from the Divine

Don’t separate your life into compartments

It is all spiritual.

Do not do the wishy washy connection that some spiritual peeps would tell you to do so that you do not offend your higher power

Realise that they speak from their limitation

You are a creating machine and you become even more of one when you are connected

FOCUS on what you desire and co-create anything you want

Drop all the meanings that the world would give it and just allow yourself to experience all the desires of your heart.

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Much Amazing Love


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