Focus on Lack is not going to make you (or anyone else) rich

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Listen, this is for the deliberate millionaires, the leaders, the warriors who are ready to stop living like all the rest, who are fed up of conforming to other people standards and who are ready to question their old beliefs and start searching out truth.

You will not understand what I am about to say if you think it is righteous to be poor because, honey, I disagree wholeheartedly with you!

So, if that is you, feel free to move along, I am talking to my people here…

It is strange…

This thing we do…

This crazy focus we have on all the things we do not have yet…

Does it help us get them? NO!!!

The other focus we have is on all the poor of the world.

We fill our minds with pictures of poverty…

If you watch the TV long enough or listen to the radio, you get appeal upon appeal to think of the poor, to give to the poor, to feel guilty for being one of the rich etc etc and so…

We feel sorry for this or that person or group of people…

We start to think it is evil to choose to be rich…

We get guilt-ed into giving more than we can even afford to give…

And yet, has any of that focus actually made a real difference to anything?

There is still poverty, there is still need, there is still lack and if anything, it sometimes feels that the more wealthy some people get, the more poor others get as well.

And if the media is to be believed, there is even more lack and poverty than there ever was!

And yes, I know the vast majority of people will say that that is to do with greed etc but really, is that true?

After all, everyone lives in the same world and usually in the very place where most are complaining about lack, others (fewer in number) are just getting on, getting to work and creating wealth for them and theirs.

What makes the difference?

What makes it so hard for some people and seemingly easy for others?

This is my thinking (and of course, you may disagree); this proliferation of lack has to do with where the focus is.

If you focus on lack, you get lack!

If you focus on need, you get more need!

If you expend all your energies fighting poverty, you get MORE poverty!

It is all about where the brain is at.

There are others way to think and I think you just might find it a more useful use of your powerful brain if…


The thing I find most hateful about all this talk about how the rich are greedy etc etc is that it makes you consider that those who say they are poor are completely helpless.

To me, it all sounds condescending.

You think you are doing them a favour but what you are really saying to people who are hitting hard times, is that they are incapable of fighting their own battles, of paving their own way and they need YOU, super hero YOU, to come save them.

And I think that is just a huge pile of nonsense.

Everyone is equally powerful.

Everyone can find opportunity if they will look.

There is always a way.

I do not say it is always easy, of course it is not!

But the way is always present to those who will look.

And that is the problem, isn’t it?

People don’t want to look and people don’t really want to think.

A lot of people just want to get on the hamster wheel and keep chugging along, going nowhere but never getting off to see the wood for the trees.

You are not that person.

You cannot afford to be that person!

You are someone who chooses to make a fortune by making a difference. Everyday, you deliberately fill your mind with thoughts of wealth, prosperity and riches…

You deliberately choose to question any belief you have that holds you back.

And because you do this DELIBERATELY, everywhere you look, you see opportunity…

Everywhere you look, you see reasons to be grateful and appreciative.

You have your moments, for sure, when it feels a little like it is all for nought and yet, you REFUSE to allow yourself stay there.

You deliberately control what you allow yourself to think about?

To regular people, you may seem delusional but SO WHAT?!

They are not happy in their bubble of lack of poverty anyway so how is that useful to them or anyone?

Instead, you must discipline your mind to focus on the good things of life and because you choose that, you inspire others to choose that too and you set off a butterfly effect which has more impact than all the negative thoughts on the planet.

You start a light shining in the darkness.

And you are PROUD of all your strengths, your gifts and you use them each and every day to serve people around you because you are already choosing to be that wealthy person you see in your mind’s eye.

Not that poor person everyone is seeing in their own mind and so all their actions just keep the status quo going.

You act from a place of strength and so you create more strength.

And you have faith that a feeling of abundance will, one day, permeate the consciousness of all the people on the planet and you know it starts with you.

And this goes to you, whether you are making money now or not because you may be the wealthiest person on the planet but if you cannot relax because you are having to do things that do not align with your purpose or if you are scared to death that you will lose it all then honey, you are still acting from a place of poverty.

So, warrior, check your brain ALWAYS.

Are you thinking thoughts of poverty, lack and need?

Get rid of it immediately!

You have too much to do to keep placing your focus there.

Instead, focus on the wealth you are creating for all the world to enjoy and get to work NOW.

It is time to fight for, create the life and business you want

Kind Regards


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