How many business ideas are you juggling currently?

Have you made even ONE work?

How many things are you trying to do at once?

Tell me, is it working?

Listen, I know you are capable and you do have many interests – Of course you do.  And yet, you want them all at once!  And can I tell you why you think you need them all right now?

Let me tell you my little story first…

When I started my property business, the one that ended up getting me out of pharmacy and winning me a Porsche Boxster, it was not easy-going.

There were doubts, fears and everything was going so slowly.  I wondered if I would ever win at this game of business and so I started to lose focus.  I saw the signs because I had done this so many times before.  Pre-children, I had started many businesses and it always followed this pattern.

  1. Start a business that seems exciting and likely to make me a good amount of money in one second flat

  2. Read a few books & have no accountability (“those coaches are far too expensive – I can do it all myself, Thank you very much!”) so rush around like a headless chicken, trying a little of this and that and usually just the easy stuff.

  3. Think it was taking too long to make me the money and then see another exciting idea that seemed like it could latch on to my current idea (“OK, so maybe, it is completely different but I can make it work, right?”) and maybe it would work faster…

  4. Start trying to juggle both…

  5. Be all excited until I realised it was taking longer than expected to make any money at all

  6. See another grand idea and figure I could add that on too – My thought process usually ran along the lines of ‘ Let me hedge my bets, one of these is going to work… SURELY’

  7. Keep trying to do everything as well as live my already jam-packed life

  8. Get overwhelmed and start doing less and less on my various businesses and more and more at work and other more certain hobbies.

  9. Gradually stop altogether working on business

  10. Wonder why nothing works for me… EVER

  11. Get excited again about something else but with a little less self-belief. Start again at square 1.

  12. Ultimately, stay stuck at work – It just seemed more certain.

And on and on this cycle would go.  With me, losing self-confidence every single time, I did it to myself.

I look back now and I wonder why I did not just focus on getting one thing off the ground.

Why did I whore myself out?

Why did I not focus and learn how to improve ONE business first before trying to do everything at once?

Why do you do that too?

Pick something, ANYTHING! Preferably go for the one that most makes your heart sing and then figure it out.  Most business processes are the same so as soon as you master one way of generating an income, you will find it easier to translate those skill sets to building up another business.  You can then sell off the first one or get people in to help you run it.

Trying to do everything at once?!!!  It just does not work and it makes your life incredibly difficult!

And then your self-confidence starts to take a battering because you start to think that you are just not good at this business thing…

When really, you have never given yourself a chance!

You keep thinking like the Israelites of old, that if you hedge your bets and worship every shiny object available then one will absolutely work for you!  And all it does is take your focus away from your own mission and calling.

It all takes energy!

Why not focus ALL YOUR ENERGY on getting Your true calling to work?

Realise that everything you now tell yourself in answer to my question, that is not a ‘yes’ is simply an excuse and you continue to condemn yourself to failure but hey… It is up to you, I suppose!

FOCUS, honey, FOCUS!

You will get further, FASTER!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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