Flying Through Life – Enough of the Waiting…

By February 19, 2014Guest Post

Flying Through Life

From time to time, I love to share the blog with other people.  Here is a guest blog post written by Sarah Barrett of Lingotastic and it expresses some of the joy of life and determination to be all we are that I love to encourage on the Facebook page and this blog.

Have a read – it is an insightful and encouraging look at life lived fully.

I’m gonna fly

No one knows where

I’m going to fly

Soar through the air

All my life seems I’ve waited for the time to start

Being the person inside of me

Unafraid of being me

Even if I am the only one who wants to fly.

Amy Grant

As a teenager I used to listen to these words and long to know the freedom it spoke of.

Now twenty years later I’m the closest to this I’ve ever been.

So often we let our fear of the unknown hold us back from what we really want to do, We play it safe, settle for second best and feel frustrated. I’m learning that being frustrated and unfulfilled is more difficult than pressing through difficulties.

I’m walking into the freedom of knowing I was made for greatness, that I have unique giftings and talents and am at my greatest when I choose to be myself. I’m finding the adventure of discovering who I really am a thrilling one,

As a believer, I have confidence that despite what is happening on the outside, God is with me.   And when He is with me,  Nothing is impossible – I can stand tall as a child of the King

Take action and make the most of your life.  Join me on this exciting adventure.

Sarah Barrett is a mum of three and the founder of Lingotastic – Parent and child groups helping very young children and their families take first steps into a second language and encouraging Bi-lingual families to make the most of this advantage they have. The classes use simple songs, puppets and stories to have fun with languages.  

For fun, current research and language learning encouragement, like the Lingotastic Facebook Page

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