You want crystal clear clarity on every step from a to z.

Well, it does not exist.

You can get clarity on the next step.

And that is all.

I keep telling you and I WILL KEEP TELLING YOU that this is a faith walk.

The normal rules do not apply to this journey.

If it did, everyone you know would be rich already so stop thinking like them and start thinking like the leader you are.

The leader that trusts yourself.

the leader connected to a power within you that has no limitations.

You gotta start flying bling in the physical reality while deeply knowing within you that who you are, what you have, is enough for the success you envision.

YOU have to truly begin believing that your vision is your permission and that the fact that you have that vision is ALL THE ASSURANCE YOU NEED to KNOW that it is inevitably going to come true in the physical sometime soon.

Peeps around you are trying hard to protect everything and build walls around themselves to keep everything safe.

Which also means that they are building fortresses (jail cells) that they themselves are trapped in, you do not have to join them.

Those fortresses may keep them ‘safe’ kinda (as long as nothing changes) but it also keeps them sad, depressed and limited.

The problem for most is that this is a normal way to live and feel.  They truly think that they are as happy as they can be, considering and in fact, count themselves lucky to have such a nice looking jail cell in which to do the rest of their life (they hope).

And they are so engaged with all the happenings in the world, soooooo scared that something will change and tip them out of their fortress and OMG, what would they do then?!!!! but they try not to think of it but it is the undercurrent of fear that follows them around all the time.  They keep it at bay with a few drinks (or a lot), stuffing their faces with food, lots of entertainment, getting engaged in relationship dramas and so on.

You can choose to live that way, I guess.

Or you can let go of the need for a certainty that never feels all that certain.

And start flying blind, knowing that the Universe has you in hand.

KNowing that adventure is in your blood.

KNowing that the financial abundance and unconditional love you crave will only be found when you begin to trust yourself to create it, rather than trusting the boxes and rules of the physical reality that is ever changing.

Yep, to begin with, as you rebuild that trust, it will be rocky.

YOu have years of crazy thinking to overcome and you will keep looking back at the ‘good old days’ wondering if you are crazy to have left behind what will seem to be a sure thing when you are facing into your fears.

And then as you stay the course, you will break through to a level of living that many will only ever dream about.

I wish I could give you a timeline but I cannot.

I just know that it is CERTAIN that you will win when you stay the course to this ‘flying blind but flying so very high’ life.

This is your true design path.

It is the best way for you.

I am not telling you anything you do not know as you can feel the resonance inside of you as you read this but I get that it can be scary as you consider letting go of all the constructs that have ruled your life to date.  They may not have led to a particularly satisfying life but at least it is the devil you know, right?

I get it.

And yet, I also get that you crave so much more than this.

Well, honey, it is time to take the leap and it is time to trust that you will be caught.

This whole creeping down the side of the cliff gingerly, is wasting a lot of your time.

I guess you have started doing something and that is to be applauded but you don’t have forever, you know?!

So you gotta let go and trust.

What will that look like?

Stay connected to Source.  Remain as clear as you can be on what you desire. Act FAST on those intuitive nudges.

That is it.

Easy enough to do.

OH SO EASY NOT TO DO, as well.

What will it be for you, my love?

Come work with me in WIN THE WAR WITHIN.

Let me teach you to fly blind while deeply KNOWING that everything is working out for your HIGHEST good.

MAster yourself.

MAster the deliberate life design process.


Much Amazing Love

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