Five Questions To Consider Before You Begin Writing Your First Kindle eBook That Gets You Attention &

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Five Questions To Consider Before You Begin Writing Your First Kindle eBook That Gets You Attention

The download of Amazon Kindle eBooks is on the rise. It has overtaken the purchase of physical books and it continues to rise year upon year and it really is the way the world is going at the moment. People want instant access to information and you are in the position to provide. You have information right now in your head that just needs organizing and putting between the covers of your very own kindle book.

Remember whether you are a writer or not, this can be seen as a marketing tactic to reach the Amazon audience of which there are many. You can take advantage of this by writing short but very informative pieces of information that people are willing to pay for. So, please do not count yourself out because you are not a writer. There are all kinds of ways of getting your book out into the world. All you need is imagination, accountability and a determination to make it happen – Are you ready?
Here are a few questions to consider as you prepare to get that first book out onto the market.

1. Who Is My Audience?

Who is your ideal person? Whose attention do you want to get? Do you have a clear idea of your ideal customer avatar? Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, having this in mind is key to creating a great income and getting the attention of your ideal clients.

2. What Do They Want?

Make a list of what they want out of reading books on your subject. Go to reviews of books in your genre and see what potential customers have written about other books and begin to form a picture of what people want to hear about

What emotions do they want to feel?

Be aware of this so that even if you are creating non-fiction, you make sure you get the right tone to get the right reaction from the people you want to read your book.

What Kind of Character do they Like?

Yes, you may be writing to fulfill your creative instincts, in which case, you will write whatever you want to write regardless of market needs. However, you have heard of the tortured artist. I would suggest that you, at least, keep in mind that certain topics written in certain ways will get a certain response. Maybe consider writing more than one book – some that will have wide marketplace appeal and others that satisfy your creativity. As you grow your reputation as an author, you will find that your people start to buy both kinds.

What Skills Do I Bring To The Table?

If you are specifically writing non-fiction, then consider which of your experiences and skillset can be monetized by putting in a book. Do not think you do not know enough. The chances are, that someone has already written a book in your field so do some research.

And of course, this book could be the first step in your prospects starting to work with you so read as much as you can on the subject and start to put together a cohesive plan of attack for creating your book.

Of course, do your due diligence to make sure that there is a market for your concepts.

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