Five Challenges Faced by Most Entrepreneurs & How to Deal With It

Your best business awaits, you know and yet you do not seem to be able to crack the code to wealth and success and you are getting fed up and wondering whether to return to your career.  After all, you were successful in that so why not just go back and do what you know how to do…

But before that, you decide to keep pushing forward.

However, you keep doing the same old, same old stuff and so therefore you are condemned to getting the same old, same old results…

1. You keep trying to do too many things at once…

You know that you are pretty capable and so you keep trying to start-up more than one business at a time and IT NEVER WORKS!  You are telling yourself that you need to try a few things and see what works but actually what happens is that nothing works because you are spread too thin.  And you cannot give enough energy to your one thing to get it off the ground and so you fail at it all and instead of seeing the problem for what it is – You feel like a failure and you tell yourself lies about not having what it takes.

You are not one for blaming others but there is a part of you that does want to blame the coach, the trainer as well.

The problem is your inability to focus on one course of action until you make it work.

Start now to focus.

2. You Keep Buying New Programs & Courses

And there is nothing wrong with that if you were implementing them all.

Unfortunately, you are not.  You are looking for the magic map that will absolutely work for you.  It is not even that you do not want to work hard, you don’t mind that but you do not realise just how much focus on one path you need in order to make things work.

The programs and courses are very probably EXCELLENT but if you do not do the work associated with implementing the information, it just overwhelms and yes, before you know it, you are headed back to your good old job.

3. You DO NOT Buy The Courses & Programs.

And this too can be an issue for you because you literally do not know what to do next!  And instead of investing in your education, you keep trying to get everything for free because you have some chip on your shoulder about paying out for training.  SO what, that you spend a considerable amount to get the education for the job you no longer want! Somehow you think that you can just jump into business and make it work without any support.

Well, you carry on!

You will get where you are going but it will take a lot longer and you will probably quit before you get there like many, many before you.  And frankly, to be very frank with you, all the courses without the live interaction with a mentor, coach or mastermind group is pretty useless as well.  So, in some ways, I agree that you should not just buy lots of courses if you are unwilling to also shell out and work with someone you trust who will hold you accountable to the life that you say you want.  Check out the Deliberate Millionaire if you are serious about results. (

4. You think that the fear means stop

And it does not.  There is no deep spiritual meaning to your fear.  Your fear does not mean stop, Your fear does not mean God is not on your side, Your fear does not mean anything like that.

Your fear is just an indicator that you are stepping out of the comfort zone and you have never been stretched like this before.

Every successful entrepreneur feels fear at times, especially if they intend to keep growing and moving forward so why on earth do you think that it will all be plain sailing for you!

Stop looking for the deeper meanings where there are none.  Stop over-thinking everything.

You know enough for the next step.

Please get on and take it.

5. You do not know how you help people and WHO you help

It always seems like a great idea to try and sell to everyone but actually, you cannot do it.  I know you think that your product, service, opportunity is for every single person on the planet – all 7 billion of them!  I know you feel you can help everyone and you really do want to.

However, the truth is, if you try to speak to everyone you will speak to no one.  You will be so general that no one will be able to understand what you are about and so, no one will trust you and no one will buy from you.  You need a niche.  You may be that niche but then you have to get clear about who you are and the kind of things people, like you, need to hear in order to buy.

Decide what your niche is – YOU?  Then you must show up powerfully and brand you.  Do the work of showing up daily in videos, blog posts, books, talks, whatever so that you do make waves and attract people who like you and what you are about.

Or you can choose a subset of people which you choose by occupation, age, demographics, industry etc – In which case, you need to know more about the group you choose than anyone else does.  You need to do the research to figure out what they want and how they talk about what they want.  Your languaging and presentation needs to match up to their expectation in order for you to get results.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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