Finding Your Ideal Client and Your Unique Selling Proposition

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When starting up in business, distilling out my unique selling proposition proved pretty difficult.  Like most of you, I started in business wanting to be all things to all people and very quickly found out that that is a tiring and expensive way to run a business.

Unique Selling Proposition Ideal Client

Finding my Ideal Client

So at the start of my property business, if I had targeted every living soul to check if they wanted to sell their property quickly, I would have run right out of my marketing budget pretty quickly.

Instead, I had to figure out the price range of property that gave me the best return when rented out.

I then had to figure out exactly where to find those people, so instead of leaflet-ing and placing adverts in the shop windows everywhere, I drove around various areas not too far from where I lived as I had decided to build up a property business close to my home address (this was my goldmine area).  This did take me a few days.  I then checked the property to rent and property to sell prices to really get a feel for the prices things were selling and renting at.

I then took the time to visit various online forums and listen in to what people who were trying to sell their house wanted.  Forums can be a goldmine of information if you just listen to the things your potential clients are saying. or .com is another place where people very graciously give reviews on products that you may be selling.  This can give you an idea of what they, your clients, want and how to service them well.

After gathering all this data, I was in the the position to understand my ideal client.  I knew where they were, what their concerns were and particularly, what their Urgent, Pressing needs were and then I could start to figure out my unique selling proposition.

The Unique Selling Proposition

So you want to sell your shoes to every single living person in the world and then cannot quite figure out how to reach them all – This is where figuring out your ideal client comes in.  And then most importantly, your clients cannot figure out why they should buy from you rather than the other lady down the road with a 2p cheaper price.  This is where your unique selling proposition or USP comes in.

This is where you help them decide to work with you.

How can you help them decide?

Make your service/product

  • Unique

  • Ultra- Specific

  • Useful

  • Urgent


You may only be selling shoes but what is it about your shoes that is unique.  Maybe you are part of a network marketing company and there is nothing unique about your shoes but people will buy from you because YOU are unique.  Distil out what you want your personal message to be.  For instance, I am a coach and there are numerous coaches about the place.  What is unique about me?

I am a Mum who has build a successful property business while looking after  and home educating three young children.  I know what it takes to leave a professional income as a pharmacist and replace it working from home.  I have lived in Africa and the UK, I know what it feels like to be an oddball and uncertain about where you fit. I know what it takes to succeed in various places. That is something unique about me.


What exactly will clients get from you?  What are the benefits of using your service as opposed to anyone else’s?

I work specifically with small home based business owned by mothers to help them double their profits in the time they work with me WHILE still having a life.  Anyone can help you build your business but I ensure your life does not suffer as well.  No point having a business and no family, right?


How is your business useful to your ideal client?  Going back to shoes – Yes, it is obvious that we need shoes but how can you enhance the usefulness of your shoes? So, they are made of real leather… What makes this useful to your client.  You know their wants and needs, how can you position your shoes in a way that they see the usefulness ina  new light?

In my case again, I will get you right into action building the life and business you want immediately.  I will see through your stories and excuses because I have lived them myself and again, I know what it takes to get you to the next level.


Why should your ideal client buy from you right now?  Why should they not delay by going to think about it?  Give them a reason to buy now.

Once you have all these aspects thought through, you can then put them into a paragraph or two and use them in every aspect of your marketing.  Always, keep your ideal client and your Unique Selling Proposition in mind when you communicate with your clients and start to see your profits soar.

Struggling with putting your marketing message down?  Maybe you are suffering from the one thing I see time and time again when dealing with clients.  It is an issue that affects you whether you consider yourself wealthy or not?  It drives your decisions time and time again and without awareness you are unable to really deal with it so the feast and famine cycle continues.

Join me on Tuesday 12th November 8pm UK Time and hear about this self sabotaging principle that holds many back.  Also, hear about the solution that will take your life and business to the next level.  Register by filling in the form below.  It is FREE apart from your time so jump on board.

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