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Financial Breakthrough For The Spiritual Person


It limits the mind

It limits your energy

It limits your relationships

It limits your ability to be an agent of positive change in the world

You become so concerned with survival that you just cannot think or act IN YOUR OWN BEST INTERESTS!

You just keep doing whatever you think your limited amount of money is dictating that you do!

And yet, there is soooooo much more available to you!

You are a divine being, having a human experience


But you do not know how to wield that power and so, you, the master of money, becomes the servant of money

The one who has dominion becomes the one who is dominated




Even as I pour these words out, I feel the tears in my eyes as I consider you, that powerful, loved, MAGNIFICENT spirit-driven soul who is just surviving your way through life, keeping despair at bay, feeling hopeless when it comes to your finances, feeling low-level-sadness most of the time because you KNOW you are not living out the calling on your life.

And why?

You Have Forgotten Who You Are

You Have Forgotten How To Use Your Power

And I can teach you this

I WANT TO teach you this

But you gotta play your part, my love.

You Have To SAY YES To You.

You Have To CHOOSE You!

πŸ”΄ You have to get past the fear and trepidation that clouds your judgement

πŸ”΄ You have to understand that one of the reasons you are stuck financially is because you are making choices based on fear, survival and scarcity

πŸ”΄ You have to realise that the Divine does want you to prosper and that your every prayer has been heard

And not only that, the answer to EVERY PRAYER is YES & AMEN!

But you need to ACT when you feel that nudge within you to ACT.

You need to move when you feel the resonance inside of you to MOVE!

With your formidable free will, the Divine cannot get anything to you, unless you CHOOSE TO CLAIM IT.

I know everyone wants the magical miracles when bank accounts mysteriously fill up with money due to a bank error

Or when you just find an envelope of money lying on the street in front of you

Or when someone just walks up to you and gives you money

Those are absolutely AMAZING when they happen and they DO happen - (Man, I could not even tell you of all the miraculous happenings that have happened in my life and my client's lives just by choosing to get on the Deliberate Millionaire Path To Peace, Purpose & A 6 Figure Income)

But I do not base my whole life on it.

I Love Consistently Increasing Cash Flow

I Love Being Financially Free

I Love Being Financially Abundant

I Love Being In Financial Overflow

And I LOOOOOVE Experiencing The Above While Living In My Purpose

Very Deliberately CREATED
Very Deliberately CHOSEN
Very Deliberately CLAIMED

By BOTH inner means and outer action.

You have been so dependent on fear-driven- 'just gotta survive'-HARD Work and it will get you so far but it will NEVER be enough to create money freedom or a fulfilling life as you have already discovered

(Yes, I KNOW you are a hard-worker but whenever work is based on 'I just need to do whatever I need to do to pay bills and make rent' or worry/anxiety that you will lose everything or worry about what your partner/friends/children/whoever might think of you, it will NEVER work to create abundance (and this applies at all income levels!).  And the crazy thing is, that most of the world thinks that this is okay and that it is a valid reason to go to jobs and stay in relationships they dislike just for the sake of money.  Well, most of the world is BROKE!  Do you really want to keep following their broke-ass advice?!!!)

You have also been ignoring the intuitive nudges in your heart when the Divine asks you to do something to expand because you have been telling yourself stories of 'how can I do that when I only have enough money to do the regular everyday things?'

But let me tell you RIGHT NOW...



Yes, I know you want to yell at me and say 'Easy for you to say, Rosemary but you just don't know my story. I am just getting by. I cannot just go off and do anything I want!'

I get it...

But the fact is this...


This is not a situation that is unique to you...

So, honey, get over it!

The big question is


You are probably using it to maintain the very life you claim to no longer want.

You are making everyone else a priority in your own awesome life - the utility companies, the banks, the loan sharks, the car payments, the extended family that 'NEEDS' your money, the church offering that will DEFINITELY get you God's blessings THIS TIME, Netflix, bailing some friend out, bailing your adult children out and so on and so on...

EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON IN THE WORLD gets a piece of your money or your credit...

Except YOU!

I understand that sometimes, you gotta do whatever to get by

But this is what I know - EVERYONE HAS ACCESS TO SEED MONEY, be it on a credit card, borrowed from someone or just whatever it is you are keeping for a rainy day

However, If you keep doubting yourself and eating your seed (Because you tell yourself you have no choice) then you will never PLANT THE SEED and you will therefore NEVER have a harvest.

So, as I say, FINANCIAL FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE & OVERFLOW in a FULFILLING, PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE is very deliberately created, very deliberately chosen, very deliberately claimed

And how?

By planting a seed

Or to put it bluntly,


I still remember having to find money to invest in myself - IT WAS FREAKING SCARY to take that calculated risk and borrow money from someone else's credit card BECAUSE MY CREDIT WAS RUBBISH

And yet, it is because I did that, that I am now living out my vision and now, in the amazing financial position that I am in.


People always make the assumption that I just had excess money lying around waiting for me to use to pay that first mentor of mine, the sum of Β£10000.

Or even the next mentor $35000

Or the ones that came after that...


Like you, I started in a financially restricted place.

I too wondered what I was doing, taking money away from my household to fund a vision that could possibly come to nothing...

However, it was the deep recognition that...

  • πŸ‘‰ What I was doing WAS NOT WORKING - I was a pharmacist and STILL BROKE!
  • πŸ‘‰ I had obeyed the rules of society - got the education, got the career, got the promotions and even got the postgraduate qualifications and it had NOT WORKED...
  • πŸ‘‰ I had paid out tens of thousands to get the support and assistance to become a pharmacist without questioning it for a moment - So, why the heck did I think I could create a highly profitable, purpose-driven business without paying for assistance and support?


(How mass mind programmed we are to stay stuck!!!!!)

Thankfully, I WOKE UP, committed to myself & my vision and paid for support, even when it made no logical sense to do so.

I went with my gut, despite my fear. I also took full responsibility for my results - I was teachable and I did what I was shown to do consistently.


Just like a farmer, you plant the seed so that you can get the harvest

And yes, I KNOW you want the harvest like, RIGHT NOW! and for some who have learnt the stuff I teach, it is fascinating how QUICKLY the harvest can come.

However, you have spent the last 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 years immersed in NONSENSE ideas that got you here.

So, if it takes 14 days, 30 days, 3 months, even freaking 12 months to see the consistent harvest that lasts forEVER - is that really too long?????

And what are your choices anyway?

To go back to living the way you live now????

To go back to doing what You KNOW, has not profited you?!!!!!

Listen, I understand why you might be all doubtful and uncertain because I was there once

I too felt stuck, stagnant in a life that some thought I should have been happy with

I was a freaking pharmacist!

I had a GREAT salary!

But what they did not see was...

πŸ”΄ the crippling debt that just kept getting more and more out of control

πŸ”΄ the 60-80 hours I worked to keep my head above water while smiling at church at how 'blessed I was to be a blessing'

πŸ”΄ the lying in bed crying my eyes out as I felt so OVERWHELMED by all the pressure of financial restriction

πŸ”΄ the feelings of guilt, shame and stupidity because I had allowed myself to fall so low

πŸ”΄ the emptiness & the low-level sadness that hung around me all the time because I KNEW I was living the wrong life for me.

And it took me hitting the ROCK-BOTTOM of bankruptcy, depression and some really horrid conversations with family members who wanted more than I could give anymore to finally WAKE THE HECK UP AND YELL...



As I said, I FINALLY started acting on the Divine's promptings within me

I invested A LOT OF MONEY in myself, despite not having it in the bank, despite the bankruptcy, despite the 4 long years of depression, despite worrying if I was stealing money from my 3 young children's mouths to pay for what some could have called a pipe dream.

Still, despite the screaming fear voice inside me, I loved & trusted myself enough to realise that listening to that voice had never gotten me anywhere good

So as I said, I chose to get resourceful & borrow the money to invest in myself...

Even though it did not seem logical or reasonable or sensible

But you know where logical, reasonable, sensible had gotten me


And I wanted out.

So, honey, if you want out?


And for this month of June only, I am making your Journey out of unfulfillment, money stress & struggle soooooo accessible! (Yes, you gotta act fast!)

Because this 2022, I CHOOSE to do my part to get money into the hands of as many action-oriented spiritual people as possible, starting with those who act NOW...

I am laser focused on teaching about creating money easily, simply, swiftly this year.

Not prosperity as a whole


Because it is the area that most spiritual people are so conflicted about and so, they go through so much struggle, suffering and pain as they navigate their way through a financially restricted life.

And it need not be so.


(Or we claim to know...)

It REALLY need not be so hard!

But until you CHOOSE to step off the scarcity path and very deliberately get on path to peace and plenty, I may as well be talking to the wind.

However, I just KNOW that if you are still reading this, then it is YOU that I am speaking to.

It is FOR you that I have created the BRAND NEW...

Financial Breakthrough For The Spiritual Person


Let me summarise it for you and then break it down completely below...

βœ… 1. The 5K ONLINE BUSINESS BLUEPRINT ($147) - How to Easily & quickly make $5K In Your Own Online Business, even if you have never done it before and have no tech skills, even if you have failed before and are currently working lots of hours. This will tell you EXACTLY WHAT to do

βœ… 2. The FAITH ONLINE RECORDING ($147) - the Simple 3 Step System To Develop unrelenting powerful faith that blasts through any obstacles and demands the manifestation of whatever money goal you have set your mind and heart upon

βœ… 3. The CLARITY WORKSHOP RECORDING ($147) -Get clear on your life purpose and stop allowing the noise, drama and nonsense of everyday life distract you from the fulfilment of your own goals.

βœ… 4. BRING YOUR DIVINELY INSPIRED ONLINE BUSINESS TO LIFE IN JUST 1 DAY Workshop Recording ($147) - this will go even deeper into the creation of your own business that enables you to help and empower others. YOu will create the mindset, know what to sell and then have a simple love-based marketing plan that can be actioned in 90 minutes a day.

βœ… 5. RELEASE TO BE RICH ($97) - the 4 step system for clearing and healing any mindset blocks that will cause you to procrastinate or never make a start.

βœ… 6. HOW TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS WITH NO MONEY DOWN ($22.22) - This gives you the LOW DOWN on EXACTLY how to get started building a profitable vision with NO MONEY at all! You simply use tools you already have access to.

βœ… 7. HOW TO HANDLE THE FEAR OF PURSUING YOUR VISION ($22.22) - It will teach you to make the leap and answer the call on your life to create a legacy for you, the people you feel called to serve and the generations that follow you

βœ… 8. HOW TO LIVE LIFE INTUITIVELY ($197) - This is a 4 part training program that enables you to live in deep connection to the source of all wisdom so that you never doubt yourself or your decisions again. YOu will learn to tap into your intuition easily

βœ… 9. AFFILIATE MARKETING MADE SIMPLE ($147) - Go from making no money to Making $50, $500, $1K, $3K, $5K in affiliate marketing in the next 90 days or less - Sell other people’s stuff online and get a commission  

βœ… 10. HOW TO CREATE, PROMOTE & SELL YOUR OWN ONLINE PRODUCT IN LESS THAN 7 DAYS ($147) -The Video training To Show You Exactly How To Take the Ideas From Inside Your Head & Make them Profitable Fast  

βœ… 11. YOUR OWN BEST-SELLING ONLINE PRODUCT ($77) - We dive deep into figuring out what the marketplace would most like to receive from you so that you create a bestselling product quickly and easily.

βœ… 12. COMPLETELY CLEAR ($22.22) - The Rapid Way To KNOW Your Divine Purpose & Begin Earning With Ease As You Live To Your True Design - 60 minute Audio training

βœ… 13. FOCUS ($37) - Powerful training on how to focus, what it means to be focused and why it is so essential to be focused


βœ… The 25 Minute 'WHY YOU ARE NOT RICH' private coaching session ($597) - Talk, one on one, with Rosemary to flesh out a clear personalised plan to get you out there living out your purpose and creating wealth while doing it.

It all adds up to more than $1000 if bought individually but you will not be paying anywhere near that much.


1. 5K Online Business Blueprint ($147)

I know you are someone with a vision to support many with the message on your heart. You have overcome some stuff and you want to help others do the same. Doing it profitably will enable you to reach a heckuva lot more people.  

So whether side-hustle or full time business, and whether it is art, books, music, ministry, products or services, this program will support you in making a difference and an income, doing ONLY what you want to do. That, to me, is FREEDOM. No longer are you beholden to anyone to tell you what you are worth.

Rosemary has been a God send! For some time I had been attempting to set up a business and had so many things going on in my life. My husband worked abroad and I was at home with 3 young children. I had to take some time off work to be able to look after them. It was not possible to return on a full time basis due to the demands of the job therefore I decided to work from home. However, there were so many distractions. Pretty soon I felt overwhelmed by what I was trying to do and with life as a whole. I knew that I needed help and found Rosemary.  

The great thing about Rosemary is that she tells you how it really is. She gives you that jolt of reality to kick you into action. She made me see that I needed to set definite goals to achieve what I wanted and that there was no more room for looking back at the past and making excuses. I used to worry about really silly things and realized that I needed to move on if I wanted to do something worthwhile and meaningful with my life. Rosemary left me feeling empowered and more confident to face things head on.  

If you want to lead a fulfilled life and successful business, I strongly recommend that you speak with Rosemary.”  

Melanie, Mel’s Little Luxuries

You will discover...

βœ… Exactly what to do every single day in just 90 minutes a day  

βœ… I will give you all my secrets to getting to that first $5k month and beyond  

βœ… How to get past any technical difficulties  

βœ… How to build up a ready and willing audience of people who like what you have on offer...  

βœ… How to decide what to sell and the quickest business model to reach that $5k a month  

βœ… How to generate leads interested in your products  

βœ… How to automate your income for ongoing sales  

βœ… The only three things you need to do daily to get results  

βœ… The EXTRA 3 things that will supercharge and accelerate your results  

βœ… The mindset of a business owner that makes six figures on line  

βœ… How to experience the ease of creating a business that is based on self-expression rather than one based on checking numbers and conversions etc  

βœ… How to build a true lifestyle business that gives you freedom and a purpose-driven existence  

βœ… The VERY OBVIOUS and yet, incredibly insidious thing that holds you back over and over and over again - You will be surprised to realise that this thing is getting in your way.

2. The Faith Online Workshop Recording ($147)


Whether you realise it or not, you are the authority in your life.

You have dominion over money...

What you decree, MUST come to pass.

You are powerful enough to create the financial breakthrough you desire

However, you have forgotten this and listening to this workshop and applying all you learn in it, will get you back on track


PART 1 - How To Connect To & Hear Back From The Power Source
You Will Learn and Practise A Simple System For Connecting & Staying Connected To The Divine. This is the foundation of all good things. When this connection is blocked, you are unable to receive what you desire, regardless of how much praying and affirming you do. It is soooo important that you master this so we will practise live on the workshop. You will understand what gets in the way of a true, deep, intimate connection to the Divine and how to handle it all so that you are going through each day feeling peaceful, feeling happy, feeling connected and open to receiving all the prosperity that is available to you.

PART 2 - The Simple Way To Get Clear & Focus On What You Truly Want In Life
In this part, you get clear about what you desire - The Material & the Spiritual Goodies. Without crystal clear clarity about what you truly want, you will never achieve it. During the workshop, you will be led through a simple strategy for clarifying your calling, vision & purpose. Come and discover how you have been holding yourself apart from your highest good by the various misunderstandings that MANY spiritual people have.

PART 3 - How To Deliberately Position Yourself To Allow The Predictable Inflow Of Wealth & Success In All Areas Of Life
You will discover the simple techniques that will open you up to the prosperity you desire in every area of life. When you use these techniques consistently, there is nothing you cannot create. You have access to them already. There is no cost to use them. You just did not know how simple this could be. By the end of this, you will know and you will be able to take back dominion over your life and your affairs. What you decree, will ALWAYS come to pass when you are confidently applying this simple strategy


βœ… Expect to understand what is getting in the way of your financial breakthrough and how to handle it

βœ… Expect to become the authority in your life as you practise simple daily activities that will change you from the inside out

βœ… Expect to be able to start immediately and expect to experience some 'miracle' within 3 weeks of doing these simple things

βœ… Expect to KNOW EXACTLY how to keep achieving more and more things in life without working harder and harder all the time and sacrificing your energy and time to get very little results.

βœ… Expect to fully understand the BIGGEST issue that keeps you from your most amazing life

βœ… Expect to have some of your beliefs challenged and discarded as you see how you have been holding yourself back from your own prosperous destiny

βœ… Expect to become luckier or more blessed than you ever thought you could be

βœ… Expect to have more and more happy 'coincidences' start to happen for you, even as soon as moments after you sign up for this workshop

βœ… Expect to deepen your relationship with the Divine so that you ALWAYS know what to do next and ALWAYS know that you are forever supported by the unseen realm.

βœ… Expect to feel so much better inside yourself as you finally see why you have been feeling so empty, dissatisfied and anxious

βœ… Expect to stop making yourself do things you hate doing when you learn this one OBVIOUS and yet so NOT OBVIOUS secret - All will be explained.

βœ… Expect an easier & yet more prosperous life as you finally realise the truth about who you are. Yes, life can just keep getting better & better, you can keep going from glory to glory - the other shoe does not have to drop unless you keep trying to force it to (which you have been doing without knowing

And it all starts with you choosing to discover & implement the spiritual and practical principles that govern money

3. The CLARITY Online Workshop Recording ($147)

Get Clear & Stop Allowing Noise, Nonsense & Drama To Steal Your Financial Breakthrough

You Are Meant To Thrive & Prosper In Every Area Of Life

You are Meant To Live Free, Fulfilled, Financially Abundant and Love-Drenched

You Are Meant To Enjoy Your Life Thoroughly With A Clear Mind and Heart, An Intimate Loving Connection To The Divine As Well As A Deep Sense Of Purpose

But your mind is all over the place

You feel scattered most of the time

You feel overwhelmed by life

There are so many incompletes in your life - You start and never finish things and it is all hanging around in your mind

Your to-do list is overflowing with tasks that you never seem to get to and it just leaves you feeling drained and disappointed in yourself

You live in a bubble of guilt as you always feel like you are letting someone down. 

No matter how hard you try to get on top of everything, you just do not seem to be moving fast enough to catch up

You feel anxious and panicked a lot of the time

Forever running and yet, never getting anywhere

This workshop will get you clear on your purpose and teach you EXACTLY HOW to clear/heal any limiting beliefs that get in the way of your financial breakthrough

The Workshop Is Split Into 3 Main Parts

  • PART 1 - REMEMBER: Connect Deeply To The Divine & Be Reminded Of Your TRUE DESIGN

You will learn the truth about you - A truth that has been hidden from you. You will discover why life has felt so tough and from this new understanding, you will be set up to create a life of peace and plenty without all the angst. You will start the process, in this part of the workshop to deprogram yourself from the mass mind lies that have kept you in struggle, sacrifice and hard.

  • PART 2 - SURRENDER: Answer The Most Important Question That Will Put You Back On Your TRUE DESIGN Path To Peace & Plenty

Learn the true meaning of the word 'SURRENDER'. Uncover your life purpose and very deliberately design the life you want to live, using one magical question that unlocks the total truth about your time on this planet. It is time for the next phase of your life and your breakthrough starts here.

  • PART 3 - REPROGRAM: Uncover The Blocks & Use The Simple 4 Step Clearing Strategy That Works Every Time To Dissolve The Noise, Nonsense & Drama

Identify the nonsensical ideas that have bound you up and release, release, RELEASE them. Discover the 34 Most Common Limiting Beliefs That Plague practically every driven spiritual person. You can now notice when it is playing out in your life and you can immediately dissolve it with the 4 Step healing plan. It is time to set yourself free to prosper and thrive. It is time to rise victorious in your true design and you will be able to do that as you learn this simple clearing/healing strategy that works every time to elevate anyone that uses it.

You can expect to...

βœ… Get clear on your TRUE DESIGN - the real reason you are here on this planet 

βœ… Clear the noise in your mind as you understand where it is all coming from and how to handle it

βœ… Reconnect more deeply to the Divine - Your one true source of peace and plenty

βœ… Identify & Appreciate Your Unique Strengths, Understand Yourself Much Better & Give Yourself Permission To Truly Thrive Starting Immediately

βœ… Discover how to simply manifest the income that will support you in living your TRUE DESIGN life


Let's Get Even More Detailed On EXACTLY HOW to be a Money-Making, Difference-Making Light In This World

This workshop contains 3 parts...

PART 1 - The Mindset Of A Fulfilled & Profitable Messenger

  • βœ… How to partner confidently with the Divine So that you get over any fears, doubts, worries that threaten your progress
  • βœ… Understand how to use affirmations and prayer strategically to get fast results in business
  • βœ… Notice & Dissolve the self-sabotaging patterns that keep you trapped in procrastination land
  • βœ… Uncover, Identify & Begin to use the qualities within you that are most necessary to keep you moving forward confidently
  • βœ… Finally realise that you are enough and your work is enough - You will learn how to give yourself permission to be a money-making messenger in the world

PART 2 - Determine What You Are Offering The World & Make It Enticing To The People You Are Called To Serve

  • βœ… Learn different ways to package your message so that it is palatable to your people and profitable for you
  • βœ… Break down your message into user-friendly chunks that enable you to get it out into the world more confidently
  • βœ… Understand how to price what you have so that you are attractive to the people you want to help and at the same, pricing in a way that enables you to more than replace your current income

PART 3 - The Simple Love-Centred Way To Promote Yourself & Your Message In 90 Minutes A Day

  • βœ… This is when we cover all the technical bits - they are simpler than you think
  • βœ… How to automate things so that you can focus on delivering the message
  • βœ… How to get started with very little cash investment
  • βœ… How to speak directly to the hearts of those you want to support and help them make the great decision to work with you
  • βœ… The 3 main strategies that will improve lives and also, create a great living for you

5. Release To be Rich ($97)

The biggest obstacle to your freedom is you; your beliefs about what is possible for you, your beliefs about what is real and what is not, your thoughts on what you are allowed to have or not. We need to handle this inner battle if you are to see the success, fulfilment, FREEDOM you desire and this program does that with you. It takes you through a simple process to clean and clear the inner world.

πŸ”΄ Discover 4 simple steps for getting clarity in any area of your life so that you can make clear decisions about how to move forward faster than ever before...  

πŸ”΄ Discover the areas of your life that seem the most normal and yet hold you back the most so that you can release these areas and gain the momentum in creative contribution and wealth creation that you desire  

πŸ”΄ Finally be released to begin making money doing what you love and feel called to do  

πŸ”΄ Know what to prioritise so that you realise the dreams in your heart and actually make a great living while living out your most fitting life - the life that makes you feel super fulfilled and sure that you are on the right path  

πŸ”΄ Learn where to give yourself an out so that you are not constrained and prevented from acting now to create the life you desire  

πŸ”΄ Discover where you think you have to put yourself on hold and how it is literally destroying any chance you have of creating wealth while living out the call on your life  

πŸ”΄ Stop feeling overwhelmed by the hugeness of your vision so that you stop feeling like you are too deluded to have it all  

6. How To Start Your Own Online Business With No Money Down ($22.22)

Lots of people tell me they do not have the capital to begin - This gives you the LOW DOWN on EXACTLY how to get started building a profitable vision with NO MONEY at all! You simply use tools you already have access to.

We are sooooo blessed to live in this day and age where we can reach people ALL OVER THE WORLD with the message within us. LEt me show you how to do it for no cost and then you can take what you earn to go even bigger with your message. RISE UP! Freedom awaits!

πŸ”΄ How to decide on what product to offer quickly from what seems to be thin air  

πŸ”΄ How to find people to buy products from you fast  

πŸ”΄ A simple system that will get you making your first dollars online fast  

πŸ”΄ The biggest thing that gets in your way and how to handle it  

πŸ”΄ Literally get your business off the ground for no money at all  

7. How To Handle The Fear Of Pursuing Your Vision ($22.22)

Enough holding back from going after the desires of your heart because it is outside of your past experience. Let’s face that fear, see it for the paper tiger that it is and go through it. Most people are held back by fear and it sounds a lot like reason. You are not β€˜MOST’ people. You are called. You are chosen. You are equipped to live the vision of your heart. Break free from fear.

βœ… Simple strategies that will eliminate your procrastination.  

βœ… The one key technique that will allow you to feel powerful all the time, whatever is happening in your life.

βœ… How to tap into your intuition really quickly and use it to determine all of your next moves.  


The world is changing...rapidly

When you stop to think about it, there are so many bits of information coming at you, all the time, there is simply no way to make sense of all of it

There is no way to figure out what the best thing to do for you and your family, is...

Not when there are so many things coming at you, so quickly

You need to be able to access divine wisdom, via your intuition and this amazing bonus will enable you to do that.

PART 1: How to tap into your intuition - Discover a very clear pathway to digging deep within yourself and clarifying answers to your deepest longings and prayers. This can be predictable and with a little practise on your part, you will see just how easy it is to tap into Divine wisdoM

PART 2: Sharpen your intuition - Simple exercises, journalling points, strategies that will enhance your ability to work directly with your intuition. How to interpret what you are sensing. How to make it even more predictable. How to know what action to take based on what you are receiving from the Divine

PART 3: Heal & Free Yourself With Your Intuition - Break free from your current way of looking at the world so that you can, more easily, discover the deep wisdom that has always been available to you but unfortunately, invisible while you lived on the wrong frequency to receive this information. You will find your whole life begins to shift as you clear the obstacles in your path to claer vision, clear intuition, clear KNOWING.

PART 4:How to Create Your Life Deliberately, Using your Intuition - Start using your intuition to get clear on your purpose, clear on what you desire to create in life, clear on where you have been holding back from your own truest path. Step into a happier, freer, more exhilarating life as you learn to live from innocence, rather than continually living from past experience

9. Affiliate Marketing Made Simple - ($147)

6 Part Audio & Video training on how To Make $50, $500, $1K, $3K, $5K in affiliate marketing in the next 90 days or less - Sell other people’s stuff online and get a commission  

πŸ”΄ What Affiliate Marketing Or Referral Programs Are And How You Can Get Started Immediately  

πŸ”΄ Where to find products that you can sell and earn commissions on in order to start generating the income you want to be making in the next 90 days  

πŸ”΄ What is the setup required to get started promoting other people's products  

πŸ”΄ What social media platforms are the best ones to use to get maximum results in the least amount of time...  

πŸ”΄ How much it will cost to get started and how you can get started for next to nothing!  

πŸ”΄ How much time it will take you to get results and how little time it actually needs to take...  

πŸ”΄ How to take full responsibility for your own wealth and rip off the ceiling and caps you have placed on yourself  

πŸ”΄ A simple strategy that gets you results over and over again  

πŸ”΄ Plus bonus report that breaks it all down for you as well

10. How To Create, Promote & Sell Your Own Online Program - ($147)

Video Training To Show You Exactly How To Take the Ideas From Inside Your Head & Make them Profitable Fast  

πŸ”΄How To Take Those Ideas In your Head & Translate Them Into A Product That Your Audience Wants To Buy  

πŸ”΄ How To Store Your Product So That No One Can Steal It & The Right People Can Get Access To It  

πŸ”΄What You Need to Make This Information Part Or Full Time Business Work For You 

πŸ”΄ How To Put A System Together to Generate Leads who are willing to buy your product 

πŸ”΄ How to create a business that starts making money for you day in, day out  

πŸ”΄ What you need to have in place in order to run your business from anywhere in the world  

πŸ”΄ How to price your product  

πŸ”΄ How to use social media to get more buyers  

πŸ”΄ How to confidently do the work so that you are not stopping yourself  

πŸ”΄ The different ways you can structure your product so as to maximise the return from the course and increase the channels of wealth to you  

πŸ”΄ How to make sure it does not distract from your main product if you are just doing this to supplement your income  

πŸ”΄ How to build your brand so that you continually get new people buying your products  

πŸ”΄ How To Keep It simple so that you are not overly concerned about the technical aspects of getting your product out there  

πŸ”΄ How to get over your fears around selling so that you show up boldly and ask confidently for the sale.  

And so much more...

11. How To Choose &/Or Create Your Own Bestselling Online Product (Only Usually Available To Private Clients - $77)

Some are not sure about how to take what is inside of them and deliver it to the world. Well this is how…  

That message within you can be packaged up and this will enable you to do it. I go into great depth explaining how to do this. I make it easy. So, whether business is a side hustle thing or a full time thing, you will change lives and create wealth starting immediately.

βœ… Simple Daily Actions To KNOW What Your Next Product Is Going To Be  

βœ… How To Determine If It Is Something That People Will Be Interested In  

βœ… The different ways to package your message to make it palatable to the people you feel called to serve  

βœ…How to decide what to price it at.  

βœ…Distil Out Your Purpose So That You Are Creating A Product That Feels Good To Deliver and That You Believe In  

12. Completely Clear - ($22.22)

The Rapid Way To KNOW Your Divine Purpose & Begin Earning With Ease As You Live To Your True Design - 60 minute Audio training Some tell me that they do not know their purpose. Well, expect to know within about 60 minutes. No longer will you be on hold, waiting for some big explosion from the heavens as the angels deliver your purpose to you on a scroll. Now, you will see that your purpose has always been there in plain sight and you can start now to earn with ease as you do more of what you truly desire to do.  

How freeing is a life lived with purpose. How freeing is a life lived to your true design This program alone could change everything for you.

βœ… Discover the biggest block to discovering your purpose and how to handle it.  

βœ… Revealed: Simple steps to uncovering your true design immediately  

βœ… Receive a plan to earn with your Divine purpose so that you are able to make sure that every part of every day feels fulfilling

13. FOCUS - ($37)

It is time to start seeing yourself as different.

It is time to OWN the fact that you have always been different.

It is time to realise that the dreams, goals and desires within you are absolutely possible if you will get focused.

There are so many distractions in every day life and unless you see them for what they are, they will continually take you off path.

In this EMPOWER EXPERIENCE, we are looking at this key attitude for Deliberate Millionaires who actually get what they desire out of life.

There are some subtle nuances that keep you from being truly focused and I want to bring them to your attention.

Expect to be empowered as always.

Expect to have some new thoughts to chew on

It is time for us, Deliberate Millionaires, to fully own the prosperity that is ours by divine right.


During the session, we will work together to...

βœ… DISCOVER EXACTLY WHY you are where you are financially - I will help you identify your biggest money blocks and point out the hidden challenges that are keeping you from financial abundance, no matter how hard you work and no matter how much you earn.

βœ… DISCOVER EXACTLY WHAT TO DO to handle them - I will tell you exactly what to do to eliminate your money blocks so that you flow freely towards your goals and vision.

βœ… CREATE A CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION of your money goals for income, savings, investments and a next step plan to get there

βœ… Identify how you can make the most of the FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH Collection to achieve your goals, demolish all money blocks & boldly claim the free, fulfilled, financially-blissful, love-drenched life you desire and deserve

βœ… DECIDE if it is a fit for us to work together to accelerate your progress. Your choices will be presented. There is no obligation for you to work with me

If you are that driven spiritual person who is DETERMINED to earn a great income while helping people, click on the button below to get your copy of the FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH Collection Now. Start your transition back to your true design life of fulfilment and financial abundance.



Family of Rosemary Nonny Knight

OOOOOH I am so excited to be able to do this for you.

If you will simply apply what you learn in this bundle, you will be living free, fulfilled, financially abundant and LOVE-DRENCHED within a short time. 

This is the stuff that propelled me out of my unfulfilling career as a pharmacist

This is the stuff that enabled me to more than replace my income using the works of my hand and the power of my divine connection to Source

This is the stuff that means my family and I live differently from most in that we have created a freedom lifestyle that means I can home-educate my princesses while creating wealth in my businesses and my husband also does what he wants to do from home too. We are FREE and it is awesome.

This is the stuff that means we have investments in real estate, stocks and shares, crypto AND savings.

This is the stuff that means I can relax, knowing that my family is taken care of, no matter what (AND NO! it is not the money that gives me this assurance)

I believe everyone can live FREE. I don't care where you live or what your background is or how trapped you may feel in life. There is a route of escape. There is a way to financial abundance. And this bundle is exactly what you need to kickstart YOU!


This is the day you mark in the calendar as the day when everything changed.  

βœ… You will have a money miracle within days of starting the simple, easy work detailed in the FAITH Workshop

βœ… You will decide how money is allowed to work in your life as you immerse yourself in all the various trainings

βœ… You will decide how much money you will allow yourself to create deliberately - My goal for you is that you reach a 6-7 figure income as soon as possible but ultimately, the choice is yours

βœ… You will become who you were always meant to be - The authority over every single aspect of your own life

βœ… You will become the Deliberate Designer & Creator of a financially-abundant life, where all the good things become a possibility

βœ… You will feel so much clearer about your purpose on this planet

βœ… You will feel so much lighter as the weight of financial restriction and distress will be lifted from your life

βœ… You will feel happier, more peaceful & more connected to the Divine

βœ… You will start to see all the areas of your life starting to flourish and blossom and you will create the harvest of prosperity

βœ… You will start to make the difference you have always wanted to make on the planet as the bleak cloud of struggle is removed from you

βœ… You will wake up so grateful for another day to play, create, LIVE!

βœ… You will feel so full of energy and vitality as you step fully into the abundant life you were meant to live - your appearance may even become more youthful as you lay down the load you were carrying unknowingly

βœ… Your family will be empowered by the changes in you

βœ… You will be way-shower for others who are ready to move forward

βœ… Now that you are operating from a place of power and strength, your impact on those you feel called to support will be exponentially more supportive than before when it was like the blind leading the blind.

Oh the difference you will see! This FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH Collection will impact your whole life.

So, what are you waiting for?

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