I was talking to the Divine this morning as I do all the time and this statement just landed in my heart


And the sad thing is that so many spiritual people are SOOOO scared of admitting that they hate feeling restricted financially.

They hate admitting that they want the freedom that money can deliver.

They think it makes them less spiritual

They think money and spirituality are different – Someone once said to me that money and spirituality were on opposite ends of some imaginary spectrum she had in her mind

And in the moment she said it, I knew she lived with financial restriction and probably accepted it as just the way things had to be – she did not believe she could be deeply connected to the Divine and rich at the same time.


I have become more intimate with the Divine as I released more and more of these silly ideas that were actually keeping me from loving relationship and connection to the Divine. I love the Divine so much now whereas before I had all these crazy ideas in the way and I did not even realise how distant I was until I finally set myself free.  The intimacy I have now brings tears to my eyes, as I write this.




Tell me, As people connected to the Source of all, why on earth would you accept restriction in any form?

Why would you live as though you have no choice?

Why do you pretend not to want what you want?

I know it is because, deep down, you think you are not allowed it.


The Divine is not withholding anything from you

You are LITERALLY withholding it from yourself and telling yourself some sad sob story about poverty being noble (consciously or unconsciously)


It limits you so much.

You can’t do the things you want to do for yourself or for other people because you are so held back by a lack of funds

You end up staying in situations that you do not love, be it jobs or relationships, simply because you feel beholden to the situation for money

YOU who is created in the image and likeness of the Divine!!!

YOU who has authority over the affairs of your life

Why the heck do you do this to yourself?

And the CRAZIEST PART of it is that financial restriction will also skew your thought process so much that you start to think you have no choice and some will even read this and come up with arguments to defend their right to be broke.  They will want to throw verses at me from their sacred text to PROVE that they are right in their restriction and lack.

I can only smile at all the craziness and leave them to it.

If that energy was invested in allowing yourself to create a great income doing what you are called to do, you would be experiencing financial bliss but NO!!! you are busy defending your right to be broke.


I deeply believe the world is in need of more action-oriented spiritual people with access to lots of physical money because they are free to be the powerful people they are called to be.

How many ministries are stifled for lack of funds because the leader of that ministry refused to learn how to generate an income?

How many causes are stifled for lack of funds because the spiritual people who would support the cause are struggling themselves to have any money and so despite their grand intention to give to the cause, they just can’t?

How many life-changing businesses have not even been started because the spiritual person who was called to that industry was so caught up in proving themselves right about financial restriction, instead of giving up their craziness and instead learning the simple skills of being rich in their true divine design?

Yes, the world needs good hearted spiritual people who have the courage and confidence to admit that they want to be rich.

Good hearted spiritual people who will use their money to do good things as well as to live a great, enjoyable life

Good hearted spiritual people who are not feeling resentful of their Source because they have stupidly convinced themselves that it is the Divine who tells them to be financially restricted. Why would the Divine who knows only abundance force you to stay stuck in lack????  How does that make ANY sense?

The world needs good hearted spiritual people who ADMIT their true feelings instead of continually pretending to be ‘holier than thou’ in their financial restriction.


Set yourself free from these nonsensical ideas that stifle you!

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You are meant to be financially free, as well as free in all areas of your life.

You are meant for more and you deep down KNOW IT

So please, please, PLEASE stop accepting lack and restriction as your only option!


No one can force you to allow yourself to be financially abundant

YOU need to be willing to set yourself free from old limiting ideas so that you can rise victorious in your true design

You need to be willing to identify and clear those mental/emotional blocks that keep you down

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Much Amazing Love


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