Spiritual people have a tendency to believe that if they just pray and affirm enough, miraculous money will simply appear

And I do not want to completely ignore that we have the magical ability to create out of what seems to be nothing

But usually, if you just do that, you get JUST ENOUGH to get by

There is no abundance in it

And you remain kinda afraid, kinda trusting because financial supply always comes through (FINALLY) but it does get rather tense, doesn’t it?

And of course, you can remain in that state of JUST ENOUGH or you can choose to DELIBERATELY expand your capacity for ABUNDANCE and financial ease and generational wealth and luxury and an ample supply and more money than you know what to do with.

If you are completely honest, you don’t really believe it is possible for you to be THAT abundant and so, you do not do anything to create abundance.

And so it remains IMPOSSIBLE for YOU because you are not engaging with the other 2 areas of wealth creation


And to be even more honest, you don’t even really know how the magic part of this works, so it is all a bit ‘hit and miss’, isn’t it?


You feverishly practise gratitude because you are SOOOO SCARED that if you do anything to upset the precarious balance you have with Universal Supply then you will offend the unknowable ‘powers that be’ and end up destitute and even more broke than you feel already.


Or you just work, work, work like a dog to produce JUST ENOUGH while quietly resentful of the unknowable ‘powers that be’ that do not seem to have any mercy on you – (Can the Divine not see that you work harder and longer than that other person there that just seems to experience easy success while you struggle for every single dime you get??? How unfair is THAT, eh???!)

Again, the choice is yours…

You can stay in the JUST ENOUGH, FLYING BLIND state, if you want to – the Divine will still love and support you in your choice to remain stagnant


You can get on path and become an active DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE

Yes, yes, I know you may not want to fully admit to wanting to be a millionaire (or maybe you do)

And it is not really just about being a millionaire

It is about being comfortable with money and abundance

It is about being FREE to live life however you want to

It is about depth of connection to the Divine and an ever-unfolding revelation of Divine secrets because you DELIBERATELY choose to understand who the heck you are

It is about fulfilment and the living of your life’s purpose

It is about knowing yourself to be deeply loved and being love in the world

It is about giving up mass mind conditioning and deliberately designing and creating life YOUR WAY (REVOLUTION of the best kind!!!!)

It is about waking up to the creative God-Like power that dwells within you and seeing it for the most precious gift that it is

It is about seeing life as the joyous adventure it is actually supposed to be, rather than the struggle-infused, sacrifice-laden, suffering nonsense that most people put up with

So yes, being a Deliberate Millionaire is about so much more than just money

And what is your next step – The DM’s DIVINE FORMULA FOR FINANCIAL INCREASE 3 Part workshop series

It teaches and gives you a clear strategy to implement each of the 3 keys to deliberate financial abundance, as well as prosperity in all areas of life

We focus first on overcoming the money mountain because frankly, it is tough to care about anything else if you are feeling financially restricted, no matter how super-spiritual you are!

And you will find that the spiritual growth you undergo in overcoming the money mountain will stand you in good stead for every other area of life anyway

This post was supposed to be short but hey ho, it is what it is

Now it is time for you to make a decision…

Will you stay with the tenseness of financial restriction and a dissatisfying life that you feel you have to keep living?


Will you choose freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and a love-drenched life?

If you choose option 2, come to the 3 part workshop series


It is a live workshop and I am so looking forward to teaching you live on the workshop

I am so looking forward to seeing you soar in life because I know if you stay on path, this is just the beginning of a magical adventure for you as you elevate into the life you truly desire.

Go HERE now and grab your spot

Mark the dates in your calendar. DECIDE to do whatever it takes to clear your calendar and come live. (The recording is available but it costs a heckuva lot more. this is better experienced live and all 3 parts are required so no instalment payments)

Woohoo! I look forward to seeing you there.

DECIDE to DELIBERATELY create financial increase, abundance, bliss for you and for yours

It is time to leave behind the limiting beliefs and pain of the past…

It is time to rise victorious in your true design


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