Get Your Message Out, Get more Buyers In

Do you ever feel like a fraud?

Do you ever feel like no one cares what you are up to and why on earth do you keep putting yourself out there?

Do you ever find yourself so petrified that you actually feel your fingers shaking, your armpits sweating and all you want to do, is go into hiding and pretend you are just one of the normal folk?

Well, that was me earlier today…

I felt positively petrified and it all came down to the fact that I was scared that I had nothing to offer!

In my more logical moments, I knew I was being silly.  It has taken me hard work and a whole lot of investment to get me here and yet, there are days when logic just does not work.

There ain’t no logicalizing fear.

There is just a determination to show up regardless of fear.

Do you have that determination?

Or will you let your fears about how much money you do or don’t have, stop you…

Will you let your fears about a lack of time stop you…

Will you let the voices in your head telling you to hide, win?

Or will you really show up?

You, the real you, the one who has grand ideas about how you can make a difference and make a fortune?

Are you ready to stop procrastinating?  Are you ready to stop dithering?  Are you ready to be held accountable to create the life and business you say you want?

Or will you keep allowing fear to win?

Will you keep allowing your fears about what people will say, win?  Or are you determined to do what it takes to succeed?

Questions, questions, questions…  Because I want your brain to wake up and answer.  You have a few more hours left as I have decided to leave the door open as I have had people join in today!

Watch the video & please think about whether this could be right for you.

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