There is a battle on.

A battle between who you have been and who you actually want to be.  Which side is winning inside of you?

A battle between the weak person inside of you that wants to take over and make you think that if you wish enough, dream enough, visualise enough and so on then you will change lives and the powerful person, who sees the need for all the above but knows that you cannot stop there.  Which one wins?

Friend, you have to get in the fray.

Intimately connected to the source of all wealthYou have to battle for what you want.

You have to wake up each day and stand against everything inside and outside of you that wants you to give up and quit and you have to choose to keep moving forward, whatever the odds.

Because what are the choices?

Really, what are the choices?

To keep living a half-life hoping and praying that things will work out one day, someday soon? But as you are not doing anything different, why would it?

You keep getting more training that you are sill not implementing…

Your mind is a fountain of information that you are not using for anything.

If anything, when you think about it, all you are is overwhelmed!  And overwhelm helps nothing!

It helps nothing at all!

You can gather information, listen to the sermons and the training and the YouTube Videos forever but until you choose to step into the fray, it all counts for nothing!  Nothing at all!

And life carries on in the same way it always has.

This battle we are in demands that you pray, you learn, you visualise AND you move.

YOU move rapidly, you stop over-thinking and waiting for absolute, crystal clear clarity.  You just need to move!

YOu have visions in side of you of changing the lives of many people, of providing them with something that will enhance their life in some way and yet you keep hanging back, hoping that somehow they will come find you but they don’t because they don’t know where you are and in some cases, they do not even know that a solution for their issues, is possible.

And yet you stay still, wishing, hoping praying – A world awaits you to come help and you wait!

You talk about it and talk about it and talk about it but still yo do not get to work, creating it!

Why can you not see the value within you?  YOu feel so blocked up because you are not releasing all you have already.  How can you get more clear ideas when you are already full of these ones that you have not implemented yet?  Why should the universe trust you with more?

Right now, get that journal out and if you don’t have one, why don’t you?  You can use some paper.

Write down the impact you want to have on the world in your lifetime

Write down the money you want to make for you and yours in this lifetime

Write down the person you choose to be each and every day of your life.

And then…

Write down the next step.

Remember, no over thinking, just write what comes to mind and…


Do this again tomorrow and the next day until it is engrained in your head – all the things you are creating.  This way, when the going gets tough which it will do, you can put on your warrior gear and step your game up!

The battle is on and there ain’t no time for being wimpy, unfocused or anything of the sort.  You need to get into action now, not later.

Fight for, create the life, the business you want

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