You think you are saving yourself from disappointment

But you are already disappointed

You think you are keeping yourself safe

But you feel so afraid

You think you are doing the right thing as you wait, procrastinate, dither and doubt

But you feel wrong all the time

Like you are missing something

Like you are on the wrong path

Like what you need to know is just a little bit out of reach

And yet, you stay stuck in a life that you dislike, doing the same old nonsense that got you here while waiting for something to change or someone to come rescue you

You pride yourself on your FIGHT

You pride yourself on your ability to keep taking the next step despite the challenges you have been up against

You are stronger than all those around you

You just keep going…

But where the heck are you going?!

You keep taking the next step to where???

You compare yourself to people who have no plans, no goals, they just want to survive so of course you are better than that but what kind of measure is that?!

And yes, you are a fighter

Such a powerful, awesome fighter


To stay in the same life (cage) that drains you because at least it is a little better than your parent’s life and others look up to you in your cage?

To keep repeating the same pass-me-down patterns that have kept your family trapped for aeons?

To get to the end of your life, knowing that you never actually LIVED YOUR OWN life???

IS that what you are fighting for?

Oh how crazy!

You know you are meant for more than this.

You are meant for life in all its fullness

You are meant to be free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched

You are meant to be at peace within, on your purpose path and creating a great income doing what you want to do

You are meant to be happy, really truly happy

And yet, you FIGHT to stay stuck in the wrong life


At the very corner of your eye, you feel the call to a different life, the one I describe and you long for it, you want it but you are full of doubt

Can you actually create something different from what you have already created?

Is it not greedy to want more when you already have a little more than others in your life do?

Maybe you are too much like others have told you

And who are you to think that YOU can actually create the life you truly desire?

All these thoughts plaguing your mind

All these thoughts you continue to indulge

All these thoughts that keep you from your true destiny


If you are going to fight anyway, FIGHT FOR THE LIFE YOU TRULY WANT

Stop settling for this half-life

Stop telling yourself to be happy with something you are NOT happy with

Stop thinking you are doing the Divine some favour by pretending to be less than what you are

WAKE THE HECK UP and DECIDE to create the life you truly want

Yes, it may seem like a pipe dream

Yes, it may seem like chasing fantasies

YEs, it may seem crazy

And yet, you are the only one with all the choices in your own life

The Divine will not force you

The Divine will support whatever YOU CHOOSE.

So what do you want to fight for?

A life you do not love, but looks ok, full of disappointment, regret, some accolades from people who are invested in you staying the same, doing the same, being the same?


A life that you adore waking up to, peace, purpose, 6 figure income or more, happiness, freedom, a deep sense of accomplishment, a deep knowing that you broke the ancestral patterns of lack and scarcity and forged a new line for others to follow?

No it will not be easy to make the change

But what about your life has ever been easy

At least this time, you will be fighting for what you ACTUALLY want!

WAKE THE HECK UP and get on path, my love

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Much Amazing Love

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