Fight, fight, fight for the life & business you want!

fight fight fightWe fight for the life we want. We are not held back by circumstance, we do not let the past define us, We face our inner demons and fight them to the ground – We kick, we scream and yet, we keep moving forward

We are on a mission to change the world one person at a time.

Fight, fight, fight, fight…


There comes a day when you decide to stand up and stop living to please the people around you.


There comes a day when you decide to be brave and actually go all out for that life you claim you want!


There comes a day when you really determine to fight, fight, fight until there is nothing left of your old passive self and there is just strong, powerful, true self remaining.


When will that day come for you?


A warrior lives on the edge.

A warrior is dissatisfied with a passive life living like the majority.

A warrior stands up for what he/she believes in and will fight tooth and nail to see it come to pass.

A warrior masters him/herself.

A warrior serves.

A warrior is not just selfish, they have high lofty goals but the money is not the end goal. It is what the money can do that appeals to them.

A warrior has a mission and is determined to live it out in this short span of time that we have on this planet.

A warrior is not concerned about how old or young they are, They do noto keep looking back in sorrow, they recognize their mistakes but then they lay down the guilt and choose to step forward in power.

Knowing that doing something NOW is certainly better than NEVER making a move.

You know what?! We are in a battle – A battle for our life, our family, our business & our community.

No, it is not always easy, no it does not always feel great.

Some people will dislike what we stand for.

Some people will just not get what we try to do and they will see it as some kind of ego trip.

And yet… We must keep going!

We must live the life others are too scared to claim!

We are on a mission and we will #KeepMovingForward until we reach our goal.

We are warriors – we fight for our best life, we fight for our family’s best life, we fight to rescue the planet from its ails!

We recognise our responsibility and we fight, fight, fight, fight! We don’t stop, we don’t dither, we make powerful decisions and we #KeepMovingForward

We are powerful, abundant beings and we know it or at the very least, we are learning it. We are young, old and in between but that does not stop us because we know that age is nothing but a number.

We do not wait for everything to be perfect – NO! We take action with the information we have right now!

We may feel afraid but we do not let that get in the way of living a full life.

We recognise that if change is to come then it is up to us!

We are compassionate to others but we keep calling them out.

We strive to be amazing parents, whatever our past failures.

We determine to take action and get healthy!

No part of our life is left to chance


We live life deliberately!


No one is allowed to tell us when to stop or go. WE set the rules and we break them whenever we need to.

We do whatever it takes!

We are warriors!

We are wealthy warriors – we create wealth to use for our own wants and we are not ashamed of it! We create wealth in abundance because we are no longer held back by the money mindsets and beliefs of our past. We do not allow money to rule us, we rule it! And money flows to us easily because we give it a useful home.

We are not ashamed to go full out for what we want because what we want is the good of everyone.

So, while the preachers are preaching about poverty and lack being the path to enlightenment, we ignore them and create abundant wealth to actually bring about change, rather than just talk about it.

We refuse to believe anything that diminishes the person we are created to be. We know that within us is unlimited power and we want to use it to change the world, starting with ourselves.

We come from every walk of life – we used to be poor, we used to be rich, we used to be white, black, yellow whatever but now, we KNOW that none of that matters because we are warriors!

We can change everything in the power of our very next decision!

And so we deliberately choose to step forward and never give up!

We deliberately choose to be all that we are!

We fight for the life and business we want!

We are warriors!

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Much Amazing Love

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