You are a powerful warrior

You have overcome things that others have succumbed to

You never quit

But you are still not where you want to be.

And why?

You have been fighting the wrong battles, my love.

You have been fighting to prove your worth but you have always been worthy

You have been fighting to get ‘them’ to understand and love you but ‘they’ were too immersed in their own craziness to care about you

You have been fighting to earn the right to go after what you want, instead of just going after what you want

You have been fighting for everyone else’s vision, trying to help them get ‘there’, HOPING that when you helped them then ‘they’ would then support you in going after your own…  They did not act in the way you hoped.

And now you feel used






And possibly resentful

And deeply angry (though you may still be denying these last 2 – so immersed are you in trying to be the perfect ‘good’ person, you do not even really know your own feelings anymore or even ALLOW yourself to feel what you feel – The thing is, my love, those emotions you think you are controlling are actually controlling you but you do not see it)

Honey, none of the above works

None of it will EVER work

It will just lead to more and more of the same frustrations.

I did it, my love and that is why I can tell you this bluntly

I spent my whole life trying to be what ‘they’ wanted me to be while at the same time, trying to hold onto parts of myself…

I was both rebel and doormat

I became the pharmacist to make my parents happy

I became the leader at church to make God and the pastors happy

I gave away my childhood in order to look after my younger siblings to make my mum happy and hopefully my siblings (it did not work!)

I supported this and that person at church and in my family because it was supposed to be the ‘right’ thing to do

For goodness’ sake, I literally met a young stranger at a shopping mall and brought her home with me because I thought she ‘needed’ my help

I gave and gave and GAVE AND GAVE…

Every so often, I would start up a business to do my own thing but I could never quite keep it going and before I knew it, I was back to saving SOME person again.

And despite all this… I was still called selfish and still considered the family black sheep that never did what she was supposed to do

I could never quite do enough to satisfy everyone

I kept twisting and turning myself to be what they needed me to be while at the same time, trying, trying, TRYING SO HARD not to lose myself

I thought I was obeying God

I thought this was what the Divine expected of me

I ignored the discomfort inside me

I distracted myself with MORE church activity (usually)

Sometimes, I would lose myself in simulation video games (I could shape life the way I wanted it in these games) or TV shows – I was a sucker for any SUPERMAN series – The whole concept of a powerful person coming to save the day, appealed to me.  It is also the way I perceived Jesus – He was going to come save me soon and very soon…right?!

I then started getting obsessive about food and my weight

And then I would get drawn into dramas, whether in my mind or actual dramas with other people

Anything to avoid facing the fact that I was on the wrong path and fighting the wrong battles for the wrong people

Things turned around when I started fighting FOR ME, MY VISION, MY PURPOSE!

For real.

I stopped talking about it.  I actually started DOING CONSISTENTLY what I needed to do to create my vision.



They thought I was selfish before… Ha ha!!!

NOW I TRULY OWN MY SELFISHNESS as I realise it just means I am not doing what they want but instead I AM LIVING MY ONE LIFE! (and actually, I gradually set myself free from their opinions)


And things will turn around for you when you stop whining and complaining about the way your life looks and instead, you start FIGHTING FOR THE LIFE YOU WANT.

I got support

I put strategies in place to do the inner work AND the practical work

I started to win

I continue to win

Peace. Purpose. 6 Figure income

Are you ready to FIGHT for YOU?

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You are meant to thrive and prosper


Let others handle their own battles


Much Amazing Love

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