Field Of Gold

The biggest areas that hold people back are relationships and work…  

You spend most of your life dealing with people, particularly those closest to you, those who you are supposed to love and get along with and yet, when this area of life is broken, it can put a complete STOP on receiving prosperity into any area of your life…  

And if you are caught up in work that does not increase your aliveness, then you will find yourself feeling tired and blocked and stagnant. This is where you spend most of your life. Most people work 35 - 60 hours each week - That is a huge portion of one’s life and if it is not working and you are also mixing with people you do not get along with, is it any wonder that life feels out of whack?  

I invite you to listen into FIELD OF GOLD  

Do the simple exercises

Listen repeatedly to dig up all the wisdom  

Change your life and your way of thinking when it comes to relationships and work.


You receive a 57 minute audio training immediately

🔴 Learn how to handle your relationships, including the more sacred ones

🔴 Start to see where certain beliefs about relationships and work are holding you back big time and what to do about it

🔴Take back your power as deliberate designer of your life when you stop reacting to these familiar ideas that keep most people trapped in repeating patterns.

🔴 Learn simple techniques to heal the past and the inner baggage that has kept you blocked up for way too long

🔴 Step into freedom around your relationships and learn the 3 simple keys to creating a life that feels fun, easy and prosperous as you transition into work that makes you come alive.  

It is time to claim your field of gold!  

"The Kingdom is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field!"  

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